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Teacher Education for Languages with Technology / Formation des enseignants de langue avec les TICE
Curated by Shona Whyte
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Scooped by Shona Whyte!

speech accent archive

speech accent archive | TELT |

Shona Whyte:


483 accents of English - audio files for the same text, male and female speakers from a variety of English-speaking countries plus non-natives.


Great for phonetics/phonology practice, or just demonstrating phonological variation to dispel the myth that there's one "standard" pronunciation.

Olaf Husby's curator insight, September 18, 2014 11:24 AM

Vi arbeider med å lage noe slikt for norsk ...

Rescooped by Shona Whyte from Learning technologies for EFL!

Sounds Familiar? British Library learning resource

Sounds Familiar? British Library learning resource | TELT |

"Sounds Familiar? Accents and Dialects of the UK

Do you call a ‘bread roll’ a cob, batch, bread cake, barm cake or scuffler? How do you pronounce the words cup and plant? And are you sitting or sat at this computer? The UK is a rich landscape of regional accents and dialects, each evidence of our society’ s continuity and change, our local history and our day-to-day lives. This site captures and celebrates the diversity of spoken English in the second half of the twentieth century."


Shona Whyte:

Useful for teachers wishing to demonstrate the variety of British accents and dialects, or for language students to broaden their English language experience.  LInguistics students can also find information on language change, phonology, and dialect studies.

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