Big improvement to Multidict for some languages: tools 4 clil project | TELT |
I hit on the “hunspell” improvement to Multidict almost by accident. I had felt, ever since the days of the POOLS-T project which first developed Wordlink and Multidict, that the main thing which the facility lacked was some ability to do “lemmatization” – to change a wordform which you click on into a dictionary headword for looking up in an online dictionary. The Greek partners in the POOLS-T project in particular complained that Wordlink only ever succeeded in finding the occasional Greek word in the dictionary, and the Swiss-Italian partners had the same complaint to a lesser extent. The only reason that Wordlink works so successfully for English texts is that English has very few inflected forms (wordforms such as “running”, “distancing”, “distanced”) compared to most languages. And also that English is a big enough, rich enough language that many of the online dictionaries (with some notable exceptions such as Etymonline) have inbuilt lemmatization.