LACS is a project of the European Centre for Modern Languages (ecml), a Council of Europe institution based in Graz promoting excellence in language education in its 34 member states (


It originated in the ecml 2008-2011 programme Empowering Language Professionals, which in this project means not only those who work in schools and training institutions, but those who work to support the profession in language teacher associations.


Dissemination is the key word when it comes to bridging the gap between ecml projects/publications and the implementation of the material in practice. Experience shows that experts from member states need sustained support from the ecml in order to fully develop their multiplying function. This project targets regional ecml multipliers in order to build up, support and sustain regional networks engaging in, adapting and implementing the results of ecml work, paving the way from innovation to sustainability.


The lacs Project aims at supporting the work of language teacher associations in Europe and beyond. The project is now in its second term: lacs/1 ended in 2011, lacs/2 will go on at least until 2015.