Cracking the code: listening using "wrong lyrics" (Mark Hancock) | TELT |

Carolyn Kerr's ELT blog post on listening problems (with French L1 learners):


Certain sounds emerged as common problem areas:

/n/ – all of the learners – ‘some flowers’ – ‘sun flowers’

/ʤ/ – five of the learners – ‘jeep’ – ‘cheap’

/ɑ:/ – five of the learners – ‘hat’ – ‘heart’

/h/ – five of the learners – ‘ill’ – ‘hill’


If anyone has any insights or observations around these clusters of problem sounds in terms of sound reception I’d be very glad to hear about it! They seem to be ‘typical’ problem sounds for French speakers but I’d love to know more if anyone has any ideas.