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Teacher Education for Languages with Technology / Formation des enseignants de langue avec les TICE
Curated by Shona Whyte
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Scooped by Shona Whyte!

XV AELFE International conference

XV AELFE Conference conference

European association of languages for specific purposes

Spain, 23-24 June

Shona Whyte's insight:

Plenaries by Gimeno, Jauregi and Boulton

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Scooped by Shona Whyte!

Ibérica 24 (Fall 2012)

Ibérica 24 (Fall 2012) | TELT |

Open access to these and other articles:


Vijay K. Bhatia (City University of Hong Kong, China)
Critical reflections on genre analysis


Ken Hyland (University of Hong Kong, China)
“The past is the future with the lights on”: Reflections on AELFE’s 20th birthday


Chris Kennedy (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
ESP Projects, English as a global language, and the challenge of change


Françoise Salager-Meyer (Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela)
The open access movement or “edemocracy”: its birth, rise, problems and solutions


Mike Scott (Aston University, United Kingdom)
Looking back or looking forward in corpus linguistics: What can the last 20 years suggest about the next?


John R. Skelton & Jan Whetstone (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)

English for Medical Purposes and Academic Medicine: looking for common ground


John M. Swales (University of Michigan, United States)

 A text and its commentaries: Toward a reception history of “Genre in three traditions” (Hyon, 1996)


Sven Tarp (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa & University of Aarhus, Denmark)

Specialised lexicography: 20 years in slow motion


Bernd Voss (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
20 years of AELFE: LSP, and language learning and teaching in Higher Education - Some personal reflections from Germany

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