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Teknologifronten i min digitala värld
Teknologiutvecklingen för elektronikprylarna i vardagen
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Posterous Spaces

Posterous Spaces | Teknologifronten i min digitala värld | Scoop.it

Posterous Spaces was bought by Twitter earlier this year, but it appears to still be going strong and hasn't changed at all.


I have always liked is the ease with which users can create a group blog.


Users can...

- allow people to make contributions to their blog by simply sending an email to "yourblog'sname" @ posterous.com.

- choose to moderate or not moderate those contributions.


Using the email method of contributing to a group blog is much easier than having to enter permissions for each person to contribute.

Practitioners also don't have to spend time walking learners through creating log-in credentials for another service.


It's got to be the quickest way to get a classroom full of learners contributing to one blog.


/father ben use it as a traveldictionary when travelling around the world for family an friends to follow our traces- we just email the account with videos and pics attached and everything is arranged automatically on the site- the viewers know where to look regurarly- we are svaing stamps and postcards arriving after we coming home-- greta invention very easy!

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TeamViewer | Teknologifronten i min digitala värld | Scoop.it

Share your Whiteboard Screen on Learner iPads/Androids with TeamViewer.


Basically a practitioner installs the free TeamViewer client on their computer and starts a meeting. Learners runs the free TeamViewer for Meeting app on their iPad/Android and then enters the meeting room code the Practitioner gives them. They can see the computer screen, and zoom and pan around it. But importantly, not interfere with what the practitioner is doing.


Great potential for WBL learners etc.

Via John Dalziel
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