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Yummy Math, created by Brian Marks and Leslie Lewis, is an blog/site dedicated to helping learners and practitioners understand how maths is relevant to the world.


Functional Maths Practitioners will find this a useful resource, to bring real-world math into the learning environment.


When understood in context, learners can make connections to their learning and, as a result, really learn it.


Note: UK Practitioners will, in some cases, have to adapt the content as content is USA bias.


Each week, multiple activities and ideas are added to the Yummy Math site, providing a stream of real-world math problems for learners.


Categories include:
- Algebra
- Data and Probability
- Geometry
- Number Sense
- Sports
- Holidays/annual events
- Maths and Science
- Maths and Food
- Maths and Social Studies
- Maths and Art
- Movies and Entertainment


Use these activities to get learners thinking outside of the (maths) box. Not only relevant, but interesting!

Via John Dalziel