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Mystery Google Device Appears in Small-Town Iowa

Mystery Google Device Appears in Small-Town Iowa | TechWatch |

Photos of the mystery computing device appeared on the web in late February. Taken with a smartphone, they were a bit washed out and a little blurry in places, but you could easily read the name printed on the long, thin piece of hardware. “Pluto Switch,” the label said.


The images were posted by two men who said the device had unexpectedly turned up at a branch office in the tiny farmland town of Shelby, Iowa — population: 641 — and they were hoping someone could tell them what it was.


Clearly, these two men were familiar with the ins and outs of computer networking, and clearly, this was a networking switch, a way of shuttling data between machines. But they’d never heard of the Pluto Switch, and it was littered with networking ports they’d never seen before. “Any ideas?” they asked. “The writing on the back is Finnish.”


According to posts they made to an obscure web discussion forum dedicated to networking hardware — — they couldn’t actually get the thing to work. But they turned up a few clues indicating who the device belonged to, and eventually, after putting two and two together, they said they’d located the owner and sent the switch back.


It belonged, they said, to Google.

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How We Built A Data Center With Commodity Hardware And FOSS

How We Built A Data Center With Commodity Hardware And FOSS | TechWatch |

We are a startup named QuickoLabs based out of Bangalore, India. Our product SearchEnabler, is on-demand SEO software which crawls and analyzes user’s website to provide recommendations, helping them improve their website ranking in search engine results.


Our goal is to make SEO easy, affordable & measurable for start-ups and small businesses. To realize our goal, we wanted to ensure minimum cost is incurred in our operations without compromising on product capability.


Today our infrastructure holds more than 8TB of data collected from web and processes nearly 250 GB of data everyday. It consists of more than 700 Million unique URLs and analyzed more than 35 million webpages. This numbers will grow quickly as customer base increases.


Our infrastructure currently manages:

2 Applications Servers
5 Cassandra Nodes
4 Task Trackers
9 Data Nodes


We have used following open source software’s to setup 24×7 crawling, distributed storage and processing :

- Hadoop HDFS

- Cassandra NoSQL Storage

- Hadoop Map-Reduce Tasks

- Pig Scripts

- Zookeeper for co-ordination

- Apache Nutch Search Engine

- Text Processing Through Lucene

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