When Richard Van As, a woodworker in South Africa, decided to make a set of mechanical fingers, it wasn't just for fun. He'd lost four of the fingers on his right hand in an unfortunate work accident. For a carpenter, a disabled hand is a big professional risk, so Richard decided on the day of the incident that he would use the tools available to him to remedy his situation. Watch the inspiring video above to hear how Richard's project -"Robohand"-, is changing lives with patience, spirit and a MakerBot Replicator…

> Robohand Blog : http://bit.ly/10myidp

> Richard Van As/Facebook : http://on.fb.me/10mwOjB

> Richard Van As interview/SoundCloud : http://bit.ly/10mAuBH
> Robohand/Rockefeller Innovators : http://bit.ly/11peMVb

> Crowdfunding financier/Indiegogo : http://bit.ly/10mxGEE
> RobotHand/Open source Thingiverse http://bit.ly/YySooq
> Print 3D/MakerBot : http://bit.ly/11pdxp5