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Technology Leadership and Business
As digital technologies become more common business platforms, what will that mean to us?
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Rescooped by Ivon Prefontaine from An Eye on New Media!

There is a new King. It is King Trust. Not King Content!

There is a new King. It is King Trust. Not King Content! | Technology Leadership and Business |

We have been following the mantra of "Content Is King".  With the overflow of people following this great advice, we now must focus on building trust through great content.

Via Ken Morrison
Ivon Prefontaine's insight:

This is a fairly detailed article with great ideas. How often do we hear someone say, "Trust me?" Those words raise my spidey senses.

Ken Morrison's curator insight, May 13, 2013 4:35 PM

I really like this article about the "why" and the "how-to" think differently about content creation.  I really like that the author includes quotes from people in the industry to back up her thoughts.1. Don't build on rented land -Social media is great....if you have a plan to get them to your home page.2. Help, not hype, your customer

Don't be yelling '"Buy this! Buy this!"  Be truly helpful


3. Write what people want to read, not what you want to write

Take the focus off of yourself if you want to win their trust!
4. Reference industry influencers
Help people know that you are always learning from the top minds in your industry.  Also, it will help your search engine juice!


5. Create content for all types of readers

 Help your customers feel at home in their community.  Think of ways to add value to their lives outside of your store.  The author gives an example of a real estate broker who made a blog about great pizza places.


6. There is more to content than links

Links are very important.  But don't let it blind you!  


7. Don't forget the "marketing" in content marketing

Don't be afraid to promote your content!  If it is important enough to create, it is important enough to promote! "If you don't promote it, Nobody will ever read it!" 


If you are shy, the author suggests writing something like this:

"Hey there folks, I just wrote up a quick post about some cool local resources I've been working on recently. If you have a moment, take a quick peek and let me know what you think. I'm just getting started with this whole content marketing thing, so any feedback you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Here's the link, thanks!"



8. It's all about relationships

Be an active team player.  Promote other writers' content.  This is important.  Engage!


9. Think like a publisher
Go to a book store and look at books and magazines.  Make your content look and feel like great traditional publishing.


Your job is to engage, entertain and inform!  Don't forget that


10. Use other sites to find out what kind of content people want

Stop thinking that you have nothing to say and nothing to add. It is not true and you know that.  "Inspiration comes from adding upon what someone has done before."
----Always be aware of what is popular in your industry and write about those things.
Rescooped by Ivon Prefontaine from Collaborative Revolution!

2013 Digital Trends - Social Ocean (TM)

2013 Digital Trends - Social Ocean (TM) | Technology Leadership and Business |

What are the digital trends for 2013: Content, Community and Conversions. 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Ivon Prefontaine's insight:

What do we need to consider in the building and planning of our businesses without losing sight of social responsibilities?

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, April 6, 2013 9:42 AM

Great 2013 Trends infographic, love the information about Coca Cola.