As an Apple Campus Rep, you’ll host workshops, deliver demos, throw events, and build relationships on campus. You’ll collaborate with the Apple team and your Apple Authorized Campus Store to host events and execute marketing activities to increase adoption of Apple products among students, faculty, and staff on campus.

This is a position that takes energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and passion. It takes an understanding of technology and the ability to spread the Apple message. It takes a leader — someone who can inspire peers, collaborate with campus organizations, and get things done. This is more than just a college job. It’s a chance to grow, and to get your resume off to an incredible start.

"Usually starts off with a phone interview asking for your experience in marketing, what you are passionate about, and your involvement in school. 2nd round interview is an in-person interview with the regional marketing manager.

Benefits: Paid, 10-15 hours a week, I-pad, Macbook pro, and other apple swag" - Jean Cruz 

Via Jean Cruz