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Businesses may no longer be able to turn away employees who want to bring their smartphones and tablets to work, and connect to the corporate network.


Even the government acknowledges that it can't prevent the use of personal devices for work-related functions, reports Marcos Colón.


With more than 60,000 employees, Cisco Systems has embraced the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon, defined as the burgeoning penetration of personal smartphones, tablets and laptops into the workplace.


Gust MEES: While using BYOD and Social Media, teachers need to have knowledge of basic IT-Security (they must learn it...)! It's NOT ONLY the IT-Admin's and Technical Coordinator's role! This basic knowledge they should share with their learners to make the community stronger for a more secure Internet...



Wer A sagt, muss auch B sagen. (Plattdeutsche Variante: De A seggt, mut ok B seggen")

Translation: If you say A, you have to say B as well.

===> Meaning: No half-assed evading or cherry picking. <===

Meaning: If you want or assert A and it turns out to involve B, you have to put up with B too.

Meaning: Follow through [don't wimp out]

Similar: "In for a penny, in for a pound."

Strauss, Emmanuel (1998). Dictionary of European Proverbs. Routledge. p. 957. ISBN 0415160502.



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