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The Busy IT Guy’s Guide to Interactive Technology

The Busy IT Guy’s Guide to Interactive Technology | Technology in Business Today |
You’re a busy IT guy. You’ve turned being a “geek” into a pretty great way to make a living. But chances are, you’re spread way too thin by having to deal with touch screen displays
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Exploratorium's Experience Experts Deliver Awesome iPad App

Exploratorium's Experience Experts Deliver Awesome iPad App | Technology in Business Today |

The Exploratorium has just "released Sound Uncovered, its second free iPad app, which the creators showed me during a visit to the unfinished museum. As I explored the app's exhibits, the tablet disappeared in my hands. When you launch this app, you're in the museum, no matter where you are...It takes 40 years of user experience wizardry to build a museum app this amazing."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, February 12, 2013 9:53 PM

The Exploratorium now has two free apps for the iPad. The first one released is Color Uncovered and now Sound Uncovered. According to this post "both "buffet-style" collections of short, multi-sensory exhibits. You can select from a table of contents or swipe through like a magazine. The first was Color Uncovered, which uses properties of the tablet's display to demonstrate properties of light. The new app, Sound Uncovered, uses both the speakers and microphones, as well as text and video explanations, to show off some of the surprisingly bizarre properties of sound."

I have found many wonderful resources on the Exploratorium website, and suspect that both these apps would be great to have on iPads used in schools.