Better Business: Five Effective Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation Using Social Media | Technology in Business Today |

The social media don’t just help people get closer to one another. They also help brands get closer to their customers. While it does benefit businesses to be in touch with their customer base, social engagement tends to be demanding work. 


At one time, only businesses in the hospitality industry bothered with building and maintaining an online reputation. Increasingly, though, online reputation building is a necessity across the board. Businesses involved in electronics, telecommunications and even sports need to invest heavily in maintaining a good online reputation today. 


Recent surveys show how important a good online reputation is for success in many industries. Of those who look online for reviews before making a purchase, three out of four trust the opinions that their friends and family post on the social networks. Nine out of ten trust reviews from random customers posted on review websites. Online reviews have a role to play in B2B scenarios, too. One out of two people in business search online for information on the people they plan to deal with. 

Via Brian Yanish -, BSN