Technology in Art And Education
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Technology in Art And Education
Applying and Integrating Media and Technology for Learning in a Traditional or Post Modern Classroom.
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Rescooped by Monica S Mcfeeters from 21st Century Learning and Teaching!

40 Uses For Smartphones in School | ExamTime

40 Uses For Smartphones in School | ExamTime | Technology in Art And Education |
Did you ever think the day would come when you read the title: 40 uses for smartphones in school. Well it's here now. Read on to see what these uses are.

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Monica S Mcfeeters's insight:
Excerpt:A revolution in the classroom:Check facts: probably the most common use of all. Both students and teachers can now find facts within seconds. This can be very useful when explaining and debating topics.Take photos: mobile phones can be used as cameras to illustrate work and presentations.Make videos: similar to the last point. For example, videos can be used to record experiments and later include them in projects.Carry out tests: this is probably one of the most interesting and revolutionary uses of the mobile phone in the classroom. Students can now take quizzes and tests on their mobile phone that were created earlier by their teacher. In this way, teachers can gain valuable real-time insight into the knowledge of their students and the effectiveness of their teaching. To implement this technique now, download the ExamTime Mobile App for iOS or Android.Read the news: many teachers often include news articles as part of their teaching methods (for example, in Economics). With an endless amount of news gathering mobile applications, you can bring news and current affairs into the classroom in an instant.Dictionary: there are a multitude of dictionary applications that allow you to check the meaning of a word instantly.Translator: again, this can help with meaning and explanation of a foreign word just like the dictionary application.Click title to read more.....
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Oso interesgarria ikasleen motibazioa sustatzeko!!

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añada su visión ...

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12 Principles Of Mobile Learning

12 Principles Of Mobile Learning | Technology in Art And Education |

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Here's a discussion if you want in on it. What are the things that make mobile learning work? Add your thoughts if you like. This article covers the details of 12.

danahawkins's comment, August 8, 2013 10:34 PM
The curation comment is interesting... I think it's fantastic that students are able to gain these skills without the assistance of a teacher, but ultimately if they veer off the path or have been misguided, they will always need a facilitator to not only show students the tools but also give them some best practice ideas.
Viljenka Savli ('s curator insight, August 13, 2013 2:13 AM

A new approach to learning and teaching concerns students' selflearning and assessing and of course techer's coaching. More about main principals in this article...

Mary Kate Lavin's curator insight, February 6, 2014 2:39 PM

This describes the 12 principles of mobile learning.  It describes not only how to use technology in classes but also the reasoning behind using it.