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Technology in Art And Education
Applying and Integrating Media and Technology for Learning and Traditional and Post Modern Classroom.
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Rescooped by Monica S Mcfeeters from Eclectic Technology!

Common Assessments Hold Promise, Face Challenges, Study Finds

Common Assessments Hold Promise, Face Challenges, Study Finds | Technology in Art And Education |

"Tests now being designed for the common standards are likely to gauge deeper levels of learning and have a major impact on classroom instruction, according to a study of the common assessments released today."

Via Beth Dichter
Monica S Mcfeeters's insight:

How do you test creativity and innovation using "set" core standards of evaluation? Creativity and innovation require a certain amount of willingness for failure and risk taking. How does training for common core test "standards" assist that higher level goal?

Beth Dichter's curator insight, February 3, 2013 6:56 PM

The Common Core testing is rapidly approaching and this article discusses a research paper that was just released by UCLA's National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards & Student Testing. 

They state that "the assessments hold a lot of promise for improving teacher practice and student learning" and that "the test-making projects face key financial, technical, and political challenges that could affect their success."

They also reference a variety of resources, including one new to me called the Depth of Knowledge Levels (DOK), which provides four levels (the link to the DOK is at

* Level One is recall

* Level Two is skill/concept

* Level Three is strategic thinking

* Level Four is extended thinking

The link to this DOK reminds me of Bloom's Taxonomy with verbs to help you understand each section as well as activities based on the level. The question that remains to be answered is if the tests being created by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium will reach these levels, and according to this report it appears that will have "the more lengthy, complex performance tasks being crafted by the two groups...seemed likely to assess skills at DOK Level 4."

The post also discusses some of the issues that remain, including cost and time of testing, cost of scoring, dealing with accomocations, and "Managing the "shock to the public and to teachers' instructional practice" that the tests' increased intellectual rigor will demand."

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The End of Education As We Know It

The End of Education As We Know It | Technology in Art And Education |

Using online media, adventurous educators are engaging students and teachers in fresh ways.

Via Susan Bainbridge
Monica S Mcfeeters's insight:

This is really the way we need to look toward our education future. I mean really have we not done the teach them set information then test them design over and over again? Just switching that to new gadgets really isn't change in a big way that will really inspire learning. Online open access to knowledge o could really inspire everyone to go beyond their set text book limits. Teachers need to be trained and inspired to find ways to implement these many new tools in creative personalized ways.

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