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When installed on a Learning Provider's website SpeakPipe provides a good way for stakeholders, prospects, etc., to leave voicemail messages without picking up a phone.


SpeakPipe messages can be downloaded to a computer so if practitioners need a simple way for learners to record their voices for use in a multimedia project, SpeakPipe might be handy to have on a VLE/classroom blog/web presence.


Note: with SpeakPipe installed anyone can click on the "send voicemail" button and leave a message.
- When a visitor clicks the "leave voicemail" button they will be prompted to allow access to their computer.
- the visitor can start recording a message for you.
- Visitors can, but don't have to, enter their names and email addresses for you.


Learning Providers can listen to and download the messages left for them in your SpeakPipe inbox.


Find out more at

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Rock Out Your Projects With Royalty-Free Music

Rock Out Your Projects With Royalty-Free Music | Technology for school |

You have students creating projects that will include music, so where do you go to find music that is permissable to use, esp. if the final project will be posted on YouTube or Vimeo? This post provides information on 3 sites that are easy to use and have royalty-free music that students may use. 

Lessons which involve the potential of using copyrighted material is great time to teach students about ethical use of such materials. Many of our students believe that they may post videos with copyrighted materials, but such videos will be stripped of the music when uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and the accounts may be suspended. 

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