Flipping The Classroom… A Goldmine of Research and Resources To Keep You On Your Feet | Technology for school | Scoop.it

Are you looking for some excellent resources to learn more about a Flipped Classroom? Perhaps you would like to try in in your classroom when school starts. This post provides a great introduction and provides an explanation about why the "simple definition" may not be the best definition. Following this section there are sections on:

* Resources to Better Understand Flipping the Classroom

* Higher Level Thinking Skills...Two Way Interaction...Formative Learning...21st Century Skills

* Resources to Promote Higher Level Thinking Skills, 21st Centur Skills, and Formative Learning in the Flip

* Research

* Home Base for Flipping (as in learning management systems)

* Global Communities (share across boundaries)

* New and Latest

Followed by a conclusion. A must read for folks interested in learning more about flipping a classroom.

Via Beth Dichter