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Rescooped by Laura Conley from Eclectic Technology!

Creativity In The Digital Classroom-Over 40 Resources-Are They in Your School?

Creativity In The Digital Classroom-Over 40 Resources-Are They in Your School? | Technology for school |

"I believe that creativity is necessary in today’s classroom. In fact, creativity is one of the important 4 C’s (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity) that make up part of the foundation of a 21st century education. The remaining foundation is of course another C (Significant Content). I believe that when you put all of these C’s together you get two more C’s which make up the 'Common Core'."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, January 14, 2013 8:10 PM

This post is the first in series and discusses free resources that may be stored on a local computer or a network. The list includes Scratch, Sketc-Up, Gimp, 3 free office suites, Alice, a variety of tools that will help you make movies and more. Most are described in some  detail and there are links to additional resources to help you learn the tool.

Additional posts will discuss Web 2.0 apps that may be used on the Internet (and across platforms), web apps and sites that promote literacy and student publication and web sites that promote student creativity.

Randy Nichols's curator insight, January 15, 2013 9:30 AM

A good list to help you start (or continue) bulding a "digital toolbox" for multimodal compositions. (I will steal some of these ideas for my delicious links!)


Rescooped by Laura Conley from technologies!


Free web video conference solution for up to 8 persons and for any browser.


If you need a simple implementation that runs straight from a browser, then you should check out Meetingl. This flash web application offers a free and easy way to start video meetings from the browser without any extra download or user registration required.


Potential users can start using Meetingl by creating a new room.


Each meeting has a unique room number that you can use to invite friends.


Participants can activate their webcams for all to see, adjust volumes of other participants and if required, enlarge individuals to fill the whole screen. .


Meeting admins can also mute/unmute participants.


Finally, you have a chat interface below, which is very handy if you need to spell out what you are saying.

Meetingl is a nice simple for anyone who need to organize video meetings without the fuss of unnecessary registration and plugin downloads.


NOTE:- With two screens I was able to share one screen via Screenleap and still see and communicate with the other participants on the second screen.

Via John Dalziel
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Rescooped by Laura Conley from technologies!

5 Ways to Use Google Sites in Teaching & Learning

Although this post refers to "Schools" it is a post from the USA so therefore has a different meaning than we would use in the UK.


I particularly like the use of the new page-level permissions options, allowing learners to only edit Google Sites pages that practitioners grant them access to.


The 5 ways are...

- As a wiki:

- As a digital portfolio;

- As a digital file cabinet;

- As a blog;

- As a website.


All skills learners need in the "real world" - potential for use in functional skills especially as learners & practitioners have 24/7 access. 


Google docs are also ideal for peer assessment and review.

Via John Dalziel
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