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How to create guidelines for responsible use of social tools.


1. Examine your school culture. Gain an understanding of how your community feels about social media.


2. Organize a team. Include both educators who use social media in the classroom and those who do not.


3. Research. Evaluate policies already in place at your school. Look around at other schools. See what they’ve done. Get a sense for what works and what doesn’t.


4. Write a draft and solicit feedback. This is the hard part, says Anderson. Gather the information you’ve collected and ask others to weigh in. Schedule meetings and talk to stakeholders face to face.


5. Have the draft vetted by the school attorney and school board. Make sure your policy does not violate any current laws, policies or ordinances.


6. Introduce the policy to the community. Every team member should be tasked with reaching out to different stakeholder groups, says Anderson. It’s important to be open and transparent.


7. Conduct periodic reviews. Your new social media policy should be “a living document that is revisited often.”


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8. teachers and Educators need to learn the basics of #itsecurity also to understand why those 7 points were created, check out also:





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