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Où l’on reparle de la Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Où l’on reparle de la Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 | Technology |
Où l'on reparle de la nouvelle version de la smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Gear avec des informations sur la date de lancement et son écran quelque peu particulier.
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How to Optimize Email Content for Any Screen Size - CMI | #TheMarketingTechAlert

How to Optimize Email Content for Any Screen Size - CMI | #TheMarketingTechAlert | Technology |

Intermediate/ Digest...


-- >  Use generous font sizes

-- >  A single-column responsive layout works best

-- >  Provide large CTAs: Your call to action (CTA) is the most important part of a marketing email. It should be eye-catching, well-placed, and — above all — usable. The criteria for creating a successful CTA vary, depending on whether it is to be selected by a cursor or a finger. Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines recommend a minimum “tappable” target area of 44 × 44 px. That’s not to say that all buttons have to be 44 px, just that there shouldn’t be any buttons or links closer together than 44 px. Otherwise you run the risk of a “mistap.” Also, keep ergonomics in mind as you’re placing CTA buttons. For instance, they shouldn’t go in the lower right corner, where the user would find it uncomfortable to click.

-- >  Left-aligned text is preferred

-- >  Keep subject lines succinct

-- >  Consider using pre-headers

-- >  Always use clear, concise content

-- >  Create a vertical hierarchy

-- >  Take care with your use of images

-- >  Consider including click-to-call capabilities

-- >  Provide a plain-text version option

-- >  Carefully plan delivery times

-- >  Make it easy for readers to take the next step



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Via marketingIO
marketingIO's curator insight, January 28, 2014 7:52 AM

Applications are available to create responsive design for your emails and LPs. This post, however, focuses on how to design the email so that it maximizes reaction. Remember: over 50% of B2B email is read on a mobile device, so change your thinking. It's mobile first, then adapting to the desktop.