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9 Visual Tools to Create Awesome Social Media Images : Social Media Examiner

9 Visual Tools to Create Awesome Social Media Images : Social Media Examiner | technology and pedagogy |
Do you want to create professional-grade social media visuals? Discover nine free tools to help you create beautiful visual content for your social media profiles.
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New technologies are revolutionizing education – or are they?

New technologies are revolutionizing education – or are they? | technology and pedagogy |

New technologies hold great potential to improve education in developing Asia and the Pacific. Here are a few guiding principles to help to ensure interventions are relevant.

Via Elaine J Roberts, Ph.D.
Elaine J Roberts, Ph.D.'s curator insight, January 29, 9:29 AM

No, they're not. And this premise is indicative of part of the problem: "Clarify what new technologies are expected to achieve within a given program." First, the technology will achieve nothing. It's a tool. Like a pencil. The pencil will not solve the problem nor will it write the essay. It is a tool by which an individual might be able to solve a problem or write an essay. There are no guarantees. So it's not the technology, it's not the monitoring and evaluation. What will make the difference for teachers is training, training, and training. Then coaching, administrative support, and clarity of the administrative/school/district vision for how and why technology can make a difference in the classroom, in the school, in the district, and in the community. What will also make a difference is communication with parents so they understand what technology is being used in the classroom, and how and why it is being used in the classroom. This has nothing to do with being a first-world country. This has to do with investing time and effort in the preparation and support the individuals who will wield the pencil, whatever its form.

Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, January 29, 10:44 AM

The etymology of technology suggests habits of mind and communicating with and through one's tools much like a craftsperson does with their tools. Education is leading children into adulthood. Do we include teachers in the conversation about the choices and uses of tools in their classroom where children gather with real names and faces? Research says we should, but anecdotal evidence suggests that is not done.

Ray Boyd's curator insight, January 30, 4:15 AM

The technology is the tool and simply becomes another avenue with which educators can explore or engage students in the learning process. Used in effectively it may as well be used to steady the table