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Technology and language learning
Use of technology in the language classroom
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Storytelling tools for ESL students #1 Storybird

Storytelling tools for ESL students #1 Storybird | Technology and language learning |
I believe storytelling is a very powerful teaching resource for young learners. They feel comfortable with it, and when they read or listen to a story they stop caring about “understanding every single word" of it.
Via Shona Whyte
Susan's curator insight, March 20, 2013 3:46 AM

I have used Storytelling with 15-year olds!  They also loved it.  If you get your students to write their stories directed towards young children, it helps them to use simple vocabulary and structures which is great writing practice for them.  Afterwards they can share them on a wiki/blog/moodle site.  Very rich! I'm attaching two examples of my students' stories.


Annarita Bergianti's curator insight, April 21, 2013 2:04 PM

#giovanna g.: da twitter #Scuola2.0...... lo strumento è proprio utile, specie nelle difficoltà di apprendimento alla lettura.


Gary Harwell's curator insight, August 20, 4:09 PM

Great for students to make their own stories.

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Memrise: Vocabulary learning tool

Memrise: Vocabulary learning tool | Technology and language learning |

Martin Burrett of ICT Magic says:

"An amazing language learning site which helps learners of MFL remember words for over 200 languages by associating them with visual clues/mnemonics and score points by showing you remember the language in a variety of ways. You can listen to audio of the words you are learning. The site tracks your progress and analyses where you need improvement and it will adjust the words you are shown accordingly."


Shona Whyte:

A very nicely designed site which allows you to hear words, read definitions, and test yourself as you go.  Lots of languages, including EFL. In terms of acquisition, what's missing is context, but it looks like teachers can create their own courses, so contextual cues and sample sentences could be supplied that way.

Via ICTmagic, Shona Whyte
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TED Talks in the EFL Classroom, Part II

TED Talks in the EFL Classroom, Part II | Technology and language learning |

EFL teacher Christine in Chile:


"A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the success I’ve had using TED Talks with my Chilean students. Here, I’m providing some resources for other EFL or ESL teachers to use."


Here we have links to TED videos and gap-fill exercises for 5 talks:


Talk I: Ric Elias, “3 Things I Learned While my Plane Crashed"

Talk II: Terry Moore, “How to Tie Your Shoes”

Talk III: Cameron Sinclair, “The Refugees of Boom-and-Bust”

Talk IV: Carolyn Porco, “Could a Saturn Moon Harbour Life?"

Talk V: Lucien Engelen, “Crowdsource Your Health.”

Via Shona Whyte
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The impact of the interactive whiteboard on the teacher and children’s language use in an ESL immersion classroom

The present study adds a new dimension to available work by analysing the influence of the IWB on the language use of a primary school teacher and a group of native speaker (NS) and non-native speaker (NNS) children in an English language immersion classroom.
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10 Ways To Use Technology To Teach Writing

10 Ways To Use Technology To Teach Writing | Technology and language learning |

Both high-tech innovations for learning and the inability of many schoolchildren to write well have been major talking points in educational circles for quite some time, but oddly enough, one may offer a solution to helping remedy the other.


There are a variety of tech tools and methods out there for teaching writing that can make the process easier and more fun for both teachers and students. While not every high-tech way of teaching writing will work for every class or every student, there’s enough variety that there’s bound to be something for everyone.


Here are a few tech-focused ways to help students learn grammar, essay-writing, and, most importantly, why good writing is so important to their futures.

Via adpcenter, Jenny Smith, Deborah Millar , Jamie Forshey, Lynnette Van Dyke, Katie Frank, Ricard Garcia, Randy Rebman
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Adorei essa curadoria!!
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Bom mesmo !
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Twinvox | Technology and language learning |
Richard Garcia:
Here's a good site for those who care about speaking! Excellent service where people can share their communicative skills as native speakers of a language as they share a good time with someone else who is willing to learn that language through a videochat within the twinvox platform. Find peers and start sharing your skills and learning for free from someone else the language you want to learn. Good initiative, indeed!
Via Ricard Garcia, Shona Whyte
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Computer Games in ESL

Computer Games in ESL | Technology and language learning |
Computer games are a medium that has become as popular as Hollywood movies.  It’s not uncommon for teachers to show movies in class, but how can games be incorporated?  This post will discuss their uses in the classroom.
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Using Technology to Simulate ESL in the EFL Classroom (by Whitney Hunter) | Teachlog

The author explains how technology can be used to achieve the goal of replicating an ESL environment by giving your students access to speaking, hearing, reading and writing English outside of the EFL classroom as much as is reasonable.

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