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Technology and language learning
Use of technology in the language classroom
Curated by Yuly Asencion
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Rescooped by Yuly Asencion from TELT!

Digital literacies toolkit

Digital literacies toolkit | Technology and language learning |

Welcome to the Digital Literacies Toolkit. This interactive learning tool was designed and developed byeLanguages in Modern Languages at the University of Southampton with support from the university Student Centredness Fund. The purpose of this set of learning resources is to help students:

explore the educational uses of Web 2.0 tools and services;familiarise themselves with a range of useful applications for study-related purposes;highlight good practice in the use of social software and the internet, in general.

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Via Shona Whyte
Shona Whyte's curator insight, July 12, 2013 1:31 AM

Not specific to language learners, but succinct coverage of essential issues in bite-sized chunks (digital identity, copyright and plagiarism, personal learning networks) which will be useful to teachers and learners alike.

Carmenne K. Thapliyal's curator insight, July 15, 2013 4:58 PM

Basics of digital literacies

Rescooped by Yuly Asencion from TELT!

Dropr : Multimedia Portfolio Collective

Dropr : Multimedia Portfolio Collective | Technology and language learning |

This is a very elegantly designed creative free e-portfolio site. It allows users to create multimedia portfolios that integrate images and video. The portfolio integrates with your social media accounts well. Some very attractive examples to check out.

Via Nik Peachey, Shona Whyte
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Technology for TBLT: Examples of virtual worlds for language learning

University of Hawai'i Spanish professor Marta Gonzalez-Lloret explains the principles of task-based language teaching (TBLT) and gives examples of technology use for language learners such as virtual and synthetic worlds (Second Life, World of Warcraft).


See a demonstration of her collaborative environment for Spanish learners "En busca de Esmeraldes" and another virtual environment for an ESP course for health professionals, plus a Chinese online course

Via Shona Whyte, Javier Sánchez Bolado
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Rescooped by Yuly Asencion from Learning technologies for EFL!


Twinvox | Technology and language learning |
Richard Garcia:
Here's a good site for those who care about speaking! Excellent service where people can share their communicative skills as native speakers of a language as they share a good time with someone else who is willing to learn that language through a videochat within the twinvox platform. Find peers and start sharing your skills and learning for free from someone else the language you want to learn. Good initiative, indeed!
Via Ricard Garcia, Shona Whyte
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