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I don't claim to be an expert in the "Work-based Learning" (WBL) Sector but I do know that electronic signatures from Learners, Assessors, Employers and Verifiers are often the centre of quite heated discussions.

As with most technologies, it is important to identify...
* the current practice you would like to enhance and/or
* the things you would like to do but currently can't.

When this is clear, it is the time to look at potential solutions; that way you can ensure any new technologies adopted will meet your requirements.

From listening to the arguments discussions the benefits looked for are...
* To give and get verifiable signatures online; providing the ability to sign on a browser, smart-phone or tablet etc.

* To provide an audit trail for any "WBL Records"; improving accountability.

* Save time & money

* Sustainable; save paper, ink, fuel, and is affordable.

* Secure; and

* Legal; signatures are valid and binding (Here in the UK, see the 2004 Electronics Act)

Take a look at the two potential solutions, that I've looked at, which address the benefits listed above