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iCoachMath: Free on-line Maths Dictionary for learners

iCoachMath: Free on-line Maths Dictionary for learners | technologies |

Providing a free on-line maths dictionary for learners and also providing free solved maths problems with step-by-step solutions

John Dalziel's insight:

iCoach Math provides a comprehensive dictionary of Mathematics terminology.
All the terms are arranged in alphabetical order.
As always, use...
   - Command + F ( on Mac ) or
   - Control + F ( on Windows ) to search for any term.
Each term comes with a textual definition accompanied with a visual example.

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DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

The Directory of Open Access Journals has a principal goal of increasing the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals.

Take a look, Ithink that both practitioners, and learners , will find useful resources. 

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DSA - Safe Driving for Life

DSA - Safe Driving for Life | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

This text-based, no-frills site has some sections that are light on content.
However there is lots of useful information to help visitors to develop and/or improve driving skills.
Separate sections are provided for...
- learners;
- experienced drivers and riders; and
- professionals - such as lorry, taxi and bus drivers.
For learners there is advice on a wide range of topics including...
- finding an instructor to prepare for the driving test; and
- choosing the right car or bike.

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Wilson Center Digital Archive

Wilson Center Digital Archive | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

The Digital Archive contains once-secret documents from governments all across the globe, uncovering new sources and providing fresh insights into the history of international relations and diplomacy.
It collects the research of three Wilson Center projects which focus on the interrelated histories of...
- the Cold War,
- Korea, and
- Nuclear Proliferation.
The digital archive (whose tagline is “International History Declassified”) offers several ways to search: by...
- place,
- year (beginning with 1938) or
- subject.
A treasure trove worth browsing.

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DOAJ -- Directory of Open Access Journals

DOAJ -- Directory of Open Access Journals | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

If learners don’t have access to a "college library" they should try this Directory of Open Access Journals. They may be surprised at how many journals provide free access. For focused research or simple browsing, there’s much to learn via this site.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - Download notes, music sheet and guitar tabs

Free guitar tabs search. Free sheet music search and download.


MusicNotesLib is a website providing access to sheet music to many popular songs.

The sheet music is provided as PDF documents.

However the site also offers TXT and GIF files for tabs and digital files for various music software; these additional files include MIDI, SIB, and GPx Guitar Pro files.

To get the desired sheet music...
- search for the song, album, or artist you are looking for.
- browse the “Trends” section on the site’s homepage and see which artists are popular on the site according to the day or month.


Recently added artists can also be checked out.

MusicNotesLib is an excellent resource for sheet music for popular songs and tabs of various instruments used play a users favourite songs.

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Rutgers RIOT - Research Information Online Tutorial

The Rutgers' Riot research tutorial could be a good resource for introducing or refreshing research techniques in a clear and simple way.


The five part animation looks at...
- selecting a topic,
- finding sources,
- choosing keywords,
- identifying citations, and
- evaluating sources.


There are also text documents available to accompany the videos.


Each part of the movie features characters explaining an aspect of the research process.


Note: this resource could also be used to highlight differences between the UK and the USA re: citations and/or as a model for producing similar resources.

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Facebook Help Center | Facebook

Facebook Help Center | Facebook | technologies |
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.


Facebook has announced a redesign for its Help Center.


The new Help Center is designed to “get users the information they need in just a few clicks”, and is even personalised according to things users may need help with.


Six new major topics are provided to help start browsing; these include...

- a “See what’s new on Facebook” category, where you can read about Facebook’s newest features.


Scroll further down, and users will find a list of “Top Questions”.


On the left of the webpage users will find the new simplified navigation interface, where they can start searching for any issues if the six major topics don't fit.

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Scooped by John Dalziel!

A Platform for Good

A Platform for Good | technologies |

Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and other major tech companies have joined together.


They’ve partnered with non-profit organization Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) to build A Platform For Good.


It’s a safe digital place for teens, parents, and teachers to learn about and share information about online safety.


A Platform For Good is a host of resources that have been combined into one solid platform. From videos to blogs to tips for parents and youngsters, there’s more than enough information about online safety to keep them busy.


The Teach Teachers Tech video series, a series of videos that do what the name suggests, is something well worth a closer look.


There are videos on turning learning environments into a digital textbook, digital field trips, and more.

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In The Garden This Month and Gardening Ideas

In The Garden This Month and Gardening Ideas | technologies |

Here is one for practitioners & learners of Land-based Studies...


Thompson & Morgan in the garden this month and gardening ideas available online in the UK. Take a look Online Today!

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newsola - top news at a glance

newsola - top news at a glance | technologies |
Top news stories from around the world, at a glance.


Newsola combines simplicity with visuals to make a really engaging news reader.


Newsola breaks up their feeds into six categories. Users can view news from...

- World,

- National,

- Showbiz,

- Sports,

- Tech and

- Finance.


Newsola shows users a screen with the headlines, colour coded by category so they can find what they need.


The biggest news stories are displayed with bigger text, and the smaller ones with smaller text.

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2CARPROS | technologies |

Got a Car Repair Question? 2CarPros Professional Mechanics Online will answer it free. Information that solves car problems quickly.


2CarPros was started in 1999 to answer car repair advice questions; it is still going strong.


Resources for practitioners and learners include...

- a strong Q&A base,

- How do car components work,

- Auto Term Abbreviations

- Brake Replacement Guides and

- repair guides (including video clips).

and visitors can submit their own questions to the experts for free.


Auto repair questions are grouped by manufacturer and users can drill down to the make of a particular car.


The guides can be a bit text-heavy with few illustrations, but the detailed step-by-step walkthroughs should help learners get a bearing on how it’s all done. 

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Shakespeare’s Restless World

Shakespeare’s Restless World | technologies |
British Museum Director Neil MacGregor presents Shakespeare's Restless World. The 20-part series looks at the world through the eyes of Shakespeare's audience by exploring objects from that turbulent period.


More downloadable podcasts from the BBC providing quality resources for teaching and learning.

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Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo

Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo | technologies |
Find opposite or similar words at WordHippo.
John Dalziel's insight:

Word Hippo – is a website that provides learners with the opportunity to enter any English word, and then be told anything about that word, such as an...
- equivalent noun,
- adjective,
- adverb or
- verb.
Learners can also look up the...
- tenses,
- pronunciation,
- rhyming words,
- words that mean the same, and of course the
meaning of the word.
A great website to bookmark for learners that are working with the English language on a regular basis; e.g. for Functional Skills Learners

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Constitute | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

In the past, it’s been difficult to access and compare existing constitutional documents and language because the texts were locked up in libraries or on the hard drives of constitutional experts.


Google Ideas supported the Comparative Constitutions Project to build Constitute, a new site that...
- digitizes and makes searchable the world's constitutions.
- enables people to browse and search constitutions via curated and tagged topics, as well as by country and year.


The Comparative Constitutions Project cataloged and tagged nearly 350 themes, so people can easily find and compare specific constitutional material.


This ranges from the fairly general, such as "Citizenship" and "Foreign Policy," to the very specific, such as "Suffrage and turnouts" and "Judicial Autonomy and Power."

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The Full English

The Full English | technologies |
The Full English contains over 44,000 records and over 58,000 digitised images from the archives of 19 of the most important and influential collectors in the UK. You can freely browse and search all the materials in these collections.
John Dalziel's insight:

Visitors to this website have access to an archive of English Folk Songs, sourced from 19 early 20th-century collections.
Browse each of these 19 collections individually for...
- original manuscripts of lyrics and music,
- performer details and dates, and/or
- collectors' notes and letters.
On the negative side, the lack of audio.
In spite of that, an impressive, comprehensive, well presented work of reference.

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What Is...every file format in the world - A through E

This page briefly describes every file format (or actually the file name extensions for the formats) that we have been able to learn about.
John Dalziel's insight:

While using computers, practitioners and learners will come across file extensions of various formats.

A lot of the time, they may not know what these extensions stand for.

Normally, if an individual knows what the extension stands for, they can figure out what the file is for. If you want to be able to quickly tell what a file extension means, you should check out a website called TechFileFormat.

William Machado's curator insight, January 20, 2013 7:06 PM

If you don't know much about file formats, check this out!

Scooped by John Dalziel!

ChemReference: Periodic Table and Chemistry Reference

Powerful and complete periodic table and chemistry resource for the fastest chemistry work-flow.
John Dalziel's insight:

The periodic table of elements holds a wealth of information which is important for chemists.

To get access to the information quickly, ChemReference is a web-based tool worth a closer look.

Here all important chemistry information is just a click away.

ChemReference provides a colorised periodic table.

It is here users can navigate and look up information on the different elements. Simply click on the symbol, and all the information required is on the right side of the screen.

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Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine | technologies |

The Artcyclopedia is an index of online museums and image archives: find where the works of over 8,000 different fine artists can be viewed online.


The Artcyclopedia provides resources and materials about...

- the world artists,

- masterpieces,

- museums,

- art history and much more.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - Discover fine art - Discover fine art | technologies | is a new way to discover art that learners, and practitioners, will love featuring work from leading partners, museums, and private collections around the world.


By making all the world’s art freely accessible, hopes to foster new generations of art lovers, museum goers, collectors, and patrons.’s goal is to expose as many people as possible to art.
Currently, their collection comprises 17,000+ artworks by 3,000+ artists from leading galleries, museums, private collections, foundations, and artist estates. works with 300+ of the world’s leading galleries, museums, private collections, foundations, and artist estates from New York to London, Paris to Shanghai, Johannesburg to São Paulo.


They provide one of the largest collections of contemporary art available online.

NOTE: Visitors can Explore without an account by clicking on the appropriate text link.

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Find Anyone's Email Address - Free SEO Tool from BuzzStream

Buzz Stream’s email research tool is great for Learning providers hunting down the contact details of a person or website.


With Buzz Stream the only information users need to know is the website address, name or company.


Fill out any of these details and hit ‘Generate Searches’ and you are presented with a variety of Google search operators that will scour the site for email links and contact forms.


It’s lightweight and easy to use, perfect for when you need to find the contact details of a single site.


Also useful for those engaged in Digital Literacy as it provides the range of Google search operators used.

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World Wide Web Foundation | The Web Index

World Wide Web Foundation | The Web Index | technologies |

The Web Index is a unique annual ranking of countries on the progress and social utility of the Web.


Combining over 80 indicators to evaluate access, affordability, institutional and policy environment and social and economic utility, it will provide an evidence-based tool for national and regional advocacy, intervention, and strategy to strengthen the Web.


The 2012 Web Index was published on September 5, 2012.

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Annotary | technologies |

When you find information on line, are you one of those that tend to simply copy and paste that information into a text document?


While it works,  there has to be an easier way.


Annotary is a web service which allows users to highlight information, bookmark those sites, take notes, and share with other people. i.e. it’s a very good note-taking tool for any website.


Any annotations and highlighting will stay where you users add it whenever they return to the site, which makes remembering all of their edits no longer necessary.


The service can be used through extensions, which are available for Firefox and Chrome


Note:- Requires a free account.

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The Journalism Gap Between Education and Professional Practice | Social Media Today

The Journalism Gap Between Education and Professional Practice | Social Media Today | technologies |

Journalism education needs to incorporate more “new skills” to catch up with what is expected of the next generation of journalists.


This is an observation based on a comparison of skills emphasized by media professionals and skills being taught in journalism schools.


This blog looks at 25 skills and, for the purpose of comparison and analysis, puts them into two categories...

1: "Old Skills"

2: "New Skills" 


The question to journalist practitioners and learners is "how much of the "new" skills are incorporated in your curriculum?"

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8 Resources for Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism

Education is the best prevention.


Three resources that can be helpful in explaining to students what plagiarism is and how they can avoid it...

1: Plagiarism explained by Common Craft

2: Purdue OWL website

3: (produced by those who produce "Turn It in") and...


Five resources for detecting plagiarism...

1: How practitioners can use Google

2: University of Marylands Plagiarism Checker

3: Plagiarisma

4: Paper Rater - probably the one all learners should be encouraged to use to improve their "papers"

5: Plagiarism (similar to 2 but produced by different organisations.

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