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Portfoliogen - Classroom Accounts

Portfoliogen - Classroom Accounts | technologies |
Teachers can partner with Portfoliogen to allow their students to create their own portfolios.
John Dalziel's insight:

Portfoliogen Classroom is a web-based service that allows learners to easily create eportfolio websites to show off their work.
Practitioners using the Portfoliogen Classroom service can create their own webpage allowing their learners to register and create their own portfolio websites.
Collaboration between practitioner and learner is free and easy with Portfoliogen Classroom.

Note: This is a free service so practitioners can create some accounts and check it out at their convenience.

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Digital scrapbooks for learner creativity, self-expression, and imagination - Beeclip EDU

Digital scrapbooks for learner creativity, self-expression, and imagination - Beeclip EDU | technologies |
Beeclip EDU is...
- for practitioners and learners
- an easy-to-use scrapbooking application that promotes learner creativity, self-expression, and imagination


Beeclip EDU scrapbooks allows users to use images, videos, text and much more.


The best way to get an overview is to use the no-registration trial. You'll get the idea in less than a couple of minutes.


Beeclip EDU can be used for all kinds of creative work; for example...
- Scrapbooks
- Moodboards
- Photo albums
- Collages
- Portfolios
- Yearbooks
- Posters
- Diaries
- Journals

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Create free websites - SnackWebsites

Create free websites - SnackWebsites | technologies |
Create free websites, really easy! Free & easy to set up. Especially developed to work on all mobile devices. No ads.
John Dalziel's insight:

SnackWebsites Mobile Website Builder is a free to use online web service that lets users create mobile websites.
Today nearly every learner has a smartphone. And learners make full use of their smartphones by using the Internet on them.

This makes it very easy for learning providers, or individual practitioners, to quickly show their learners, their online files that are mobile-compatible.
This can be a great advantage for tutorials, distance learning etc.

Mobile sharing is also beneficial for learners that have portfolios online.
Creating online portfolios of work will not do them any good if the web service they use is not mobile-friendly.
When users start creating a website, they can select which category it falls in; covered categories include...
- personal,
- portfolio,
- community,
- blog,
- product,
- band,
- event,
...and lots more.
Users can also select a template from the various visually appealing options.
The site even gives users numerous extension options to customize the overall URL of the resulting website.
A possible addition to employability courses and/or for community courses e.g. websites for self-employed, community groups, sports clubs, the list goes on.

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5 Ways to Use Google Sites in Teaching & Learning

Although this post refers to "Schools" it is a post from the USA so therefore has a different meaning than we would use in the UK.


I particularly like the use of the new page-level permissions options, allowing learners to only edit Google Sites pages that practitioners grant them access to.


The 5 ways are...

- As a wiki:

- As a digital portfolio;

- As a digital file cabinet;

- As a blog;

- As a website.


All skills learners need in the "real world" - potential for use in functional skills especially as learners & practitioners have 24/7 access. 


Google docs are also ideal for peer assessment and review.

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