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Presentain - Present. Engage. Grow.

Presentain - Present. Engage. Grow. | technologies |
Presentain helps speakers engage and grow their audiences. You use smartphone as a clicker and audience can connect to your presentation using their devices. They can ask you questions, participate in polls, send you follow-up requests, share your slides and more. While you present Presentain records your voice so when the presentation is over you can publish the slidecast (presentation slides with voice-over) and start growing your online audience.
John Dalziel's insight:

The most exciting part of Presentain is its interactivity.
Viewers are given a pin to log in to the presentation on their device allowing them to interact.
They can view the slides on their device as you present them, and share any they like on their social networks.
They can also submit questions which users will see as a notification on their smartphone.
Users, practitioners or learners can create polls and multiple choice questions, viewing the responses in real time.
They can use their smart phone as a clicker, record the live presentation and share it later, and their audience can use Presentain to request a follow up action, such as to request a copy of the slides.
Drawbacks? Users currently can’t show embedded video in the presentations, and they can’t include animations or transitions. Presentation is compatible with either Google Slides or other slides converted to PDFs.

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Kwiqpoll - Simple Web Polls

Kwiqpoll - Simple Web Polls | technologies |

Use kwiqpoll to easily set up and deploy a survey.


Create a poll and share the link on any social media site or email.


It's optimized for mobile and desktop so it looks great on any screen.

Each poll is open to voting for either 3 or 7 days. After that, only the results will be available for another 7 days.


Once those 7 days have passed, the poll will be permanently deleted.

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Quipol is social polling.



- is a simple and elegant way to unlock the opinions and perspectives of an online audience.

- makes it easy to create social polls (called Quipols), share them with your audience, and monitor the results.


Take a look at my first Quipol at


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ParticiPoll free audience polling for PowerPoint

ParticiPoll free audience polling for PowerPoint | technologies |
Free audience polling add-in for PowerPoint that uses audience members' mobile devices for voting and displays results live in your slides.
John Dalziel's insight:

ParticiPoll is a free audience polling plugin for PowerPoint that allows polls to be run quickly and with no need for additional clickers to be used.
Learners can vote via any internet-enabled device.
Signing up with ParticiPoll is free for basic features.
Once logged in, download the free plugin for PowerPoint.
Once the free plugin has been installed, you will see this new toolbar within PowerPoint.
This toolbar lets you start and stop polling sessions. The Insert Poll button will insert a polling widget onto the current slide. You can also insert a QR code that will direct users to the correct poll page.
It works best for quick polls where users want to ask for audience opinions, or to get a feel for overall understanding. ParticiPoll isn't a proper assessment tool where you can see who answered what (but it could be used 1-to-1).
The basic ParticiPoll is free to use, and gives you access to unlimited live polls and votes.
A pro version for £2.99 a month (or £29.99 a year) allows users to view any audience comments and to access past poll data.
I found the ParticiPoll plugin very quick and easy to use.
ParticiPoll is ideal for BYOD learning environments where learners have a mix of devices.

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Understoodit - Measure Students' Understanding in Real-Time

Understoodit - Measure Students' Understanding in Real-Time | technologies |

Understoodit is...

- a new web app;

- a tool for quickly getting anonymous feedback from learners.


The option to see the timing of when learners vote for "confused" or "understand" can be a great way to quickly determine which topics or what content to practitioners need to repeat.


Practitioners, just...

- open their account (it's still in beta by invitation only)

- open the simple poll of "understand" or "confused."



- vote using any internet-connected device.

- vote whenever practitioners have the poll open.

- can vote multiple times; e.g. if they are confused at the beginning of class, but understand ten minutes later they can change their votes.



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Pollowers - Twitter polls

Pollowers - Twitter polls | technologies |
Pollowers: Poll your followers. A tweet is a poll. Twitter polls.

Needs some planning to ensure that the poll is posted when followers are likely to respond. Practitioners could find it useful to use with learners and/or at events etc.

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