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Woodberry Poetry Room

Woodberry Poetry Room | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Stream Classic Poetry Readings from Harvard’s Rich Audio Archive: From W.H. Auden to Dylan Thomas
Founded in 1931, the Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard University features (among other things) 6,000 recordings of poetry from the 20th and 21st centuries.
Here learners can find some of the earliest recordings of...
   - W. H. Auden,
   - Elizabeth Bishop,
   - T. S. Eliot,
   - Denise Levertov,
   - Robert Lowell,
   - Anais Nin,
   - Ezra Pound,
   - Robert Penn Warren,
   - Tennessee Williams
...and many others.
In the “Listening Booth,” a section of the Poetry Room website, visitors can listen to recordings of classic readings by nearly 200 authors

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Poetry Archive

The Poetry Archive is a treasure-trove of English-language poets reading their own work.


- are historic recordings,
- have been made specially for the Archive
...which means its range is the widest possible


The link takes you to a webpage where you'll find information about who to look for in the Archive, and how to find them, as well as information about how to discover - by theme or region or guided tour - poets whose work learners and practitioners alike, may not yet know.

Judith Robertson's curator insight, January 23, 2013 9:10 PM

I'm very excited to learn about this archive, in which we can listen to the voices and words of some of humanity's keenest and most sensitive minds as they read and ponder their own works. Visit

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FREE Rhyming Dictionary - Find Rhyming Words in Seconds

FREE Rhyming Dictionary - Find Rhyming Words in Seconds | technologies |
Find rhyming words with the Online Rhyming Dictionary
John Dalziel's insight:

Apart from its obvious uses, when it’s time for learners, to reflect, one option could be for them to make their response(s) rhyme;  Rhymer, a FREE Rhyming Dictionary could help them with such a task; before sharing responses with partners or groups.

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