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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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timeStats - raise awareness of time spend on particular web pages.

timeStats - raise awareness of time spend on particular web pages. | technologies |
You will be surprised how much time you spent on particular web pages.
John Dalziel's insight:
An add-in for Chrome that will raise a users awareness of the time they spend on particular web pages. 
TimeStats is a handy extension that does just that, creating a colourful pie chart that could show users the amount of time they spend on time-wasting websites instead of studying/working/etc. Learners, and/or practitioners, might be surprised at how big a slice a seemingly harmless website can have. 
By having a better overview of their web activity, users, if they really want to, can act on it.
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Asana: an easy way for "teams" to track their work

Asana: an easy way for "teams" to track their work | technologies |
It’s free to use, simple to get started, and powerful enough to run your entire business. Sign up for free today.
John Dalziel's insight:
Asana is an application to help learners and/or practitioners enhance their workflow and increase their productivity. 
Asana allows users to create... 
 ● tasks,
 ● to-dos, and
 ● reminders 
...and collaborate with others on 'projects' that matter to them. Users can... 
 ● add due dates,
 ● assignees,
 ● followers and
 ● details their tasks. 
They can also upload files and attachments to tasks and share visuals directly to Asana from other apps. 
Asana also provides users with a variety of organizational features to help them arrange their tasks into projects and keep track of what their team is doing. 
They can... 
 ● send notifications when tasks are completed,
 ● search across all of their projects to quickly find data they need,
 ● comment on tasks,
 ● use conversations to make announcements to their team,
 ● ask questions in a project 
 ...and more.
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Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, collaboration and more!

Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, collaboration and more! | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

There are many tools for making check lists. Practitioners, and/or learners, could...
   ● go old-school and keep check lists in a paper notebook, or
   ● put them on Post-It notes on their desk, or
   ● use a plain text file to keep track of their check lists, if they’re a fan of the minimalist look on their computer.
There are also a lot of other great tools that can be used to manage checklists, each of which can be very valuable if they decide to make a lot of different lists.
Wunderlist is one such tool that allows users to...
   ● make different to-do lists.
   ● organize and share their to-do/work etc., lists.
   ● set Due Dates and Reminders and Assign to-dos. No matter whether their lists are course/work related or just for fun.
   ● share their lists and work collaboratively on projects with others.
Wunderlist works seamlessly across all major devices, available for free on...
   ● iPhone,
   ● iPad,
   ● Mac,
   ● Android,
   ● Windows,
   ● Kindle Fire and
   ● the Web
No matter what they’re planning, how big or small the task may be, Wunderlist makes it easier to get stuff done.

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Skaffl - classroom workflow

Skaffl - classroom workflow | technologies |
Get Skaffl - classroom workflow on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.
John Dalziel's insight:

Skaffl could provide a solution for practitioners who want a simple way to distribute and collect assignments without wading through a myriad of extra features that they won’t use.
Skaffl is a free iPad app that is designed to help practitioners...
   - distribute,
   - collect, and
   - grade assignments
...on their iPad.
On Skaffl practitioners can create 'classrooms' that their learners join through a class code.
Once a 'classroom' is created practitioners can distribute assignments and hand-outs to their learners.
Assignments can be created in the app or practitioners can attach items created outside of the Skaffl app.
Their learners can submit work through the app.
Practitioners can grade their learners’ assignments directly within the app.
Assignments that aren’t going to be graded (a rough draft of an essay, for example) can be annotated by practitioners to provide learners with ungraded feedback.
To sum up, with Skaffl
Practitioners can:
   - Create activities for students to complete
   - Plan ahead and save activities for distribution when you need them

   - Collect student work

   - Annotate and grade student assignments
Learners can:
   - Get their assignments and keep track of due dates
   - Hand in their assignments from other apps
   - Annotate and complete written assignments
   - Ask questions directly to their teachers using assignment comments

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StoryCorps | technologies |
Our mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.
John Dalziel's insight:

StoryCorps website, USA based, has a couple of good tools for learners, across the world, who are going to interview others.
They provide learners with excellent questions that they can use when interviewing people about their lives or about the lives' of others.
Learners can select their own questions from "The Great Questions Lists" and "The Great Questions Generator" will help them select the best questions for the person or people they're planning to interview.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - Improve your team productivity - Improve your team productivity | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Beesy provides an all-in-one platform for helping users plan and coordinate projects, set-up to-dos and deadlines, communicate with clients and co-workers and much more.
Beesy is available both on the web and as an iPad app.
The online and iPad versions of Beesy use five main sections...
the Dashboard, which provides an overview of tasks and calendar appoints;
a Notes section for meeting notes and minutes;
a list of Actions created by users and tasks to assigned to other people;
a People section for user contacts; and
a section for planning Projects and goals.
The features in the iPad version of Beesy are more useful than on the online version. e.g. users can actually send an email from the app, draw and write on downloaded web pages, and record and save audio files.

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Simple Surface

Simple Surface | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Simple Surface is another tool for learners to use to create webs and mind maps to...

- plan creative stories,

- draft outlines for research reports, or

- diagram a set of concepts they're trying to connect.

Learners could also use Simple Surface as a storyboard tool to plan video projects.

In their words " Plan smarter and faster"

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Floor Styler - create floor plans,house plans and 3D plans with Floor Styler

Floor Styler -  create floor plans,house plans and 3D plans with Floor Styler | technologies |

FloorStyler is an online service helping learners design construction plans.

- Create an account on the website
- Verify the account via the received email
- Log into the application
- Begin designing floors by dragging various types of objects onto the canvas such as furniture, walls, doors, etc.
- Final work can be saved on the website or exported to a JPEG or PNG image.

NOTE: The free account of the site does not offer high resolution image exports or designing embedding. These features are offered by premium plans that begin from $9.90 per year.

geetapatel's comment, February 5, 2013 1:30 AM
Good to know Floor Styler - create floor plans,house plans and 3D plans with Floor may like Contemporary House Plans India | Modern House Designs. Invite comments on
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5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (or other tablets)

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (or other tablets) | technologies |

Many learning providers have, or are considering, investing heavily in iPads (and other tablets) for classroom use.


This post, from edudemic highlights common mistakes many learning providers are making with iPads (and other tablets), mistakes that are in some cases crippling the success of these initiatives; they include...


1) Focusing on content apps

2) Lack of Teacher Preparation in Classroom Management of iPads  (or other tablets)

3) Treating the iPad (or other tablets) as a computer and expecting it to serve as a laptop.

4) Treating iPads (or other tablets) like multi-user devices

5) Failure to communicate a compelling answer to “Why iPads?” Or other tablets?

Peggy Alvarez's curator insight, February 1, 2015 9:28 PM

Interesting points!

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Pedagogical Quickies

Pedagogical Quickies | technologies |

Every couple of months or so, Marc-André publishes a quick pedagogical clip that presents an educational issue along with solutions often inspired by technology.


Marc-André’s YouTube channel is aimed at dealing with educational issues ranging from content creation to professional development.


Ideal resources for stall development and/or as great conversation starters for "forward planning" meetings etc.

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technologies | technologies |

Do learners find themself forgetting homework assignments?


Well that is obviously not good for their grades.


With myHomework, there is a small yearly charge, that will not be a problem anymore.


myHomework will help learners keep track of their assignments.


Find out more at ;


- Track classes, assignments, tests & more!
- Sync between the website and iOS or Android devices.
- Receive due date reminders.

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MindMaple - Mind Mapping Software

MindMaple - Mind Mapping Software | technologies |

Mind Mapping, Concept Maps, Brain Mapping and Brainstorming Techniques to Improve Personal, Educational Productivity.


Learners can use MindMaple Lite (FREE) to...

- takes notes on lectures, books, and discussions.

- organise plans and ideas for projects.

- structure and categorize information visually, which allows them to maintain a focus on details as well as the bigger picture.

MindMaple also makes it easy to collaborate with peers and/or colleagues. 


All of this can help to improve their studying and learning experience. 

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kanban2go | technologies |

Kanban2go (Kanban means billboard in Japanese) is a task management service that has a highly visually-driven interface.


Kanban2go provides users with a virtual sticky note board that is divided into three columns.


To-do notes...

- are colour coded and sorted into columns of to-do, in progress, and completed.

- can be assigned a due date and a status.

- can be synched with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and Evernote.


Users can share their assignment boards with others (e.g. Assessors) via email.

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Transformation Centre - resources to help education leaders improve all aspects of their 'schools' and work toward a vision for change

Transformation Centre - resources to help education leaders improve all aspects of their 'schools' and work toward a vision for change | technologies |
Empty description
John Dalziel's insight:
The one thing we can all be sure of is change. 
Google's Transformation Centre is ‘a hub of resources to help education leaders improve all aspects of their 'schools' and work toward a vision for change.’ 
Based on feedback (stories, templates and guides) collected from a wide variety of schools, Google's Transformation Centre includes seven main elements; these are... 
■ vision, 
■ learning, 
■ culture,
■ technology, 
■ professional development, 
■ funding and sustainability, and 
■ community engagement. 
Each of these elements feature a collection of resources and materials designed specifically to help education leaders tackle the change process.
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To-do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist

To-do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist | technologies |
Trusted by millions, Todoist is the best online task management app and to-do list. For Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Outlook and many more!
John Dalziel's insight:

Research is a time-intensive activity, which means learners will benefit if they have a tool to organize both their professional and personal life.
Todoist is one option worth a closer look.
Todoist enables learners to manage all of their projects and access them from any platform they own, including their...
     → desktop computer,
     → laptop, and/or
     → portable devices.
They can also share their tasks and collaborate with other people.

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WhatsDue: Never Miss A Due Date

WhatsDue: Never Miss A Due Date | technologies |

WhatsDue puts all of your due dates for all of your classes in 1 easy to use todo list

John Dalziel's insight:

How do your learners know WHAT’S DUE, 2015 Style?
The WhatsDue Free App Makes it so easy for practitioners to keep their Learners, and/or other stakeholders (employers, administrators etc.), up to Date with - What’s Due!
The process for practitioners is straight forward – just...
   - go to
   - click on the "Teacher Signup" Button and
   - sign up.
When signed-up...
   - enter assignments, tests, etc., fact anything that has a due date that they want their learners to be aware of.
What about the learners?
The learners just...
   - download the free app (available in the Apple Store and on Google Play) and
   - enter a code for their course (this is a short code users will see in the web interface)
...and WOW!, they see what’s due and when it's due in a simple easy to read display.
The whole process is...
   - totally straightforward,
   - highly functional, and
   - 100% free.

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My Study Life

My Study Life | technologies |
A free cross platform planner app for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage.
John Dalziel's insight:

MyStudyLife is a Learner Planner for All Platforms, which could provide an excellent service for learners if they get into the habit of using it to keep track of their assignments.
My Study Life allows learners to organise...
   - their classes,
   - tasks and exams
...and never forget a lecture or assignment again
When learners start using the app they...
   - have to enter their courses, then
   - start to enter tasks into each course.
Each task is assigned a due date.
The My Study Life homepage shows them the tasks that have due dates approaching.
Whether or not MyStudyLife will help learners will be determined by whether or not they get into the habit of using it.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention it's free.

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Airtable | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Managers, practitioners, learners, and others, STOP using spreadsheets as a database.
Airtable provides an alternative that is as fast and easy as editing a spreadsheet.
But only Airtable is backed by the power of a full database, giving users rich features far beyond what any spreadsheet can offer.
Plus with Airtable, users get seamless access from anywhere.

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Build with Chrome

Build with Chrome | technologies |
Now you can build with LEGO® bricks using Google Maps as your baseplate. Imagine. Explore. Build online in Chrome.
John Dalziel's insight:

Build with Chrome, is a collaboration between Chrome and the LEGO Group which has brought colourful bricks to the web using WebGL, a 3D graphics technology. It was originally built by a team in Australia as an experiment, and now Google has opening it up to everybody. So now users can publish your wacky creations to any plot of land in the world.
There are a few new features to make it easier to build and explore this digital world of LEGO creations.
- Users can now sign in with a Google+ account to help find stuff that people in your circles have created.
- A new categorization system for completed Builds will help users sort and filter for specific types of structures.
- To hone skills users can explore the Build Academy, a series of short tutorials.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! | technologies |
The easiest way to take notes from videos. Everything synchronized!
John Dalziel's insight:

VideoNotes is a new tool for taking notes while watching YouTube videos. Load any YouTube video on the left side of the screen and on the right side of the screen VideoNotes gives you a notepad to type on.
Integrating with a Google Drive account, it allows users to share and collaborate on notes, just as they can do with a Google Document.
VideoNotes is an ideal tool for learners to use to take notes, ask questions, and answer questions while watching any "flipped environment" instruction videos (hosted on YouTube).

Learners can...
- share their notes with practitioners, enabling them to plan/structure their next face-to-face session;
- share their notes with peers for either collaborative work and/or peer reviews.

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WikiBrains | technologies |

Wikibrains is website designed to help users brainstorm/blue-sky in a web format.


The difference? When users brainstorm/blue-sky on Wikibrains they're also performing a basic Internet search at the same time.


To create a brainstorm/blue-sky web on Wikibrains...
- enter a word or phrase.
- users will be prompted to add more words by completing the phrase, "Makes me think off..."
- add a new word or phrase which,in turn, will be added to the web.


As words are added, on the right side of the screen, users will see links to search results about each word.


Note: by creating a Wikibrains account users can alter their brainstorm/blue-sky webs by adding custom paths and links between elements.


Another perk is the option to browse other users' webs and modify them for your own use.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! | technologies |

A tool that may help Learners and/or Practitioners organize and manage their tasks.


Create TO-Do lists, update them, change their order and or priorities.


The Standard Account is FREE  but has only one board with a max of 10 tasks per board (There is also advertising)

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Printable Calendar

Printable Calendar | technologies |

Printable Calendar is a utility providing a clean, simple calendar that you can print in your web browser.


By default, when users visit the Printable Calendar’s homepage, they will see a view of the current month’s dates. Month and year can then be changed and update the calendar to reflect the selections.


A Print button lets users print out the calendar just like they would any other page.

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SusTEACH Planning Tool

SusTEACH Planning Tool | technologies |

This SusTEACH Toolkit resource for lecturers and senior managers in Higher Education will be refined and developed further during the next few months.


The Toolkit includes a number or resources as well as the following tools:

- The SusTEACH Planning Tool – an online tool which helps lecturers and academic designers to rate their teaching delivery plan and produces personalised feedback on the likely environmental impacts associated with this plan.

- The SusTEACH Modelling Tool – an operational tool (Excel based) for lecturers and senior managers which permits the modelling of one or several courses/modules to estimate the energy impacts associated with different HE teaching methods within a qualification programme.


The SusTEACH carbon calculator will soon be available to help students and lecturers to calculate the energy impacts associated with their teaching and learning.


It is hoped that the tools will be used in Higher Education to integrate with teaching and learning initiatives, and to support the sustainability agenda.

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JISC TechDis Toolbox

The TechDis Toolbox TBX has a large number of resources to help individuals to work smarter, quicker and more efficiently.


-  Using technology section contains a large number of ideas to help adapt the technology used everyday; covers both Windows and Mac computers as well as using mobile devices and tablets.

- Planning and organisation section help users set priorities, focus on tasks and manage their time. 

- Communicating section or getting your message across is an essential part of working life.

- Teamworking section making it easier to connect with others.

-Different Needs section provides a range of technologies that can help different users.

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