Reel – Present your ideas and reel in the feedback | technologies |
A fast and easy way to turn your images, powerpoints, Word documents, PDFs into mobile-friendly online slideshows, and start getting feedback from your audience without logins or special software.


Reel App provides an online service for sharing PPT, PDF, and image files with others.


Reel App provides...
- a unique url for sharing the file;
- an option to get feedback from the audience on each slide or images in the shared file.
- an option to view the presentation on laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.
- a summary page containing the overall feedback from viewers.


Learner Voice-Peer Assessment
Could be a good way for learners to get feedback on presentations they deliver and practitioners could use Reel App to check learner understanding on each slide in a presentation;"thumbs up" if they feel they they understand & "thumbs down" if don't.