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Newsela | Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events

Newsela | Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events | technologies |
Unlimited access to hundreds of leveled news articles and Common Core–aligned quizzes, with new articles every day.
John Dalziel's insight:

Regardless of the age of learners, a common challenge exists for many practitioners:

Given that varied reading levels may exist within a single learning environment, it can seem virtually impossible to have all learners access the same content in a way that allows them to comprehend the material.
NEWSELA solves this by providing practitioners with a database of non-fiction articles.
In addition, each article can be adjusted by Lexile for up to five different reading levels, and some articles include comprehension quizzes.
One for Functional Skills practitioners I feel.

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Woodlands Maths Zone - Fun interactive maths games

Woodlands Maths Zone - Fun interactive maths games | technologies |
Free interactive Maths games and puzzles. A fun way to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, geometry. Learning without knowing it!
John Dalziel's insight:

Family Learning Practitioners, that are looking for some good mathematics games to add to their lists of resources, would do well to check out the links on the Woodlands Resources site.
The games offer fun practice activities for learners.
The games are organized according to skill sets.

The categories are...
   - measuring skills,
   - number skills,
   - shape and space skills, and
   - data skills.

Many of the games are also appropriate for use on interactive whiteboards and touch-screen computers.
Science and Literacy too...
In addition to the mathematics games Woodlands Resources includes sections for science and literacy games.
Note: The literacy section features games that use British English so teachers of American learners may not find them all that useful.

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Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs

Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs | technologies |
picture communication cards, songs, games and learning activities for autism, aspergers, fetal alcohol syndrome and disabilities
John Dalziel's insight:

Do2Learn is a collection of resources that help practitioners find a way to improve the academic achievements, behaviour, and social skills of learners with special needs.
The website features...
-  games,
-  songs,
-  craft projects,
-  seasonal arts, and
-  much more.
Educators can find...
- literacy tools,
- behavior management plans,
- teacher toolbox, and
- other special education materials.
The materials and information provided on this website are created by experts in the area of special education.
The resources have been specifically developed to be adequate for learners with...
- Attention Deficit Disorder,
- Autism Spectrum Disorder, and
...other disabilities that inhibit their skills of self-regulation, communication, socializing, and learning.

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Form Time Ideas - Tutor group activities

Form Time Ideas - Tutor group activities | technologies |

Ideas and activities to keep learners engaged. A fresh set of activities is generated each time you visit.

John Dalziel's insight:

Encourage Functional Skills learners to access "Form Time Ideas" frequently.
Form Time Ideas is a simple, but useful website, from secondary Maths teacher Jonathan Hall.
It offers a random selection of activities that practitioners can use during face-2-face sessions (or any other appropriate times). Refreshing the site offers a completely new set of random activities.
The menu bar at the top also allows practitioners to just show the Literacy or Maths activities, links to the latest news or a ‘Name that Flag’ challenge.

Dorian Love's curator insight, November 20, 2013 1:22 AM

What a great idea!

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Smart Kit: 'School-Safe' Games & Puzzles

Smart Kit: 'School-Safe' Games & Puzzles | technologies |
Clever games & puzzles to stretch your mind and tease your brain. Teachers, parents and kids will all enjoy the free online games that are school-safe.
John Dalziel's insight:

Smart Kit offers...
- a large collection of games, puzzles, and riddles for learners of all ages.
- a selection of games and puzzles that can be printed for offline use (ideal for those learners who have limited access to computers in their learning environments).
- fifteen categories of games.
The categories of most interest to educators are probably the...
- math puzzles,
- physics games, and
- word puzzles.

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600 Other Ways To Say Common Things: Improving Learner Vocabulary

600 Other Ways To Say Common Things: Improving Learner Vocabulary | technologies |
Helps students reduce cliche language with these 600 "other ways to say."
John Dalziel's insight:

This post contains graphics that could play a role in improving learner vocabulary.

Another post for Functional English

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MusicEnglish | technologies |
Learn English through Music
John Dalziel's insight:

This web presence features music videos, with subtitles in English, for learners of English.
Other pages available include...
- Free Worksheets;
- Lesson Ideas;
- MusicEnglish for Young Learners (Sing-alongs, poems and Rhymes);
- An A-Z Who's Who, and
Search resources via...
- Most Popular Today;
- Most Popular Ever; or
- Most Recent Videos.
Look at the...
- A-z of Artists; or
- A-Z of Songs.
An excellent resource for ESOL, EFL, ESL, ELL, Music, Family Learning, Literacy practitioners and more.

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lettrs | technologies |

In their "real World", Learners are being encouraged – conditioned in fact – by many social platforms to...
- like,
- comment,
- tweet,
- text, or
- send at communication speeds that are more akin to a reflex rather than a well-composed expression of thought and ideas.


Such accelerated communication creates new challenges in both literacy and attention.


Not everything in the life of a learner should be done faster, especially when taking the time to write a meaningful or thoughtful letter.


But technology has let students down here.


The communication of many learners has become wildy fragmented, thoughtlessly fast, with social communication and mobile platforms seeking quantity instead of quality.


lettrs (all lower-case), a platform for “slower communications”, brings old letters back from the past as important social and learning objects, to inspire 'learner letters' to be written in the process.

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Vocabulary SpellingCity App

Vocabulary SpellingCity App | technologies |
SpellingCity, that I included in the Functional Skills eMagazine Supplement some time ago, has recently launched a free iPad and iPhone app for learners.


The app gives learners access to the same vocabulary lists that they use on the SpellingCity website.


SpellingCity's list of words for students exceeds 42,000.


Learners and practitioners who register for accounts can create custom word lists (Note, new lists have to be made online. Through the app you can only access existing lists).


If learners don't register they can simply choose from the many suggested word lists created by SpellingCity.


The SpellingCity app offers six types of practice activities. The activities are...
- Teach Me,
- Test Me,
- Match It,
- Word Unscramble,
- Hang Mouse, and
- Which Word.

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The Literacy Shed

The Literacy Shed | technologies |

A website for practitioners filled with ideas for literacy teaching using visual resources such as film, animation, photographs, picture books along with accompanying ideas for educational activities.


All of the information on the site is clearly organised into different themes, e.g. Fantasy, Poetry, Other Cultures...

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Free Online Learning at

Free Online Learning at | technologies | - Resources for Functional Skills. is an online platform for courses that cover...

- technology,

- online literacy, and

- maths skills.


Approximately 750 lessons designed for basic and intermediate levels.


Ideal for adults, courses are interactive and supported with articles, videos, and animation.

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LendMeYourLiteracy | technologies | is an interesting online resource base for practitioners and learners of Literacy.

Billed as a one stop website for examples of good pieces of literacy work written by children, Practitioners can also upload examples of everyday literacy such as application forms, personal statements and letters to support Skills for Employment for Adults.

An interesting idea, and if Key/Functional Skills Practitioners are looking for some new ideas for teaching literacy, it’s well worth taking some time to look at the resources.

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Jottify | A new space for writers to share, read and sell

Jottify | A new space for writers to share, read and sell | technologies |

An online community allowing users to share, discuss and sell anything they have written.


The Jottify website comprises of innovative tools for creating, organising and sharing literary works with the web-engaged world.


Jottify allows writers, and/or learners on Writing courses, to categorise their works into chapters/scenes/sections and, incorporating open-source projects, it is a word processor tailored for writers, accessible from anywhere in the world.

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Student Interactives - ReadWriteThink

Student Interactives - ReadWriteThink | technologies |

Engage your students in online literacy learning with these interactive tools that help them accomplish a variety of goals—from organizing their thoughts to learning about language—all while having fun.

John Dalziel's insight:

The tools available include...
   - Organising & Summarising
   - Inquiring & Analysis
   - Writing Poetry
   - Writing & Publishing Prose and
   - Learning about Language

One for Functional Skills practitioners, and others, I feel



Jan Harper's curator insight, August 27, 2014 10:50 AM
John Dalziel's insight:

The tools available include...
   - Organising & Summarising
   - Inquiring & Analysis
   - Writing Poetry
   - Writing & Publishing Prose and
   - Learning about Language

One for Functional Skills practitioners

Scooped by John Dalziel!

Nationally (UK) developed Skills for Life resources

Nationally (UK) developed Skills for Life resources | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

These resources were developed over the period 2001 to 2010, to support the national Skills for Life Strategy and other Skills for Life developments. The documents and other resources were held on the Readwriteplus website which has been closed for some time.
Some of the material was developed some time ago and will be of interest for research, however the teaching and learning materials (generic Skills for Life teaching and learning materials, embedded learning materials, Skilled for Health materials, interactive materials) and the assessment materials (ESOL initial assessment, diagnostic assessment) remain current.
These materials will be of interest to a wide range of teachers in all settings, including Skills for Life, functional skills and key skills teaching and learning. Vocational, employability and community teachers will find useful resources in the embedded learning materials. All materials are downloadable and free of charge.

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FunBrain | technologies |

FunBrain is the #1 site for online educational games for learners of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spelling, history)

John Dalziel's insight:

Funbrain offers several interactive educational games for use with IWBs as well as online books and comics. The games cover a range of subjects.
Funbrain contains more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in maths, reading, and literacy.
A bonus for some, there are also books and comics available to read.
Many games are Flash-based and so are not iPad-friendly, unless you've added Photon Browser, but there are resources on Funbrain that will work on an iPad as well.
It would be nice if there was a “full screen” button to make them bigger, and so easier to see on an IWB.
Users can play with page zoom in their browser settings to get round this.
Functional skills practitioners should take a look around to see if there’s anything they can use.
Games are grouped by subject and also by grade, which can help to narrow things down.

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The We Do Listen Foundation

The We Do Listen Foundation | technologies |
Helping children learn how to listen, improve their self esteeem and deal with bullying and violence.
John Dalziel's insight:

The We Do Listen Foundation offers...
- free animated stories,
- games, and
- lessons for young learners.
The books and their corresponding lessons are designed to help youngsters learn about things like...
- how to be a good listener,
- what to do about bullies, and
- good sportsmanship.
All of the books feature the character Howard B. Wigglebottom.
Learners can create their own Howard B. Wigglebottom stories on the We Do Listen Foundation's website.
The foundation provides online tools and templates for writing and colouring their stories.
Visitors to the site will also find templates that they can print out and have learners colour offline as well.
Creating their own stories could be a good way for learners to express what they think are proper social interactions in school.

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Teaching Ideas Video Gallery

Teaching Ideas Video Gallery | technologies |
Discover videos that can be used to enhance learning in your classroom... along with related teaching ideas and resources!
John Dalziel's insight:

The new Teaching Ideas Video Gallery, for younger learners, is now online.
This new part of Teaching Ideas features some videos that can be used as a starting point for learning.
Lots of related lesson ideas, suggesting ways of using the videos, to support work in...

- Literacy,

- Maths,

- Geography,

- History and lots of other subject areas, are also included.
Although the video gallery is quite small at the moment, we are assured that new videos (and related teaching ideas) will be added on a regular basis.

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GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!

GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world! | technologies |
GeoGuessr is a geography game which takes you on a journey around the world and challenges your ability to recognize your surroundings.
John Dalziel's insight:

GeoGuessr is a simple game based on Google maps.
An image is provided of an unknown place somewhere in the world and users have to guess where it is and click that place on the map.
As it's based on Google maps street view, users can actually explore around the image and look for clues.
Once they click on the map they will see the real location and how close or far away they were.
Points are awarded depending on how close users are to the real Users have five turns to score as many points as possible.
Using an Interactive White Board, and Triptico to randomly select learners, practitioners can...
- show learners provided images
- ask them to guess where it is and
- ask them to justify their answers by describing what they can see.

A great way to bring the world into the learning environment; good for learners to explore inside the images and pan around to look for clues. Could be used for discriptive language development; get learners to write short descriptions of each of the five places visited during one game.
I found it fun and a little addictive.

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Mr A, Mr C and Mr D Present....

Curriculum Primary School songs and music for learning in KS1, KS2 and KS3 in Maths, Literacy and Science for ages 6-14.
John Dalziel's insight:

These are resources that Family Learning Practitioners, and those teaching in Junior and Secondary Schools will find really help support the Literacy, Maths and Science curriculum. These are areas where it is difficult to find songs.
Mr A, Mr C and Mr D use their, "Mr A, Mr C and Mr D Present…", to share free songs with practitioners every Tuesday. Their aim is to keep the songs modern and interesting, rather than patronising learners with some of the the music they are often exposed to. The songs cover all types of genres and styles, aiming to get learners to put the songs on their own MP3 players!

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What speed do you read?

What speed do you read? | technologies |

Compare your reading speed to the USA national average.


Have you ever wanted to compare your reading speed and comprehension to others?


Well with this handy test you can find out how fast you read, compared to the USA national average.


The test presents users with a page from a piece of classic literature and tell them to read it at their natural reading speed.


Reading it at a normal pace is important, because there will be a test after to make sure they did not just skim through the text.


The questions on the test are not overly hard, they are just designed to make sure readers actually absorbed what they read.


Once users finish and pass the test, it will give their results, and how they compare to the rest of the world.

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Skills Workshop

Skills Workshop | technologies |

Looking for...

- Literacy;

- Numeracy;

- Pre-Entry;


- ICT;

- General; and/or

- Contextual 

...Functional Skills Resources?


Well Skills Workshop may wellbe what you are looking for.


1500+ Free resources and,although most are pdf (paper) based, digitising them would be fairly straight forward. Well worth a closerlook.

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20 Twitter Chats Every Librarian Should Know About | Edudemic

20 Twitter Chats Every Librarian Should Know About | Edudemic | technologies |

Twitter is an excellent tool for librarian learning, offering lots of great opportunities for discussion.


Many Twitter chats exist for the literary and library world.


Here are 20 for librarians to check out.

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TerraClues | technologies |

Are your learners reading a novel or studying history? Trying to give them an idea of where everything is taking place? Why not give them an opportunity to discover the location for themselves.


TerraClues allows practitioners to create Internet scavenger hunts, or assign already created scavenger hunts, to help learners discover new places.


Note: when practitioners create hunts, they also make them available to other practitioners and learners throughout the world.


Why not, instead of a traditional research report or poster project, have learners create their own scavenger hunts?

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TES iboard

TES iboard | technologies |

The TESiboard collection is a purpose built library of visual, dynamic, interactive resources.


TESiboard resources are primarily open-ended tools that enable practitioners to enagage their students in a learning dialogue around the resources.


The resources are designed for use on interactive whiteboards.


The TESiboard materials are all available for free.


Current development is focused on KS2 Literacy and Numeracy materials.


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