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The Virtual Stock Exchange Game at MarketWatch, based upon Wall Street, offers a challenging interactive experience that is completely free and online.


Create fictional portfolios of investments watch values go up and down as it would in a real stock market.


Investing success is not guaranteed, and thus assessments cannot be tied to the amount of fictional money learners make or lose. The activity should also have a long time horizon – a month at least, a term or year ideally – so learners experience the market’s fluctuations.


Everyone needs to know the basics like what a stock is and how companies sell their stock to the public. A collection of videos that explains these and many other concepts can be found at Investopedia. < >;


I recommend giving 'players' a relatively small amount of money like 10,000 and choosing the normal version of the game that does not allow certain aggressive financial maneuvers. There is also an option to keep the game private and password protected.