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be.macmillan - Work and cancer

be.macmillan - Work and cancer | technologies |
Work and cancer...


BE.Macmillan has brought out a new toolkit for employers to help them better support people with cancer.


The Work and Cancer Toolkit...
     - features an employer's guide produced in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
     - is designed to give employers...
          - a better understanding of the physical, emotional and financial impact of a cancer diagnosis,
          - practical guidance on how to manage employees with cancer and

          - information on how people with cancer are protected by the Equality Act.
- is free,
- can be ordered from be.macmillan's website.

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Action Tracker by We Are What We Do

Action Tracker by We Are What We Do | technologies |

All over the world there are workplaces & learning environments with all kinds of behaviour charts on display. Some for academic behaviors, others are for personal conduct.


We Are What We Do's Action Tracker...
- offers a behavior tracker of a slightly different nature;
- is a list of simple actions that anyone can do to make the world a better place;
- offers suggestions for improving the environment, making someone else's day better, or improving personal health.


Users can check in on the Action Tracker to mark their behaviours.


We Are What We Do also offers a "classroom section" that includes many resources for implementing the Action Tracker in learning environments; it includes videos, downloadable charts, and worksheets for learning environment use.

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