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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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OrangeSlice: Teacher Rubric - Google Docs add-on

OrangeSlice: Teacher Rubric - Google Docs add-on | technologies |
Easily and quickly make rubric selections and convert the Analysis or Holistic rubric into a percentage or points grade.
John Dalziel's insight:
Both Google docs and Classroom are fantastic applications to create, distribute and receive submitted assignments from learners. 
 However, the grading process seems to bring the efficiency to a screeching halt. 
The OrangeSlice: Teacher Rubric Add-on increases grading productivity by eliminating repetitive clicks, presenting the rubric selections in an easy to use format and presenting the final grades in a consistent, professional format. 
More time is created for practitioners to provide the needed constructive feedback their learners need for success. 
Simply, Teacher Rubric is an add-on that will increase grading productivity and will professionally presents a scored rubric and grade for learners.
Take a look at this video clip ;
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Google Doc Publisher - publish good looking Google Docs

Google Doc Publisher - publish good looking Google Docs | technologies |
Google Docs are nice, but they look ugly when published to the web. Well... not anymore!
John Dalziel's insight:
Google Doc Publisher is... 
● a web tool that enables users to publish their Google documents in a "good looking format". 
● completely free and 
● very simple to use. 
♥ grab the URL of any Google Doc and 
♥ paste it in Google Doc Publisher 
...and users will be provided with a new URL for their document to share with others.
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Google for Education: Bringing Learning Online

Google for Education: Bringing Learning Online | technologies |
In recent years many innovative schools have begun a shift toward the use of educational technology. Even though your institution may be ready to make a similar transition, it’s not always clear where to start. Without a clear vision and wise counsel, such a shift can be time-consuming as well as costly.
John Dalziel's insight:

Google for Education has recently published this guide to help learning providers make a seamless shift into the world of digital learning and teaching.
The guide is geared towards assisting learning providers to integrate innovative educational technologies, using a five step approach...
   - Define Your Goals
   - Invest in access
   - Build your team
   - Offer web tools and
   - Manage change

Jason Robert LeClair's curator insight, January 11, 2015 8:20 PM

Contact the Highlander Institute for great training on google classroom usage

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Classroom for Google Apps for Education

Classroom for Google Apps for Education | technologies |
Classroom is a new product in Google Apps for Education that enables teachers to send assignments, make announcements, and conduct question & answer with students. Classroom was designed hand-in-hand with teachers to help them save time, keep their classes organized, and improve communication with students.
John Dalziel's insight:

Classroom, a new, free tool in the Google Apps for Education suite.

It helps practitioners...


create and organize assignments quickly,provide feedback efficiently, andcommunicate with their learners with ease.


Classroom is based on the principle that educational tools should be simple and easy to use, and is designed to give practitioners more time to teach and learners more time to learn.

Learners’ privacy is critical. Like the rest of Google's Apps for Educationservices, Classroom contains no ads, never uses practitioner content or learner data for advertising purposes, and is free for learning providers.

Time Scale...


Currently, practitioners can apply for a preview of Classroom.Based on the requests Google receive, they’ll be inviting a limited number of educators to try Classroom in about a month.By September, Classroom will be available to any learning provider using Google Apps for Education.


Google have been working with more than a dozen pilot schools and universities to try out Classroom and provide feedback.

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Form+ - Create easy forms; easily

Form+ - Create easy forms; easily | technologies |
Create easy forms; easily. Form+ brings the power of Google Drive to forms.
John Dalziel's insight:

If practitioners and/or other stakeholders are looking to expand their use of Google Forms, Form+ may be a tool for them.
For example, Using the option to collect files via upload could be a good way to organize learners' assignments, especially for those who don't have a VLE. Practitioners can create a form, for each assignment, post it on their course blog and, as a result, have all of the uploaded files go into a specific folder.
Even better for those who want a quick solution, Form+ has an upload form template ready for them to use and re-use as often as they like.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Online Flashcards Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Online Flashcards | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Flippity is a good tool that practitioners and or their learners can use to create flashcards for any number of topics.
- is a free tool for creating flashcards from data in a Google Spreadsheet.
- provides clear directions for the simple steps to take to create the flashcards.
To create flashcards use the Flippity template, enter the data, publish the spreadsheet to the web, then grab the Flippity link.
The Flippity link will take users to a Flippity page on which practitioners and their learners can flip through the flashcards. Flippity also includes a shuffle function and an option to remove cards from your deck of flashcards as users flip through them.


My first effort is at 

Grace White-Bracley's curator insight, October 8, 2013 11:42 AM

Can't wait to try this tool!

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The Teacher's Guides To Technology And Learning - Edudemic

The Teacher's Guides To Technology And Learning - Edudemic | technologies |
We've gone through hundreds of resources to assemble these guides which are meant to help you learn, teach, and share as much as possible.
John Dalziel's insight:

This Edudemic post provides a wide range of guides, including The Teacher’s Guide To...
- Twitter
- Flipped Classrooms
- Copyright And Fair Use
- Google Glass
- Badges In Education
- The Library Of Congress
- Keeping Students Safe Online
- Choosing The Best Digital Content
- Digital Scavenger Hunts
- Pinterest In The Classroom
...and a promise of more coming soon.

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Black Menu - Chrome Extension

Black Menu - Chrome Extension | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

It’s time to face it – Google provides some awesome tools. Practitioners, and learners, are beginning to use it for everything – emailing, scheduling, file storage, navigation, apps, their browser (Chrome), etc.
This post looks at the one major problem – how do you easily access those apps and services?
If you are anything like me, you’re going to love what Black Menu has to offer.

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Webpage & WebCam Screenshot

Webpage & WebCam Screenshot | technologies |

A Fast & Simple solution to Save screenshots of any webpage. 

Webpage & Webcam Screenshot is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome.


This browser extension lets practitioners and/or learners take screenshots of the webpages they visit.


They can capture screenshots of only the visible webpage area or the entire webpage.


Users have the option to save the screenshots in either PNG or JPG file formats.


The extension lets users modify the text on the webpage too; the text fields are detected and made editable before users take the screenshot.

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ruul. Screen ruler

ruul. Screen ruler | technologies |

A fantastically simple on-screen ruler for lining up and measuring type, line height, strokes and just about anything on the web.


Ruul is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome.


It enables Web designers to measure designs, that they find inspirational, in pixels.


Ruul lets users add an overlapping semi-transparent pixel measurements ruler onto the webpage they are viewing.


To add a ruler, users...
- click on the extension icon
- select the ruler colour they would like to use.
- align the ruler horizontally or vertically
- move it around one pixel at a time using the arrow keys on their keyboard.


Note: The mouse can also be used to click on the ruler and drag it.


To measure, users simply take down the reading from the ruler after placing it over the objects they want to measure.

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How To Create Your Own Custom Google Search Engine

How To Create Your Own Custom Google Search Engine | technologies |
Have you ever wanted to create a custom Google search engine that searches only specific websites?


You can easily do this with Google’s Custom Search Engine tool.


You can bookmark your search engine and even share it with other people.

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Appointlet | technologies |

Appointlet is an Appointment Scheduling Tool Built For Google Calendar.


Many Learning Provider Stakeholders have to deal with making appointments and then logging them into a calendar so they can actually remember to keep them.


There are easier ways.


Appointlet is one that those stakeholders may want to take a closer look at.


Appointlet lets those wishing to make appointments to use the web hosted applet to see the calendar and schedule an appointment with individuals (Selected from a list).


They can look at availablility, and with a couple of clicks add their name to the selected schedule. 


The biggest plus is the integration with Google Calendar.


When a client schedules an appointment with an individual, it will automatically show up in their calendar.


Appointlet also has a built-in reminder system, so if having it in your calendar isn't enough, individuals will be alerted.

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Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship – Google in Education

Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship – Google in Education | technologies |

Google just launched a set of 10 interactive lessons designed to support practitioners in educating learners on digital citizenship.


Google (which owns YouTube) built the lessons to educate learners about...

- YouTube’s policies,

- how to flag content,

- how to be a safer online citizen, and protect their identities.


Follow this link to access the list of lessons, and the recommended flow for delivery.


Lessons are designed to fit within 50 minute classes, but can be adapted to fit a different schedule(s)


There is even an entire YouTube channel of related videos that should be of interest to anyone looking to teach about digital citizenship.:

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Google Search Hacks -Hundreds of Google Search Tips

Google Search Hacks -Hundreds of Google Search Tips | technologies |
Collection of hacks and tricks for getting the most out of Google Search.
John Dalziel's insight:
The SearchyApp Website Will Teach Visitors Hundreds of Google Search Tips. 
If learners and/or their practitioners want to get creative, they can do a lot of things with Google’s search engine. 
They just need to know some tricks! 
SearchyApp features many tips that’ll help visitors make the most of Google. 
The tips are divided into sections, so it’s easy to locate what is required. 
The current categories are... 
► Facts (e.g. find the elevation of a place, get customer service number, find all songs by a band, etc.) 
► Math (e.g. solve a circle, use a calculator, etc.) 
► Operators (search within number range, exclude a keyword from results, find related websites, etc.) 
► Utilities (metronome, stopwatch, tip calculator, etc.) 
► Easter Eggs 
 Users can just check or uncheck the sections that they want or don't want.
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Google Tips

Google Tips | technologies |
Tips and tricks you didn't know you could do with Google for on the go, at work and having fun.
John Dalziel's insight:

Google Tips is an on-line resource, launched in 2013 by Google, to help Google users develop a working understanding of how Google products operate.
As the name suggests, it provides a wide variety of tips and tricks geared towards enhancing users knowledge of different services including...
   - Chrome,
   - Google+,
   - Google maps,
   - Google Drive,
   - Gmail,
   - YouTube and
   - Google Search.

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Google Apps in Education Community

Google Apps in Education Community | technologies |
This Community is for educators who are passionate about Google Apps in Education.

Please only post things that are connected to Google. If you post things that are not related to Google, first you'll receive a warning. If you still persist further action will be taken.
John Dalziel's insight:

This community is for educators who are passionate about Google Apps in Education. A lot of links, discussions, and resources on everything related to Google apps in education.

Paige Paul's curator insight, September 22, 2015 8:12 PM

Topic 4: This is a useful community for teachers and administrators looking to increase their web presence or maximize the potential of the Google suite of apps in their school.  I chose to share it as a resource for educators with questions or wishing to collaborate.

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Typing Speed Monitor

Typing Speed Monitor | technologies |
Gives you statistics on how fast you type, what you type, and how often you type.
John Dalziel's insight:

Typing Speed Monitor Shows Your Typing Speed During Routine Web Tasks
Typing Speed Monitor is a Google Chrome extension that evaluates a user's typing skills while they're going about their daily web browsing or word processing activities. Ideal for Google Drive users.
If learners do a lot of writing on-line and/or are engaged with on-line courses, Typing Speed Monitor is one way for them to get accurate feedback on their typing proficiency in real-world settings.

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Media Tools – Google

Media Tools – Google | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Google Media Tools – a starting point for practitioners, and/or learners, to engage with Google’s suite of digital tools that can enhance newsgathering and exposure across...

- television,

- radio,

- print and

- online.
Whether it’s refining learners' advanced search capabilities, improving audience engagement through Google+, or learning how to visualize data using Google Maps, this website is intended to guide visitors through all the resources Google offers to journalists.

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Google's Search Wall

Google's Search Wall | technologies |
A visualization of the latest hot searches from Google Trends.
John Dalziel's insight:

This multi-coloured wall shows viewers "trending searches" on Google in real time.
Go fullscreen to experience the greatest impact and/or click the top-left icon to change the size of the grid.

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6 Quick Steps to Get Started with Google+ - iLibrarian

6 Quick Steps to Get Started with Google+ - iLibrarian | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Hesitant about jumping in to the Google+ social network?
As this post points out Google+ is like Facebook, and it’s similar to Twitter but, One unique feature really makes Google+ stand out is its Hangouts.
Google+ Hangouts are group video chats that can include up to 10 people.
There are many ways that learning providers could make use of Google+ Hangouts So, how do you get started?
The post provides a quick guide to get potential users going.

Ken Morrison's curator insight, May 8, 2013 5:45 PM

Ken's Key Takeaway:

I have been dragging my feet with Google+. I have always seen value, but I was curious if my friends would join.  My primary takeaway is a reminder of the value of not needing to be 'friends' to have one-way exchange of information.  


Asel Baidyldaeva's comment, May 9, 2013 10:21 AM
This is helpful for getting good start in Google +
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John Dalziel's insight: is a free tool which can help learners and/or practitioners to produce Infographics and other illustrations. has a collection of icons and images as well as the usual shapes and symbols.
Users can search through these easily and just drag and drop them onto their page, then, either save as an image and/or store it on Google Drive.

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Course Builder

Course Builder | technologies |

A Giant Leap, for many, into 21st Century Online Learning


Recently, Google gave away Open Course Builder providing even further disruption to the traditional notion of who gets to play teacher (anyone) and how many students can take a class for free (1 or 100,000).


If practitioners have the skills, they will be able to author and publish their own eLearning space using Open Course Builder.


However, if they don't know the difference between a .txt file and .jpg, they should choose a different learning management system (LMS) for now.


This may be an ideal tool for Peripatetic Practitioners, those looking at the "flipped" classroom approach, Assessors etc.

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Tutorials on how Practitioners can Use Google Forms

This post provides some resources and tutorials on how practitioners can use Google Forms.


Google Forms is a great free service for education use and one part of the free tools Google Docs offers to its users.


Google Forms has a huge potential for engaging learners and practitioners can do a myriad of tasks with it.

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CPD: Five Google Spreadsheet features

CPD: Five Google Spreadsheet features | technologies |

In the real world, many companies continue to use Google Apps and Microsoft Office products in tandem because of their users’ reliance on Excel.


However, several updates during the past few months, combined with the Google Spreadsheets’ hundreds of functions and ability to derive information from other Google products like Search and Finance, have leveled the playing field, even giving Google Spreadsheets capabilities that Excel may never have.


It's time for practitioners,their learners and other users to revisit and re-evaluate the five features covered in this post.

Binární opce's curator insight, March 28, 2015 2:36 PM

Pokud chcete pro binární opce vést online deník v centralizovaném úložišti, můžete využít Google Spreadsheets.

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Google Search Interface Now Sports Scientific Calculator

Google Search Interface Now Sports Scientific Calculator | technologies |
Although you’ve long been able to punch simple calculations into Google–like 12*100–now you can access a full scientific calculator right from the search interface.



- Open Google Search

- Type calculator

- press enter key


The new calculator appears automatically.

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