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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Versal | technologies |
One idea can launch a million more
John Dalziel's insight:

Versal is a service that learning providers can use to create online classes that are bit more robust than your average flipped lessons.
On Versal they can build online courses that incorporate...
   - text documents,
   - images,
   - videos,
   - maps,
   - slideshows,
...and more.
When users build a course in Versal they build it lesson-by-lesson in an easy-to-follow outline.
Google Docs, and Microsoft OneDrive users can embed content from their accounts into their Versal courses.

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Sync Video - watch youtube and vimeo videos together

Sync Video - watch youtube and vimeo videos together | technologies |
Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you? Now you can watch videos synchronized!
John Dalziel's insight:

Watching YouTube videos with learners is engaging but what if learners are not in the same place as the practitioner, or even in the same country? Sync Video offers the opportunity to create an online room where practitioners and their learners can watch a YouTube video simultaneously, by having it synced to all those who are in the room watching it.
Does this have potential in BYOD, Flipped learning, etc., as well?

alistairm 's curator insight, August 11, 2013 5:28 PM

Sounds really useful for distance learning, particularly if you need to explain additional info for people with sensory impairments - you know you are describing the bit they've got to rather than some other random bit of the video!

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Soo Meta — Storytelling + Polls In One Compact Format.

Soo Meta — Storytelling + Polls In One Compact Format. | technologies |
Flip Web Content Into Video Lessons
John Dalziel's insight:

Soo Meta allows practitioners, and/or learners, to combine...
- videos from YouTube,
- pictures from the web or from your desktop,
- text, and
- voice recordings create a presentation.
Soo Meta now also allows users to insert a quiz into their projects.
This means that those viewing Soo Meta projects can watch a short video clip then answer questions about it before moving onto the next part of the presentation.
Soo Meta is an ideal tool for creating short flipped lessons for learners.

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Ask3 | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Ask3 (from TechSmith, the makers of Jing and Camtasia) is...
- screencasting software,
- collaboration tool,
- differentiation platform and
- scaffolded support system all rolled into one FREE iOS app.
Learners and/or practitioners can draw on a virtual whiteboard, record their drawings, narration and even annotate over pictures.
Ask3 also...
- allows learners to automatically upload these screencasts so that they are instantly viewable from all iPads logged into the same "class".
- also gives learners the ability to comment on each other's video - from within the video timeline; they can pause the screencast and add their own comment(s), question(s) or suggestion(s). All of these comments are instantly viewable for the class and practitioner to see and reply to.
There's more.
If text isn't enough to answer a question. Peers and/or practitioners can...
- pause the video where they want to provide help,
- comment,
- ask a question or solve the problem.
Ask3 then allows them to screencast over that paused image and to create their own video response, taking over from where the original video left off.
The video response is then available for the class to view in the timeline as well.
I'm sure that's enough to enthuse potential users.

Mark Ayton's curator insight, August 15, 2013 6:28 AM

Need a simple free tool for instantly preparing, presenting, pre-recording and flipping learning activities? This could be the very thing to get your suite of iPads out of the racks and into action! Thanks to @acljohn for another great find.

Tina Jameson's curator insight, August 15, 2013 7:08 PM

Looks like a very useful collaborative classroom tool.  Free too at the moment so well worth trying!

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Flipped Learning Network Ning

Flipped Learning Network Ning | technologies |
This site is devoted to teaching educators how to use screencasting and the flipped classroom.
John Dalziel's insight:

This Community of Practice is for sharing best practices.
Looking for more information?
The Flipped Learning Network™ is a source of information for emerging and established educators at all grade levels and subjects who are employing the flip in...

- a single module,

- an individual course,

- an entire curriculum department, or

- the whole learning provider/organisation.

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‘Flip This Video’ tool

‘Flip This Video’ tool | technologies |

Use the engaging videos on TED-Ed to create customised lessons.


Users can...

- use, tweak, or completely redo any lesson featured on TED-Ed, or - create lessons from scratch based on any video from YouTube.


Use their new ‘Flip This Video’ tool and edit the videos from TED Ed, and/or YouTube, so they're perfect for your learners.

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