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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Virtual Juicing Assistant

Virtual Juicing Assistant | technologies |
Juice, Drink, Live. Get healthy with Budget Direct’s Simply Smarter Juicing interactive
John Dalziel's insight:

Juicing Assistant is an interesting site where visitors can combine different fruits into a blender and it will make a "virtual juice" for them.
At the start, users are given the nutritional value of each fruit (to be fair they are not all fruits), and when the juice has been made, it will give them the nutritional numbers, as well as show them other juice recipes they may like.

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10 Resources to Get Children Moving!

Resources for practitioners working with children.


As Move It Week and National Childhood Obesity Week takes place in 2012, from 2nd to 8th July, these ideas and resources are ideal to encourage children to get moving!


They could be used as part of Family Learning sessions, Physical Education lessons, or as sports activities at various events. Visit to find out more.


Websites include...

- The MEND site 

- BBC Class Clips 

- Kids Exercise 

- NHS’s Change for Life 

- PE Primary 

- Your School Games 

- Youtube 

- Teaching Ideas 

- Playground Fun 

- imovesdance 

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The Most Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

The Most Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them | technologies |
Are you a runner? Yes. Have you been injured? Probably.


Learn about the most common running injuries and how to help stop them in their tracks (or trails).


Most injuries are caused by overuse — applying repeated force over a prolonged period of time. Sudden changes in training volume, whether a newbie or a vet, can also do some damage.


This resource covers 12 of the most common ailments that plague those who hit the pavement, along with a few ways to stop the pain.

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Next Vista for Learning

Next Vista for Learning | technologies | believes learning is stronger when it starts with an engaging introduction of each topic.


With practitioners and learners from all over the world contributing content, it will get easier and easier to find the presentation a learner needs to say, "I get it."


The library resources are available for free to anyone at any time, learners are able to learn when they are most ready to do so.


For practitioners, the available videos can be used in the classroom to generate discussion, or even when planning lessons to generate ideas.


Subject areas include...

- Careers
- Health and Fitness
- History and Culture
- Inspiration and Creativity
- Literature and Writing
- Maths
- Performing Arts
- Science
- Technology
- Visual Arts
- World Languages

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Sworkit | technologies |

Sworkit takes all the work of planning a circuit training workout away. It randomly generates a workout for users.



-set the total workout time from five up to 60 minutes.

- choose the type of workout they require e.g. upper body, lower body, core strength, stretching and even some yoga sequences.

-once choosen Sworkit starts a timer with the exercises changing every 30 seconds.  


If users dont like any exercise, they can click the skip button to move on.


NOTE: 1: users can always visit the mobile version at

2: the JiTTs (Just in Time Tutorials) accessed via the Exercises Tab are a must for Sworkit users.

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Bikehub | technologies |
* is a joint initiative of the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders via the Bike Hub levy scheme;
* hosts a number of resources for learning providers including...
o Health & Fitness;
o Bike to Work;
o Family Cycling and
o Advocasy.
* includes a Cycle Route Finder that allows users to put in both Start and Destination and then provides an opportunity to select one of the following options...
o Fastest route;
o Balanced route; or
o Quietest route
The video clips hosted on BikeHub also provide a useful resource for learning providers.
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