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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Create your original resume online for free. | Kickresume

Create your original resume online for free. | Kickresume | technologies |
Create your original resume online in minutes! Simply fill in your details and download beautiful resume in PDF for FREE.
John Dalziel's insight:

Kickresume will help learners, and/or practitioners, create a CV in the simplest way in no time.
It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up a resume.

   - choose a design you like,
   - fill in the information about yourself, or
   - import data from your LinkedIn profile, then
   - Save it
...and you’re good to go.

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Skills for Life Network

Skills for Life Network | technologies |
A web resource for Skills for Life professionals, providing weekly updates on Skills for Life issues, jobs, news, resources and events.
John Dalziel's insight:

A must visit for Functional Skills Practitioners; providing news and information resource for everyone with an interest in learning and skills: Skills for Life, Functional Skills, Foundation Learning, Employability Skills, ESOL, Apprenticeships, NVQ's, Advice and Guidance, Professional Development.

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SkillPages | technologies |

SkillPages enables your learners and/or colleagues to get found by anyone anywhere searching for their skill(s).


By demonstrating and sharing theirr skills, expertise or talents on SkillPages.


Talent is no longer restricted by geography.


Telecommuting makes it possible to hire anyone from any part of the globe as long as they have the skills and they are available.


HR departments use every available resource to find the right talent for their organization and SkillPages is a resource, with three million members around the world offering their talent, that IAG practitioners should take a closer look at.

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Moving On

Moving On | technologies |
I'm not sure what made me revisit the BT Resources but I'm glad I did.

Moving On is a free interactive resource from the BT Learning and Skills programme. Designed to help users to learn...

* more about themselves;
* the skills they need in life and work; and
* how best to develop and demonstrate these when they...
o identify jobs that are a good match for their...
+ personality,
+ interests and
+ skills; and
o apply for jobs.

This is done using a mixture of...

* videos;
* online animations; and
* activities.
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Asda Hourly | Interactive Store and Depot

Asda Hourly | Interactive Store and Depot | technologies |
What's it like to work in a superstore?
Asda have produced three interactive resources...
* an interactive Store; users move their mouse over different areas of the store to discover more and/or double-click on each area to see a full 360 in-store view.
* an interactive Depot; again users move their mouse over different areas of the depot to discover more and/or double-click on each area to see a full 360 in-depot view. and
* an interactive Team Huddle; to find out employees get up to users simply roll their mouse over the huddle and click on each person to find out who they are and what they do.
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Create free websites - SnackWebsites

Create free websites - SnackWebsites | technologies |
Create free websites, really easy! Free & easy to set up. Especially developed to work on all mobile devices. No ads.
John Dalziel's insight:

SnackWebsites Mobile Website Builder is a free to use online web service that lets users create mobile websites.
Today nearly every learner has a smartphone. And learners make full use of their smartphones by using the Internet on them.

This makes it very easy for learning providers, or individual practitioners, to quickly show their learners, their online files that are mobile-compatible.
This can be a great advantage for tutorials, distance learning etc.

Mobile sharing is also beneficial for learners that have portfolios online.
Creating online portfolios of work will not do them any good if the web service they use is not mobile-friendly.
When users start creating a website, they can select which category it falls in; covered categories include...
- personal,
- portfolio,
- community,
- blog,
- product,
- band,
- event,
...and lots more.
Users can also select a template from the various visually appealing options.
The site even gives users numerous extension options to customize the overall URL of the resulting website.
A possible addition to employability courses and/or for community courses e.g. websites for self-employed, community groups, sports clubs, the list goes on.

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Education for Employability (MLD)

These resources, from Northern Ireland Curriculum, has some resources targeting learners with Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD).


The five pdf resources, Education for Employability (MLD), include...
- Introduction Education for Employability
- Unit 1 About Me and Work
- Unit 2 Opportunities
- Unit 3 Self-Employment and Social Responsibility
- Unit 4 Transition - Preparation for Post-16

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CKUK :: home

CKUK :: home | technologies |

CKUK is ideal for practitioners who teach IT to students with learning difficulties.

CKUK's website provides...

     - CK Click - An Online Magazine;
     - CK SexTalk - Sex & Relationships;
     - CK Respect - Bullying & Hate Crime;
     - CK Works - Self employment Information;
     - CK Grows - Gardening Skills;
     - CK Pose - Drama & the Arts;
     - CK Learn - Learning & Games and more...


Take a look at CKActive for daytime activities.

CKUK provides accessible and interactive information and online learning that can be understood by everyone.

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Intervue | technologies |

* is a new website I have been evaluating recently;
* is another website that is based around the use of webcams;
* enables users to create questionnaires and then get the recipients of the questionnaire to leave video recorded answers.
The site is very easy to use...
* Register;
* go to 'My Dashboard';
* click on 'Create New' to start a questionnaire;
* click on 'Edit title' so that you can give your questionnaire a name;
* decide on...
o the levels of privacy you want for the questionnaire;
o whether you want people to be able to leave anonymous answers or add comments to the answers;
* type in a question;
* give more explanation below the question if you think that makes it clearer;
* add as many questions as you want;

Once you have added all your questions...
* click on 'Share' or 'Invite' to either get a URL for your questionnaire or to email it to specific people.

Once people receive the questionnaire they...
* click on the questions;
* record answers using a webcam.
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