After users import a YouTube video they own, they...
- play the video
- add captions as needed
- export the captions
- upload to YouTube.


By using Capture Tube, a free service, Learning Providers can now provide transcripts of videos they share with others and, if required, in different languages.


Practitioners can use CaptionTube to transcribe videos they share with their learners or the task could be given as an assignment for learners to work on. e.g. learners can be given a video and be told to use Capture Tube to caption it.


Why is it better than watching YouTube and editing my captions in a text editor?


CaptionTube provides improved precision with a scaleable timeline. You can also make changes to captions and preview them immediately. It also allows you to create multiple language tracks.


Capture Tube can also be used to illustrate tutorials and promote understanding of video content. The process isn't complicated and does not require any advanced technical skills.