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Pause For Later (Beta) - Home

Pause For Later (Beta) - Home | technologies |

With the increased use of video clips, vidcasts, webinars etc., and their use in the "flipped classroom" / "flipped cpd", Pause for Later has to be a tool both practitioners and learners will find usefull.


We must all have been engaged in a video but then need to...

- catch a bus

- drive into work, college, a meeting, a class etc.

- do errands and the list goes on...

...forgetting about the video you've had been watching and/or where you had got to in the clip.


Practitioners may well want their learners to continue watching a clip, started in a face to face session, in another environment - e.g. at home, in the LRC etc. The same problems are faced, what clip, where had we got to etc. has a solution so users can pick up that video right where "they" left off.


Just download the extensions or install the bookmarklet for your browser.


PS They are working to add more features, as well as building an iPhone app.

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Scooped by John Dalziel!

cc:to me

cc:to me | technologies |

CC:to me is one of those bookmarklets that "makes my head hurt"; there are so many things practitioners and their learners can do with it.


Why wasn't an idea as simple as this implemented earlier.


As its name suggests, it allows users to...
- email stuff to themself via a bookmarklet;
- drag and drop text, images, videos and more from the web onto it;


cc:to me then emails them all flawlessly along with the link.


Currently free (sign up needed); pro accounts (coming soon) will bring goodies like multiple recipients (ideal for collaborative work) and more.

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