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GCSE revision and A level revision | S-cool, the revision website

GCSE revision and A level revision | S-cool, the revision website | technologies |
S-cool Revision is the UK’s leading FREE revision website. We provide high quality A Level and GCSE revision guides, revision questions and revision notes to over 3 million students a year!
John Dalziel's insight:

Does what it says! This site is idealfor learners preparing for assessments and or revisiting workcovered to refresh memories, practice, prepare etc.

MCS Learning Support's curator insight, November 4, 2013 6:55 AM

A free revision site that may help with particular topics.

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Math Quiz

Math Quiz | technologies |

Maths practitioners should take a look at Math Quiz, an online bank of maths tests for learners.


There are 4 levels of test...

- GCSE mathematics,
- A-Level mathematics,
- Foundation for University mathematics and
- University level mathematics.


The questions are multiple choice, usually 10 questions per test. Once the test is complete the system gives instant feedback to the user.


Users need to register with the site to get the full functionality.


If users want to just check the site out they can access some cut-down quizzes without registering.


Best in Firefox browsers rather than Internet Explorer.

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Scooped by John Dalziel!

The Faculties

The Faculties | technologies |

The Faculties are a new, free educational resource especially for those A-level students thinking about applying to University.


The website provides short films of university lecturers speaking on topics drawn from the A-level curriculum in Maths, English, Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and History. There are currently over 300 podcasts on the site, with more to follow.


The aim of The Faculties website is to encourage deeper learning, stretch and inspire learners and help them make a successful transition to university.


On 'The Faculties', the recordings are specially designed for the A-level classroom. All the topics have been provided by the major exam boards and by teachers and so consequently, they are more directly relevant to the A-level curriculum.


Videos are hosted directly on the site, and not pulled in from YouTube which should avoid filtering issues in some learning environments.


Videos can be downloaded, but only on request.


Videos can still be embedded into VLE’s etc, and linked to directly.

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