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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Teachers Definitive Guide To Google Search Skills

Teachers Definitive Guide To Google Search Skills | technologies |

21st century education is about cultivating important skills such as critical thinking and digital skills.


There is now much more knowledge online than you would find in all libraries of the world taken together.


To tap into the potential of this vast repertoire of online resources, our learners need instruction on how to effectively use web search techniques to search for academic sources.


Practitioners need to teach them how to be independent learners.


Google Search Education has all the materials practitioners need to help their learners become skilled searchers, whether they are just starting out with search or ready for advanced training. (Flipped Classroom approach may be the answer to getting them all up to speed)


This post looks at...

- Lesson Plans; and

- Live Trainings;

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IITs and IISc elearning Courses in Engineering and Science under NPTEL

The NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) Website, like their peer institutions in the USA, are making a point of putting free courses on the internet.


There are 268 courses, providing anyone with an internet connection access to 10,000+ video lectures.


Courses are bias heavily toward science and technology – Introduction to Basic Electronics, High Performance Computer Architecture, Space Flight Mechanics, Steel Making, etc.


The NPTEL website allows visitors to download videos straight to their computer.


Another resource learners and practitioners should take a closer look at.

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WizIQ | technologies |

WizIQ have announced that they are now giving out free 1 year accounts to those who have an email account that is associated with an education domain. ( being one such domain)


This provides an opportunity...

- to connect face to face with learners, anywhere in the world
- run a complete online learning programme


WizIQ is a good platform for...
- creating virtual classrooms and teaching online.
- practitioners to toggle between showing their screen, showing their slides, using their webcam etc.


The built-in chatroom makes it easy to get an active back-channel going.


For individuals or learning providers looking for a platform to use...
- to teach a full course
- as a place to host some online tutoring sessions,
...WizIQ's free accounts could be just what you need.


This may also be an opportunity to try a supported  "Flipped Classroom" approach

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Rare Book Room

Rare Book Room | technologies |

A virtual library that allows users to not only view but read hundreds of rare and historical copies of books, from Adret to Young.

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The prices of electronic components like capacitors, transistors, and opamps. are not fixed and each supplier has its own prices.


If Learning Providers are going to buy large quantities of these products, they are going to go with the cheapest price and try saving as much as money as possible.


OEMSecrets is a search engine to help find the supplier that offers the cheapest price for electronic components.

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Chrome Remote Desktop app

The Chrome Remote Desktop app has the potential to aid assessers and on-line practitioners engage with their learners when they need support when trying to accomplish tasks on their computers; I've no doubt there are many other uses.


Using the Chrome Remote Desktop App (still in beta) Learners can grant access to their computer to practitioners, who also has the Chrome Remote Desktop App installed.


If individuals want to share their desktop,they just click "share now" and Chrome Remote Desktop will generate an access code to give to the person who will access their computer.


Obviously all parties will need Google Chrome and the app.


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Forensic Firsts

Forensic Firsts | technologies |
It's harder and harder to get away with murder. Today, detectives are convicting more criminals than ever before, thanks to forensic science. Fingerprints, bones, even insects are now forms of indisputable evidence, but that wasn't always the case.


Forensic Firsts...

- examines (sometimes in gruesome detail) how science can be used to solve crime mysteries;

- game asks players to try to catch a serial murderer on the loose. The murderer can be caught by generating leads, correctly following up on leads, and correctly analyzing evidence.

- could be a good activity for learners studying criminal justice and orsimilar courses.

Taylah Mancey's curator insight, March 24, 2:34 AM

This tv show is what interests me, i enjoy watching these and seeing how science has solved cases.

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Skills Workshop

Skills Workshop | technologies |

Looking for...

- Literacy;

- Numeracy;

- Pre-Entry;


- ICT;

- General; and/or

- Contextual 

...Functional Skills Resources?


Well Skills Workshop may wellbe what you are looking for.


1500+ Free resources and,although most are pdf (paper) based, digitising them would be fairly straight forward. Well worth a closerlook.

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Three tips for rounding Excel time values | TechRepublic

Three tips for rounding Excel time values | TechRepublic | technologies |
Summing Excel date and time values is easy; rounding requires a bit of function help.


This CPD for Excel users looks at Excelfrom an Administrators point of view, concentrating on payroll, timesheets etc. including...





Excel worksheets for these tips are also available

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szoter - online annotation tool


- is a free online tool for annotating images that are stored on a computer.

- can be used to capture and annotate screenshots.

- can be used on the web or downloaded as an Adobe Air version to run on your desktop.


Upload images, draw and/or type on them.

When finished, users can save them to their local computer or share them online through social networks. 

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5 Ways to Read Your Favourite Website(s) Offline

5 Ways to Read Your Favourite Website(s) Offline | technologies |

Many practitioners and their learners are on the move, and in the process of travelling, they often can't get Wi-Fi connections or 3G.


They definitely won’t be able to access any website from their mobile, tablet or laptop.


This post looks at one potential answer, making materials accessible even when users are offline.


This quick guide, looks at 5 ways users can access webpages offline...

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Active Presenter

Active Presenter | technologies |

ActivePresenter's free edition can do practically everything that the Standard and Pro edition can do; the only difference is that the commercial editions can export to a few more formats.


For most practical purposes, the free edition is more than satisfactory.


What does it do?


ActivePresenter allows users to screen capture, cut, slice, join, draw, annotate and do all kinds of editing that is required to produce engaging tutorials and/or demonstrations without touching any other video editing software.


Mouse clicks, cursor path and movement, keyboard key presses, drag and drop actions, and more, can all be shown; the editing library lets users add texts, graphics, pre-built shapes such as arrows, circles etc., spotlights, zoom-in and zoom-out, slide transitions, and other embellishments.


Record audio from a microphone or add an audio track from file.


Add closed captions/subtitles, and yes ActivePresenter has an image editor included as well.


Got to be worth a closer look!

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Boundless - The Free Textbook Replacement

Boundless - The Free Textbook Replacement | technologies |

Boundless has launched the public beta version of its brand new site.


Boundless is...

- iPad-friendly and works on laptops;

- a way to turn open source information into a simple easy-to-use digital textbook;

- is free;

- generates digital resources for users based on the textbook practitioners and/or learners would normally use in their course(s).


Users can still use the printed textbook and use Boundless as a free digital supplement.


The new Boundless UI has an instant search feature built into it  and the digital textbooks have no expiration date. They’re not rentals or anything that would cost you money since it’s all open source.

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SoundCloud - Share Your Sounds

Create, record and share the sounds recorded, with peers, practitioners etc., with SoundCloud, the world's largest community of sound creators.


Sound Cloud has many uses including languages courses.


Learners can record spoken tracks on Sound Cloud and share them their practitioner/teacher/assessor.


The practitioner/teacher/assessor uses the comment feature to provide feedback that is tied directly to each learner's recording.


The comments can be tied to the exact second at which a practitioner/teacher/assessor wishes to provide formative feedback.


Note:SoundCloud allows users to have up to two hours of recordings stored in their account at one time. After that they will need to either delete old recordings or upgrade to a paid plan.

Kulyias Swiney's curator insight, June 19, 9:05 PM

Sound cloud has changed the game by giving independent artists a platform to share their creativity. 

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When installed on a Learning Provider's website SpeakPipe provides a good way for stakeholders, prospects, etc., to leave voicemail messages without picking up a phone.


SpeakPipe messages can be downloaded to a computer so if practitioners need a simple way for learners to record their voices for use in a multimedia project, SpeakPipe might be handy to have on a VLE/classroom blog/web presence.


Note: with SpeakPipe installed anyone can click on the "send voicemail" button and leave a message.
- When a visitor clicks the "leave voicemail" button they will be prompted to allow access to their computer.
- the visitor can start recording a message for you.
- Visitors can, but don't have to, enter their names and email addresses for you.


Learning Providers can listen to and download the messages left for them in your SpeakPipe inbox.


Find out more at

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Transcribe is a free online tool to help users with transcription of interviews and/or other audio files easily.


Like most tool, the more you use them the easier it gets - Transcribe helps users transcribe audio without alternating between an audio player and a text editor.


Transcribe can be used in many ways to enhance current education practice as well as, a tool to assess/practice audio typing.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! | technologies |

A tool that may help Learners and/or Practitioners organize and manage their tasks.


Create TO-Do lists, update them, change their order and or priorities.


The Standard Account is FREE  but has only one board with a max of 10 tasks per board (There is also advertising)

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StrumSchool | technologies |

StrumSchool -  The place to find an organized curriculum of FREE instructional video and text tutorials that teach the fundamentals needed to learn to play any genre of music on the guitar.


The video tutorials are carried out by a guitar professional with a friendly tone and comfortable manner.


Learners will find the StrumSchool “Vocab” section, describing commonly used guitar-playing terms, such as distortion, dirt tone, and crunch, useful,along with the motivational articles available in the StrumSchool’s “Inspiration” section.


Ideal Resources for a "Flipped Classroom" approach to guitar classes.

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Mobento - Search For What They Said

Mobento - Search For What They Said | technologies |

Mobento is one of many places where practitioners can find educational videos.


Mobento difference?


Users can search for spoken words within a video.



- tells users which videos have specific words spoken in them;

- shows a timeline of where in the video the specified words are spoken.


Mobento has potential to be a great service for finding educational video clips, addressing specific terms users are searching for. 

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PowToon | technologies |

PowToon is a brand new presentation tool that allows you to create animated presentations and cartoon style videos just by dragging and dropping.


An ideal tool for learners to develop visual communication skills.


The possibilities are endless, Learners can use PowToon to...
- share ideas;
- explain complex concepts;
- reflect on their learning;
- teach peers;
- explain processes;
- present their research.

...and they will will come up with hundreds of other creative uses.


Practitioners will find PowToon a great way to create animations for learners; presenting new information and/or ideas.


Note: Take time to work through the PowToon Interactive Tour and How to Create series before creating any animations.

Mike Deets's curator insight, January 28, 2013 9:43 PM

This will change advertising for business

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Quick Currency Converter & Exchange Rate Calculator

You'll find a simple currency converter, a multi-currency converter, current live exchange rates, historical exchange rates, and an encyclopedia that will educate you on all of the different types of currency used around the world.


A resource for Functional Maths - Money; Preparing learners for the realworld.


Preparing learners for when they travel abroad, work or holidays, and/or purchase items on the internet from other countries. There are many real-life situations when there is a need to convert money into other currencies.


Currency Converter is an on-line tool that provides information on currencies and the updated exchange rates.

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Dictation - Online Speech Recognition

Dictation is a free online speech recognition software powered by Google Chrome.


The voice recognition in Online Dictation is good, including built in microphones on laptops.


Dictation can be activated with a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+.(fullstop) Alternatively, the user can click on a picture of a microphone.

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Knowmia | technologies |


- offers a collection of curated videos that have been vetted by teachers for quality and accuracy;

- has launched with 7,000 videos organized under the main headings of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology, and World Languages.


Users are encouraged to contribute so I expect that the collection will grow rapidly.


Most of the content is drawn from Youtube and Vimeo.


There is also a free iPad app, with effective tutorial support, that appears to be a powerful and extremely flexible tool for creating video lessons for upload to knowmia’s collection (Requires iOS 5.0 or later). Hopefully, an Android option will be available soon.

Melissa Marshall's curator insight, December 16, 2014 8:38 PM

Lots of great content on Knowmia but do keep in mind that it is a subscription service. 

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Irregular Verb Wheel Game

The Irregular Verb Wheel Game is fun to play and could be a fun way for learners to practice identifying the irregular forms of commonly-used verbs.


Played by spinning the wheel then identifying the past, present, and future tenses of the word that the wheel stops on.


Players earn points for correctly identifying each form of the verb in the time allotted.

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Upverter | technologies |

Here is one for engineering/electronics learners looking for applications that let them create electronic circuit diagrams and schematics.


Upverter offers users a wide variety of electrical components including opamps, relays, antennas, power supplies, microcontrollers, and a lot more.


They can use either generic components or real part models. Each real part model is accompanied by details such as pin labels. 


Users can download the schematic files for their project to use with a PCB creation program or simply to get the circuit’s image file in the PNG file format.


Upverter offers a free account that lets users have unlimited public projects and up to three private projects.

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