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technologies | technologies |

Do learners find themself forgetting homework assignments?


Well that is obviously not good for their grades.


With myHomework, there is a small yearly charge, that will not be a problem anymore.


myHomework will help learners keep track of their assignments.


Find out more at ;


- Track classes, assignments, tests & more!
- Sync between the website and iOS or Android devices.
- Receive due date reminders.

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BBC News - In Pictures

BBC News - In Pictures | technologies |

BBC News In Pictures: News stories and topical issues using the most striking images from around the world.


The Day in Pictures collections are part of a much larger resource from the BBC simply called In Pictures.


The In Pictures resource provides hundreds of images in a variety collections and slideshows about current events throughout the world.


Day in Pictures pictures can be used as conversation starters for current events discussions and/or supplementary material for learners to use in presentations about current events.


Images from the In Pictures collections are also helpful for providing, visual learners, visual connections to and context for a story.

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The Crochet Crowd - YouTube

The Crochet Crowd - YouTube | technologies |

Video resources for Crochet Practitioners.


Michael Sellick’s learner’s-paced tutorials may be ideal resources to support learners.


The Crochet Crowd channel features 100's of Free Tutorials covering a wide span of projects, including flowers, scarves, and baby clothes.

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Typing Speed Monitor

Typing Speed Monitor | technologies |

There are plenty of online programs that learners can use to practice typing skills, test their typing speed, and test their typing accuracy.


They don't however evaluate typing skills while users are going about their daily web browsing or word processing activities.


Typing Speed Monitor is a Google Chrome extension that will track how fast users type and what keys they use most frequently.


If users do a lot of writing online, Typing Speed Monitor is one way to get accurate feedback on their typing proficiency in real-world settings.


Typing Speed Monitor could be a good way to find out how well learners actually type in realistic scenarios - as part of their ICT functional skills.

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Google Sites for Teachers 2012

A guide/How-to/Tutorial for new Google Sites users by Richard Byrne.


Google Sites for Teachers was designed as a guide for new users of Google Sites.

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QuicklyChat: Push-to-talk video chats for coworkers.

QuicklyChat: Push-to-talk video chats for coworkers. | technologies |

With QuicklyChat, users can instantly start up conversations as if they are standing shoulder-to-shoulder.


QuicklyChat is a simple chat program which, based on your availability, automatically answers any incoming calls.


The application controls a user availability status by looking at which programs are currently running.


This way, users can still get work done and not be interrupted (or interrupt anyone else who’s doing the same).

When done, they simply hang up.


FREE while in Beta - Available for Windows and Mac OS X; Based on Adobe Air; Extremely simple.

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Word: Create a Custom Bullet | a Tech-Recipes Tutorial

Word: Create a Custom Bullet | a Tech-Recipes Tutorial | technologies |

Using bullets is a great way to present a list in a document. However, the bullets which come with Microsoft Word are pretty limited.


This How-to shows users how to create/import a custom bullet.

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Text-to-Speech on iOS

Text-to-Speech on iOS | technologies |

We’ve come a long way from reading from print sources. No longer are we confined to reading magazines, newspapers and books that we must first get from a shop.


As a result of the latest update of iOS, users can activate the 'Text-to-Speech' function to read out highlighted text.


This cpd/how-to helps users activate Text-to-Speech. Note it works for all documents on any iOS device.

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Create Custom Personalized Maps in Google Maps

Create Custom Personalized Maps in Google Maps | technologies |

How to Create Custom Personalized Maps in Google Maps [Video] -cpd


Custom maps have been around for some time, you may have forgotten about it or it may all be new.


Either way this cpd video shows users how to create their own custom maps. 


Note: ‘My Maps’ mentioned in the video, is now referred to as ‘My Places’ in Google Maps.

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Discovery Space / Shakespeare's Globe

Discovery Space / Shakespeare's Globe | technologies |

Discovery Space is a new section of the Globe Education website.


Discovery Space offers insights into...

- rehearsing,

- producing and

- staging productions Shakespeare’s Globe.


There are also...

- interviews with actors,

- an archive of past productions,

- information for learners

- teachers’ notes on school set works,

- academic papers

- links to further information sources.


A great resource for drama practitioners and those who use Shakespeare’s work in their learning environments.

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Presentista - Presentations Remixed

PowerPoint may be the industry standard for presentations, it does not mean it’s not worth looking around for something that can make presentations stand out above the rest.


Presentista is a new way to create presentations, and it works right from a users web browser.


When users are creating in Presentista, everything is on one screen. Add content and create a flow, which are akin to slides.


Links in the flow are how Presentista determines which section to jump to next.


Like any presentation, users can include...

- text and graphics;

- YouTube videos,

- Google Images and

- photos from Flickr. 

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4 Tools to Compare the True Size of Maps - Instant Fundas

4 Tools to Compare the True Size of Maps - Instant Fundas | technologies |

Maps are intrinsically inaccurate. It is impossible to accurately represent the surface of the earth on a piece of paper because the earth is spherical while a map is flat.


This post looks at...

- OverlayMaps that lets the user compare the sizes of different countries, states/provinces, lakes/rivers and other landmarks around the world.

- MapFight another map comparison tool that lets users compare countries and continents against each other. It also tells you how big or small the compared regions are using figures.

- MAPfrappe is a similar tool but with the advantage that you can actually define your own area to compare.; and

- BBC Dimensions an excellent size comparison tool.

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Pecha Kucha presentations with Google Apps:

Pecha Kucha presentations with Google Apps: | technologies |

The Pecha Kucha presentation format can be a great way, for both practitioners and learners to provide an overview of a topic and/or focus their delivery.


Pecha Kucha presentations consist of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each.


This tends to produce a high-energy, fast-paced presentation.


The format forces presenters to leave out the parts of their presentation that listeners wish you would skip.

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Switch Access to iPods/iPads Expands

Switch Access to iPods/iPads Expands | technologies |

Several companies have announced new ways for those with physical or multiple disabilities to access the iPod and iPad.


This post provides a list of what is currently on offer in the market as of 11 July 2012.

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A Model Recommends - YouTube

A Model Recommends - YouTube | technologies |
Beauty and style videos from British fashion model Ruth Crilly.


British fashion model Ruth Crilly sets out on her channel to provide informed suggestions about beauty, style, and even healthy recipe ideas!


Potential resources for Health & Beauty Learners and Practitioners.

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MasqueradeMakeup's channel - YouTube

MasqueradeMakeup's channel - YouTube | technologies |

Looking for resources for Makeup Tutorials?


These Celebrity Makeup Tutorials - Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne... - from Masquerade Makeup may be useful for teaching & learning and/or as examples/ideas for learners to produce their own Makeup Tutorial video clips.



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Split Screen

Split Screen | technologies |

Another add-on for Google Chrome that can facilitate learning!


Research is integral to many learning activities, and this Chrome browser extension is a powerful research tool.


Split Screen splits the browser into multiple re-sizable windows.


By default there are two windows...

- the window on the left opening as a simple notepad for taking notes; and

- whatever website users choose to open on the right side of the screen.


Alternatively, Split Screen can be set so that only web sites open, perhaps to make comparisons or to research from multiple sources.


Splitting the screen horizontally, this is also an option. A single verticle window may even be split horizontally.


Options can be selected and set in the normal way, via a right-click on the icon and selecting “Options”.


Another excellent reason for using Google Chrome! 

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SoundGecko | technologies |

SoundGecko is a service that let’s users listen to any article on the web, on the go, anywhere.


Many learners/practitioners etc., commute to their learning environment and back every day, spending up to 40 minutes or more on the bus/train etc.


SoundGecko provides an easier way to catch up/keep up with web content, without squinting at the tiny text on their mobile - they just listen.


There’s three different ways of sending articles to SoundGecko: website, email or a browser (Chrome) plugin.


In a matter of seconds, SoundGecko will send users an email with a link to the MP3 file that they can listen to, on any device.


Users can do all of this for free, without downloading an app and without registration.


If users do register, they get to use the iPhone app and also Google Drive/Dropbox sync that lets them listen to all your articles easily. 

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Sleep Preventer 1.3 - Windows

Sleep Preventer 1.3 - Windows | technologies |

You will know how annoying it is when, in the middle of a presentation or showing a video clip, the computer goes to sleep or hibernates because it has been inactive for a while.


SleepPreventer is a simple piece of software that can help prevent a PC from going to sleep or hibernating, no matter how long you leave it inactive for.


It also prevents a PC from dimming the display and/or starting the screensaver. 


Once installed, click on the “Prevent Sleep” icon, it overrides whatever default settings your PC may have.


Choose it to prevent sleep for a specific period of time like 5 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or for infinity.


SleepPreventer is dead simple to use and can be really useful for watching movies, doing presentations or other stuff where your PC remains idle for a long time.

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Virtual Stock Exchange Games (VSE) -

Virtual Stock Exchange Games (VSE) - | technologies |

The Virtual Stock Exchange Game at MarketWatch, based upon Wall Street, offers a challenging interactive experience that is completely free and online.


Create fictional portfolios of investments watch values go up and down as it would in a real stock market.


Investing success is not guaranteed, and thus assessments cannot be tied to the amount of fictional money learners make or lose. The activity should also have a long time horizon – a month at least, a term or year ideally – so learners experience the market’s fluctuations.


Everyone needs to know the basics like what a stock is and how companies sell their stock to the public. A collection of videos that explains these and many other concepts can be found at Investopedia. < >;


I recommend giving 'players' a relatively small amount of money like 10,000 and choosing the normal version of the game that does not allow certain aggressive financial maneuvers. There is also an option to keep the game private and password protected.

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WikiTouch | technologies |

For those who like using a Wiki and have iPhones etc., this is for you...


WikiTouch puts a wiki on the iPhone.


Will Kelly provides this post on how to create a mobile wiki.


Synchronisation acrosss multiple iPhones, iPads, PCs and the cloud makes this application another tool Assessors/Verifiers etc. may consider.


Learners, many of whom are glued to their phones, will also find WikiTouch a useful tool especially as they can export their notes/coursework etc., as Adobe PDF files, without needing another app (and it's all FREE)

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What Type of Learner Are You? [Infographic]

What Type of Learner Are You? [Infographic] | technologies |

As practitioners will already know, the way that one learner studies may differ from the way that a classmate does, because of their different styles of learning.


The four types are...

- visual learners,
- auditory learners,
- read and write learners, and
- kinesthetics learners.


Each function is clearly illustrated and explained in this infographic produced by


Learning suggestions, and which tests the learner types are likely to excel in better than others, are provided.


This is a helpful guide for...

- IAG Practitioners

- Learners

- Initial Teacher Training

- educators, especially those who are adamant that there is only one way to revise.

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10 Tips For Learners returning to the FE and Skills Sector (Adult Learners)

10 Tips For Learners returning to the FE and Skills Sector (Adult Learners) | technologies |

The actual title for this IAG post is...

"10 Tips For Students Going Back To School At Any Age"


The post (aimed at USA Learners) offers sound advice, that can be adapted for the UK FE & Skills Sector, for older learners.


Information, Advice & Guidance practitioners may well find this post useful.

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TeamViewer | technologies |

Share your Whiteboard Screen on Learner iPads/Androids with TeamViewer.


Basically a practitioner installs the free TeamViewer client on their computer and starts a meeting. Learners runs the free TeamViewer for Meeting app on their iPad/Android and then enters the meeting room code the Practitioner gives them. They can see the computer screen, and zoom and pan around it. But importantly, not interfere with what the practitioner is doing.


Great potential for WBL learners etc.

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ecDB - electronics component DataBase

ecDB, short for Electronic Component Database is an online website that every mechanic and electrical engineering learner/practitioner will like.



- allows users to keep their electronic inventory organized,

- gives users the option to keep a track of...

- the items they currently own

- the items required for different projects.


Items can be further organized into different categories allowing users to filter them and sort them accordingly.

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