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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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RealtimeBoard | technologies |

Realtime Board is a tool for hosting online, collaborative brainstorming sessions.


Realtime Board provides a blank grid on which users can...
- type;
- draw;
- post pictures;
- connect elements (on the boards) via a simple linking tool.


Created boards can be shared publicly or privately.


To help users communicate, Realtime Board has a chat function built into every board.


Use Realtime Board...
- by creating an account on the site;OR
- by signing in with your Google or Facebook account.


Another tool for practitioners and/or learners to enhance collaboration.

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∩pside Down ∀cademy

∩pside Down ∀cademy | technologies |

"The best way to learn is to try and teach."


For thousands of years, people have known that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else.


“While we teach, we learn,” Seneca (Roman philosopher)


The Upside Down Academy is bringing this ancient wisdom up to date, by designing innovative ways for learners to engage in instruction.


Learners enlisted to tutor others work harder to...
- understand the material,
- recall it more accurately and
- apply it more effectively.


In what scientists have dubbed “the protégé effect,” these "student teachers" score higher on tests than learners who are learning only for their own sake.

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60 Second Adventures in Religion

60 Second Adventures in Religion | technologies |

Ever wondered why Karl Marx thought religion was like opium - or whether religion is possible without a god?

Voiced by David Mitchell, this series of four 60 second animations, by Learn with The Open University, examines different ways that religion has been viewed by non-religious thinkers.

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Pheed | technologies |

- is a new social media platform launched on August 10, 2012.
- offers the standard sharing features such as text, photos and videos,
- has added new stuff like voice-notes, audio clips and live-broadcasting.
- also gives users the option to apply a monthly subscription fee to their channel or setting a pay-per-view live broadcast event. In both cases, users select the pricing and earn directly.


Note: users can always share and hang out for free, it's up to them.


Is this an opportunity to set up an Educational Social Media Presence that learners are not using (yet)?


Follow me at ;

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Teachem | technologies |

Teachem is...
- a resource to flip a classroom and/or cpd.
- a new service that is using the TED Ed model of creating lessons based on video.


Practitioners can...
- build courses that are composed of a series of videos hosted on YouTube.
- write questions and comments in "flashcards" that are tied to specific parts of each video and display next to each video.


Learners can take notes while watching the videos using the Teachem SmartNote system.


When practitioners create a Teachem course they can make it...
- public: can be accessed by anyone that has address for the course, or
- private.

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Bullying Prevention: Video Playlist on YouTube

Hopefully these videos will provide some good 'starters' for discussion.


Bullying is a subject that's grown increasingly complex and troubling over the years: while in-person teasing and harassment has never flagged, new technologies have given rise to cyberbullying, which can be equally as damaging -- and even more public.


And sadly news of tragic consequences, stemming from cases of both kinds, spreads quickly through social media.


It's important that learning provider stakeholders are vigilant in encouraging learners to be empathetic, and to become "upstanders" rather than bystanders.


This collection of video clips have some positive messages to share with learners, and some tools for fighting back against bullying.


View this Bullying Prevention: Video Playlist on YouTube.

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Metric Conversion

Metric Conversion | technologies |

Metric Conversion calculators, tables and formulas for temperature, length, area, volume and weight metric conversions.


Ideal for Functional Maths, STEM subjects and more.

Melanie Cagle's curator insight, May 3, 12:45 AM

A little something for our QualiCal Online School Students!


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7 Keyboard Shortcuts Users Keep Hitting By Mistake

7 Keyboard Shortcuts Users Keep Hitting By Mistake | technologies |

It happens even to the most experienced of users: the accidental keyboard shortcuts.


No matter how often you use your computer, weird things can start happening when users are in a rush, and/or when they lean on their keyboard etc.


Many learners and practitioners encounter weird problems that they are not sure how to fix, mainly because they are not sure how it happened.


This post looks at some of the things you may...
- have already experienced
- experience in the future


The content should ensure users will be prepared and know what to do, and more importantly, how it happened!

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Creative Commons licensing makes many photographs available for re-use that learners and practitioners otherwise could not use.


However for many of us, citing Creative Commons licensed works can sometimes be a confusing, multistep process.


ImageCodr aims to make that process easier by generating properly formatted Creative Commons attributions for images that users find on Flickr.


Once an image has been found on Flickr...
- paste its URL into the ImageCodr code generator
- a properly formatted image code with Creative Commons attribution is produced.


- is a good tool for learners to use when they're adding images to any web presence. I
- gives learners all of the code and attributions necessary for using a Creative Commons image found on Flickr in their web posts.

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CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon

CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon | technologies |

To find Creative Commons licensed images, to use in teaching and learning...
- visit CAPL,

- click browse,

- select language to search for images that represent common words in that language.


The CAPL (Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon) galleries could be helpful in locating images for practitioners to use in developing their own language learning activities and/or helping learners create language learning games.

CAPL now supports thirteen languages.

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HTML Map, CSS Map, Image Map Creator

HTML Map, CSS Map, Image Map Creator | technologies |
Create your HTML Map / CSS Map code easily with this free online tool!


HTML Map Creator is a free to use web service that lets users add multiple links to an web-based image.

- Enter the URL of the image.
- draw a rectangular region on the image; it can be resized later.


Note: The region dictates the clickable area.


- assign a link and an alternative link (Pop-up Text - onmouse-over) to this area;
- specify where link is tobe opened.


When finished users get an HTML map code and a CSS map code that can be coppied and use on their website.

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Facebook Help Center | Facebook

Facebook Help Center | Facebook | technologies |
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.


Facebook has announced a redesign for its Help Center.


The new Help Center is designed to “get users the information they need in just a few clicks”, and is even personalised according to things users may need help with.


Six new major topics are provided to help start browsing; these include...

- a “See what’s new on Facebook” category, where you can read about Facebook’s newest features.


Scroll further down, and users will find a list of “Top Questions”.


On the left of the webpage users will find the new simplified navigation interface, where they can start searching for any issues if the six major topics don't fit.

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The Code Side Of Color

The Code Side Of Color | technologies |
Pixels on back-lit screens are dark until lit by combinations of red, green, and blue. Hex numbers represent these combinations with a concise code.


Code Demands Precision


When web designers name a colour, they use the hexidecimal code.


Designers who understand how hex colours work can treat them as tools rather than mysteries.


This post helps learners understand how hex colour work and emphasises colour in code is "color" :-)

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Puzzles - The Puzzle School

Puzzles - The Puzzle School | technologies |

Puzzle School's goal is to foster a love of learning while educating learners.


Creating environments and products that teach through puzzle-like situations can make learning an enjoyable experience where learners often experience "Flow" as they take on harder and harder challenges.


To solve puzzles individuals, or groups, create theories or hypotheses about what will work and then test those hypotheses, learning from both successes and failures to form better hypotheses.


In order to develop hypotheses efficiently they need to look for patterns that will inform their hypotheses.


These pattern-matching skills are at the heart of our ability to communicate, be creative, problem-solve, empathize, and many other abilities that are enormously beneficial throughout life.


I particularly liked Refraction which many Functional Skills practitioners may want to take a closer look.

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Course Builder

Course Builder | technologies |

A Giant Leap, for many, into 21st Century Online Learning


Recently, Google gave away Open Course Builder providing even further disruption to the traditional notion of who gets to play teacher (anyone) and how many students can take a class for free (1 or 100,000).


If practitioners have the skills, they will be able to author and publish their own eLearning space using Open Course Builder.


However, if they don't know the difference between a .txt file and .jpg, they should choose a different learning management system (LMS) for now.


This may be an ideal tool for Peripatetic Practitioners, those looking at the "flipped" classroom approach, Assessors etc.

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Google Cultural Institute

Looking for a free and useful tool to help bring history to life? Google has it covered.


The Google Cultural Institute offers, learners & practitioners alike, a glimpse into key happenings from years past.


The horizontal-scrolling timeline view, on the Google Cultural Institute website, helps create a sense of time passing.


Users can zoom in to see photos in great detail and search through millions of items for a specific country, person, event or date.


The historical collections are the latest chapter in the work of the Google Cultural Institute, following the Art Project, World Wonders and the Nelson Mandela archives.


By working closely with museums, foundations and other archives around the world Google are making more cultural and historical material accessible online and by doing so preserving it for future generations.

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ruul. Screen ruler

ruul. Screen ruler | technologies |

A fantastically simple on-screen ruler for lining up and measuring type, line height, strokes and just about anything on the web.


Ruul is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome.


It enables Web designers to measure designs, that they find inspirational, in pixels.


Ruul lets users add an overlapping semi-transparent pixel measurements ruler onto the webpage they are viewing.


To add a ruler, users...
- click on the extension icon
- select the ruler colour they would like to use.
- align the ruler horizontally or vertically
- move it around one pixel at a time using the arrow keys on their keyboard.


Note: The mouse can also be used to click on the ruler and drag it.


To measure, users simply take down the reading from the ruler after placing it over the objects they want to measure.

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Blended Learning: Strategies for Engagement

Blended Learning: Strategies for Engagement | technologies |
There are methods and models for implementing blended learning -- from the flipped classroom, to the flex model.


This post looks at strategies practitioners can consider for 'Learner Engagement'

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Create Animation - Sketch Star

Sketch Star is a fantastic place where users can create animations and drawings, see them online and and share them with a community of fellow artists!


Sketch Star is a free to use web application that lets users create animations online.


The website provides a frame where users can drag many objects such as...
- characters,
- props, and
- accessories;


These items can be
- moved around,
- resized, and
- adjusted
...since their individual parts are usually movable.


Added characters have plenty of expressions to choose from. By adding new frames and objects users can create a complete animation online.


Completed animations are published on the Sketch Star website and can be shared via email or on online social networks.


Note: The Sketch Star website lets you publish a maximum of 100 animations per month and save a maximum of 200 projects per month.

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WikiBrains | technologies |

Wikibrains is website designed to help users brainstorm/blue-sky in a web format.


The difference? When users brainstorm/blue-sky on Wikibrains they're also performing a basic Internet search at the same time.


To create a brainstorm/blue-sky web on Wikibrains...
- enter a word or phrase.
- users will be prompted to add more words by completing the phrase, "Makes me think off..."
- add a new word or phrase which,in turn, will be added to the web.


As words are added, on the right side of the screen, users will see links to search results about each word.


Note: by creating a Wikibrains account users can alter their brainstorm/blue-sky webs by adding custom paths and links between elements.


Another perk is the option to browse other users' webs and modify them for your own use.

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Rutgers RIOT - Research Information Online Tutorial

The Rutgers' Riot research tutorial could be a good resource for introducing or refreshing research techniques in a clear and simple way.


The five part animation looks at...
- selecting a topic,
- finding sources,
- choosing keywords,
- identifying citations, and
- evaluating sources.


There are also text documents available to accompany the videos.


Each part of the movie features characters explaining an aspect of the research process.


Note: this resource could also be used to highlight differences between the UK and the USA re: citations and/or as a model for producing similar resources.

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Pictolang | technologies |

These Pictolang games could help support learners who are studying languages.


Pictolang is a CAPL service that offers four image-based language learning activities.


- The Visual Word Trainer is simply a flashcard activity that shows students an image and the word or words that picture represents.

- The Picture Match Game shows students one word and they have to find the picture to match it.

- Word Match Game shows students one picture and they have to find the word to match it.

- The Analyst Game is probably the most challenging of the activities. The Analyst Game shows students a picture and they have to identify where that picture came from.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - Discover fine art - Discover fine art | technologies | is a new way to discover art that learners, and practitioners, will love featuring work from leading partners, museums, and private collections around the world.


By making all the world’s art freely accessible, hopes to foster new generations of art lovers, museum goers, collectors, and patrons.’s goal is to expose as many people as possible to art.
Currently, their collection comprises 17,000+ artworks by 3,000+ artists from leading galleries, museums, private collections, foundations, and artist estates. works with 300+ of the world’s leading galleries, museums, private collections, foundations, and artist estates from New York to London, Paris to Shanghai, Johannesburg to São Paulo.


They provide one of the largest collections of contemporary art available online.

NOTE: Visitors can Explore without an account by clicking on the appropriate text link.

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Text 2 Mind Map - Simple mind mapping online

Text 2 Mind Map - Simple mind mapping online | technologies |
Text 2 Mind Map is one of the most popular mind mapping tools on the web.


Text 2 Mind Map allows practitionersand/or learners to turn their typed outlines into mind maps.


To create a mind map on Text 2 Mind Map, users...
- need to type out an outline in the text box;
- click "draw mind map"
...the mind map is then created.


If users need to add more elements...
- add them into the existing outline
- click "draw mind map" again.


Resulting mind maps can be downloaded as a PDF or PNG file.


The mind maps that are created, on Text 2 Mind Map, can be shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter.


NOTE: Some prefer to see ideas organized in an outline style, others prefer to see ideas organized in a pictorial web style; Text 2 Mind Map meets the needs of both.

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E-Safety Project (East Midlands Specialist College Group)

E-Safety Project (East Midlands Specialist College Group) | technologies |
E-Safety for young people with learning disabilities.


Help for students, parents, carers and college staff.

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