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Instant Google Street View

Instant Google Street View | technologies |
Instant Google Street View
John Dalziel's insight:

Simply start typing an address, place name or location, to be instantly taken there via Google Street View. If no Street View exists at the location, or if your search is too broad (e.g. "Germany"), a map will be shown instead.

Try it out!

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The Plasma Screen & Whiteboard Room

The Plasma Screen & Whiteboard Room | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

A free website where practitioners in special schools can download teaching resources, created by other practitioners, that they can use on their plasma screens, interactive whiteboards, etc.  All the resources have been created by practitioners and are free to use for educational purposes.  Copyright remains with the owners of all the resources on the site.

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Google Cultural Institute

Looking for a free and useful tool to help bring history to life? Google has it covered.


The Google Cultural Institute offers, learners & practitioners alike, a glimpse into key happenings from years past.


The horizontal-scrolling timeline view, on the Google Cultural Institute website, helps create a sense of time passing.


Users can zoom in to see photos in great detail and search through millions of items for a specific country, person, event or date.


The historical collections are the latest chapter in the work of the Google Cultural Institute, following the Art Project, World Wonders and the Nelson Mandela archives.


By working closely with museums, foundations and other archives around the world Google are making more cultural and historical material accessible online and by doing so preserving it for future generations.

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Panoramio - Photos of the World


- is a lesser known tool from Google and an extremely engaging tool for the educational world.

- allows users to view photographs of various sites around the world.

- displays photographs on a virtual map of the world, creating an interactive and awe-inspiring excursion through various parts of the world.

- pictures are both beautiful and educational.


Learners can use this tool to...

- interact with parts of the world and cultures they might never experience on their own.

- consider projects on ancient architecture, history, environmental science, and much more just by using Panoramio to explore the world.


Notice that there aren't many photos of friends and family posing in front of places, or photos of interesting surfaces--Panoramio's all about seeing the world.

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Retronaut | technologies |
The past is a foreign country. This is your passport.


Retronaut is an Image portal/repository. Users can access images by...

- Century 

- Recommendations

- Clusters

- Categories from ABANDONED through FASHION to ZOOMS or

- Featured Capsules


So many images with so many potential uses - I particularly like the 1941 "Carrots on sticks" Original Source: British Pathe War Archive - Go on take a look.

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Take Me Back To

Take Me Back To | technologies |

Discover how the world looked like on a specific date in the past (1900 - 2010).

- What News was making the headlines?

- What were the top Hits and the most popular Movies?

- What were the fashion styles and

-What advertisements would you have seen?


All users have to do is type in a date and click on 'Go' and it will generate their results.


This is potentially a great tool to...

- generate materials for language work in the classroom

- use with History, media, fashion, design, music and many other learners.


See if learners can...

- guess the year / date

- research a date and make past tense sentences about the content.
- find out what was happening on the day they were born.
- compare results from different decades.


I found Take Me Back To be a really interesting site.

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21 Map Creation Tools

There are many free map creation tools. Google Maps and Google Earth are well known tools for creating maps, but not every learning provider allows practitioners and/or learners to download them.


In this post, written by Richard Byrne, you will find some map creation tools that don't require registration. And, of course, all of the tools on this list are free for practitioners and learners to use.

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Google World Wonders Project

Google World Wonders Project | technologies |
From the archaeological areas of Pompeii to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Google’s World Wonders Project aims to bring to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world.


The World Wonders Project is, in essence, a multimedia encyclopedia of 132 historic and notable sites across five continents.


A combination of Google Streetview imagery, Google Earth 3D buildings, UNESCO World Heritage information, videos, and pictures all on one page.


Practitioners and/or learners visiting  the World Wonders Project can move through the Streetview imagery just like they would on Google Maps.


The Education tab in the upper-right corner of the World Wonders Project provides access to teaching guides and media packs for places and themes featured in the World Wonders Project.

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Scholars of ancient history and IT experts at Stanford University have collaborated to create an interactive way to study Ancient Rome.


ORBIS - a geospatial network model, that allows users to experience the strategy behind travel in Roman times.


The ORBIS map includes about 750 mostly urban settlements of the Roman period. Users of the model can select a point of origin and destination for a trip and then choose from a number of options to determine either the cheapest, fastest or shortest route. 


Aside from the site’s interactivity, there’s enough discussion in ORBIS about ancient Roman transport to satisfy historians but, the real fun is in exploring how people and goods were moved across the empire. 

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crashcourse - YouTube

crashcourse - YouTube | technologies |

Two courses in one channel: John Green teaches world history and Hank Green teaches biology.


There are now up to 15 videos in each course.


The videos are fast-paced ten to twelve minute overviews of major concepts and themes.


It's the fast pace of the Crash Course videos that makes them better suited for reviews or introductions to topics rather than a replacement for lectures and/or documentary videos.

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TerraClues | technologies |

Are your learners reading a novel or studying history? Trying to give them an idea of where everything is taking place? Why not give them an opportunity to discover the location for themselves.


TerraClues allows practitioners to create Internet scavenger hunts, or assign already created scavenger hunts, to help learners discover new places.


Note: when practitioners create hunts, they also make them available to other practitioners and learners throughout the world.


Why not, instead of a traditional research report or poster project, have learners create their own scavenger hunts?

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TimeMaps - World History TimeMap

TimeMaps - World History TimeMap | technologies |

TimeMaps lets learners look at every nation, empire and civilization as one story through maps.


The history of the world from 3500BC to 2005AD!


There are pinpoints on the Atlas that let students drill down into specific areas, nations and civilizations.


Learners get a story about what is happening in this portion of the world, as well as opportunities to explore even further.


Below the map, learners can change the date on an interactive timeline.

I really like TimeMap as a way to explore history.


TimeMap’s brilliance is in the way it unfolds the stories in history with the visual of the map. Not only are learners getting a good understanding of how civilizations shaped the world, they are also learning geography.

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BBC - A History of the World - Explorer

BBC - A History of the World - Explorer | technologies |

The BBC is full of fantastic resources for learning.


The British Museum’s History of the World provides learners with a virtual museum collection making it possible for learners to see primary sources up close.

Each piece in the collection provides...
     - a quick overview
     - an option of delving in deeper and learning more.


Objects can be filtered by...
     - location,
     - theme,
     - culture,
     - size,
     - colour,
     - material,
     - contributor and
     - BBC area.


An interactive way to view and explore world history.


Tip: The back and forward arrow at the bottom of the screen lets learners time travel.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - History, documentary and television on the web - History, documentary and television on the web | technologies |
This module explores how far we'd come by the turn of the 20th century. It tells the story of Edwardian Blackpool, the annual mecca of seaside fun for hundreds of thousands of mill families across the North West.
John Dalziel's insight: is one for history practitioners to bookmark and share with their learners.
Each of the currently 6 timelines include short (3-10 minute) videos, pictures and short text descriptions.
The six timelines currently available are A History of Britain, The American West, Medicine Through Time, American Voices, The Edwardians, and Nazi Germany. A nice resource tool, for learners to review an era.

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Crash Course! - YouTube

Crash Course! - YouTube | technologies |

Two entertaining & engaging presenters race headlong through the basics of biology (40 clips), world history (42 clips), Ecology (2)and Literature (1).


The presenters both educate and entertain.


These videos are well produced, fun, informative and provide digestible 10-15 minute chunks!


Well worth a closer look.

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Next Vista for Learning

Next Vista for Learning | technologies | believes learning is stronger when it starts with an engaging introduction of each topic.


With practitioners and learners from all over the world contributing content, it will get easier and easier to find the presentation a learner needs to say, "I get it."


The library resources are available for free to anyone at any time, learners are able to learn when they are most ready to do so.


For practitioners, the available videos can be used in the classroom to generate discussion, or even when planning lessons to generate ideas.


Subject areas include...

- Careers
- Health and Fitness
- History and Culture
- Inspiration and Creativity
- Literature and Writing
- Maths
- Performing Arts
- Science
- Technology
- Visual Arts
- World Languages

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A History of the World in 100 Objects

A History of the World in 100 Objects | technologies |
A History of the World in 100 Objects is a one hundred episode podcast series from the BBC.


Each podcast, about fifteen minutes in length, examines an object from The British Museum, explaining each object's significance in history.


Although the "A History of the World in 100 Objects" series has finished, visitors can, at the time of curating this, continue to listen to them or download them; can learners locate the objects on the History of the World Timeline?

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Cultural Institute – Google

The Google Cultural Institute helps preserve and promote culture online...



- World Wonders Project; bringing to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world

- Art Project; The World's art at your fingertips

- Yad Vashem; remembering the Holocaust

- Dead Sea Scrolls; digitizing the biblical manuscripts

- Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory; presenting Nelson Mandela's legacy online

- La France en relief; 17th century France in Google Earth

- Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal; a Liquid Galaxy digital display of Paris in 2020


Visitors can spend quite a bit of time on these 7 project sites even if you are not a history learner/practitioner.

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Google Trends

With Google Trends, users can compare the world’s interest in selected topics.


Users can enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched on Google over time.


Google Trends also shows...

- how frequently the topics have appeared in Google News stories, and

- the geographic regions in which people have searched for them the most.


Google hope users find this service interesting and entertaining, but those in the world of education probably wouldn’t want to write a Ph.D. dissertation based on the information provided by Trends.


NOTE: The information provided by Trends is updated daily, and Hot Searches ( is updated hourly.

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Visit the Museum of Endangered Sounds for a Bit of Nostalgic Sound-Based Fun - How-To Geek

Visit the Museum of Endangered Sounds for a Bit of Nostalgic Sound-Based Fun - How-To Geek | technologies |
Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Then you will definitely want to visit the Museum of Endangered Sounds where you can have fun listening to the classic sounds of yesteryear!
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The Diamond Jubilee

The Central Weekend to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is Saturday 2 June to Tuesday 5 June 2012, with celebratory activities throughout the UK and across the Commonwealth.


The official site of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is a great resource, sharing information about the Queen’s life and the Commonwealth. There are also...

- games;

- learning activities, and

- a form for members of the public to send a message to the Queen.


Ideal for Family Learning Practitioners etc.

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- A web based GIS application to draw on Google maps: polygons, lines, markers and labels


GmapGIS could be used by learners to...

- identify and label places without having to create an account.

- share their work by using links generated for their maps.

- quickly measure distances between places on a map.

- save a KML file for their map and view it in Google Earth.

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British Council Film Collection

British Council Film Collection | technologies |

“Over 120 films were produced as ‘cultural propaganda’ to counteract anything the Nazis might throw out and to refute the idea that ours was a country stuck in the past.


The British wartime school of thought was to fight propaganda, with propaganda.


This part of the British Council Film Collection contains films that were designed to showcase Britain to the rest of the world, at a time when Britain itself was under attack.


This newly opened internet archive, of over 120 such pieces of cultural propaganda, is free for the viewing.


These productions “provide us with a unique insight,” says the Council today, “not necessarily into how Britain actually was, but more into how Britain once wanted to be perceived by the rest of the world.”

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Sound maps | British Library - Sounds

Sound maps | British Library - Sounds | technologies |

The British Library's sound maps provides a good way to explore more than 50,000 audio recordings organized into nine categories.


Just select a category then click on the placemarks on the maps. The map categories include accents & dialogues, soundscapes, wildlife, and oral histories of holocaust survivors.


The British Library's sound maps can be used in a number of content areas. Well worth a listen.

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Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project

The Nelson Mandela Digital Archive is a collection of images and documents chronicling the life of Nelson Mandela.


Users can search the archive according to the stages of Nelson Mandela's life and activism. Including extracts from Nelson Mandela's personal diaries.


The Nelson Mandela Digital Archives provides a source of primary documents and images useful for those studying apartheid in the context of 20th Century World History etc.

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