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Video Resumer

Video Resumer | technologies |
Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last.
John Dalziel's insight:

If learners are watching an educational video on YouTube, for a flipped learning environment task perhaps, there will times when they need to leave their computer to do something else.
When they turn the computer back on, they locate the YouTube clip, and then try to find where they'd stopped watching. This can be difficult, in particular for long videos.
In steps Video Resumer.
Video Resumer is a free to use browser extension made for the Google Chrome web browser.
This extension is an absolute must for learners accessing course video clips hosted on YouTube; it improves their experience on the video streaming website.
Video Resumer remembers where users stop watching a YouTube video.
Whether learners close the tab or browser window, revisiting the same YouTube video they were watching earlier will begin its playing from the same point that they left off.

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Formative - for real-time assessments

Formative - for real-time assessments | technologies |
A platform for real-time formative assessments + a FREE next-generation student response system.
John Dalziel's insight:

No surprise, Formative is a formative assessment tool for teachers. It provides them with a platform where they can create and distribute assignments with learners and track their performance in realtime.
Users can either...
■ create new assignments from scratch using Formative editor or
■ upload assignments they've already created somewhere else
...and use them with their learners paperlessly.
■ Create an account,
■ generate a code for their class and
■ send the code to learners so they can register.
Using Formative's analytics features, users are able to...
■ see learners progress in realtime,
■ grade their work,
■ provide instant individualized feedback and
■ engage with learners in constructive discussions around their assignments.
NOTE: - Formative is free for teachers and learners.
You may find it useful to watch the video tutorial at ;

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Limnu - Create Collaborative On-line Whiteboards

Limnu - Create Collaborative On-line Whiteboards | technologies |
Limnu is the online whiteboard you’ve been looking for. Sketch, share, and collaborate with your team like never before.
John Dalziel's insight:

Limnu provides a service that enables users to quickly create collaborative on-line whiteboards. On their Limnu boards users can...
● draw,
● type,
● insert images, and
● chat with collaborators.
Every whiteboard created on Limnu can be saved as an image to review later.
Limnu lets users create sticky notes on their whiteboards.
Learners who are brainstorming together could apply sticky notes to their Limnu board then sort the notes as a group.
The drawing tool in Limnu could be used by learners to show connections between ideas in their sticky notes.
Limnu's free service allows users to edit their whiteboards for up to seven days.
In the free version of Limnu users can have three active boards at one time.
NOTE: The free version doesn't limit the number of collaborators that users can invite to work with them. Inviting other users can be done in two ways. They can...
● invite other users by email or
● invite other users by sharing a link to their Limnu board.
Sharing can be disabled at any time.

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SlideHunter - 4000+ Free Presentation Templates

SlideHunter -  4000+ Free Presentation Templates | technologies |
Download free presentation templates compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, creative PPT backgrounds and 100% editable slide designs
John Dalziel's insight:

SlideHunter contains a collection of free slide decks. These slides can be downloaded then imported into...
■ PowerPoint,
■ OpenOffice Impress, or
■ Google Slides.
NOTE: for Google Slides users, they can import all of the slides or select just the ones that have the layout they want.
Once they've imported the slide templates users can modify them to fit their needs.
If users just need a piece of artwork or a diagram template, they can find them on SlideHunter too.

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Choosito! - Search - Web

Choosito! - Search - Web | technologies |
Search Choosito! Web
John Dalziel's insight:

Choosito is a search engine that offers a reading level index for its search results. When learners and/or practitioners search on Choosito they can select to refine results to reading levels marked as...
■ Early Readers,
■ Emerging Readers,
■ Fluent Readers, or
■ Advanced Readers.
In addition to reading level refinement Choosito offers an option to sort results by subject area.
Choosito's basic search tools, including the reading level and subject area filters, are available to use for free.
Choosito also offers a premium service that lets practitioners to...
■ create collections of resources,
■ manage student accounts, and
■ track students' search habits.
Learners who feel overwhelmed by unfiltered results on Google or Bing, could benefit from using Choosito to filter search results. Likewise, learners who have trouble refining their search terms could benefit from Choosito's "related searches" suggestions.
Practitioners who are looking for reading materials for their learners, should appreciate the option to filter results to a reading level appropriate for them.

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BeFunky: Free Online Photo Editing and Collage Maker

BeFunky: Free Online Photo Editing and Collage Maker | technologies |
BeFunky Photo Editor lets you apply photo effects, edit photos and create photo collages with collage maker. Online Photo editing and creating collages has never been easier.
John Dalziel's insight:

Befunky is another image editing tool with the essentials plus the ability to add filter effects and artsy features like...
● cartoonize,
● impressionist,
● pointilism,
● watercolor,
...and others.
Users can also add...
● frames,
● graphics,
● overlays,
● text and/or textute enhance their photos.
NOTE: Their Basic account is free to use and provides users with access to a library of 125 digital effects. Their BeFunky Plus account currently (Jan 2016) costs $24.95 a year, provides users with higher resolution output, offers users expanded rights use, plus a number of other features.

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Pixlr - Photo editor on-line

Pixlr - Photo editor on-line | technologies |

PIXLR EXPRESS Apply a quick fix or add a personal touch with creative effects, overlays, and borders. LAUNCH WEB APP

John Dalziel's insight:

Pixlr Editor allows users to edit images with features much like those found in Photoshop, the...
● lasso tool,
● smudge tool,
● blurring tool,
● clone stamp,
...and more.
If you’re looking for a Photoshop alternative, this is worth a closer look.

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Padlet is an easy way to create and collaborate in learning environments

Padlet is an easy way to create and collaborate in learning environments | technologies |
You'll feel like a superhero
John Dalziel's insight:

Padlet is like a digital cork board. Anyone who accesses the Padlet wall you create can add virtual sticky notes to it with...
► text,
► images or
► URLs (unless you change the privacy settings).
Create a Padlet wall and add URLs to it, or your students/learners can add URLs themselves.
There’s a lot more you can do with Padlet; take a look at

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TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice

TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

TodaysMeet is intended to be a backchannel chat, but there’s much more users can do with it.
Users can create the same TodaysMeet room (and corresponding URL) for an entire year.
Their learners can bookmark it and can be there in one click.
If users need their learners to visit a site quickly, they just add the link to their TodaysMeet room and their learners can access it quickly. It's worth checking out "20 ways to use TodaysMeet in your Learning Environment (classroom) at

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VexTab Music Notation - Google Docs add-on

VexTab Music Notation - Google Docs add-on | technologies |
Add music notation, drum notation, and guitar tab to your documents using the VexTab language.
John Dalziel's insight:

VexTab Music Notation is a Google Documents Add-on that lets users write music notation in Google Documents.
With the Add-on installed users can write...
► standard music notation,
► drum notation, and
► guitar tablature a Google Document.
A tutorial on writing VexTab notation can be found at

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Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja | technologies |
Explore fonts within a website, try and download them !
John Dalziel's insight:

Font Face Ninja (for Chrome and/or Safari): enables users to "Find Out What Fonts Web Sites Are Using
For web designers, finding the right font is an important step.
Font Face Ninja is a plugin that makes it easy to find out the name of any font on a web site. Just click the button and voila - not only do users discover the name of the font, but the size and spacing as well.
Whether users want to...
► replicate a look on their own site, and/or
► add another font to their collection,
...this plugin is worth keeping in their virtual toolbox.

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Crossword Labs - Free, on-line Crossword Maker

Crossword Labs - Free, on-line Crossword Maker | technologies |
Make crossword puzzles, print them out as PDFs, share them, and solve them online with Crossword Labs. It's free, fast and easy. No registration required!
John Dalziel's insight:

Crossword Labs is a web tool that allows users to easily...
► build,
► print,
► share and
...crossword puzzles online.
The process is very simple...
► type in your crossword title
► then add the word, a space and the clue
► press Enter to add more
...and when finished,
► Click "Generate".
Note: To protect the answer key create a passcode before generating the crossword puzzle.

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Puzzle Maker - Instant On-line Crossword

Free instant online crossword puzzle maker--quickly make crossword puzzles using your words!
John Dalziel's insight:

This tool, for creating crossword puzzle games, comes with some added features some of which are premium such as saving a puzzle as PDF file.
The way it works is simple...
► Start each line with an answer word,
► then type a slash "/" character,
► then the clue.
► Press the Enter key after each clue.
Note: clues can be as long as users want them to be.

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Google Input Tools on-line

Google Input Tools on-line | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

With Google Input Tools practitioners, and/or learners, can type on the Web in any language of their choice.
They can even add words to a custom dictionary for future use.
The service works offline and has...
► a Chrome extension,
► Android app, and
► a Windows program
...that users can install.
Ideal for learners on Language courses.

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NoteBookCast - Real time collaborative whiteboard

NoteBookCast - Real time collaborative whiteboard | technologies |
A real time shared online whiteboard in your browser, teach, explain, sketch. For work, study, fun...
John Dalziel's insight:

NoteBookCast is a free collaborative whiteboard tool that will work in a web browser on a...
► laptop,
► iPad,
► Android tablet, and
► Windows tablet.
Users can invite others to join their whiteboard by entering the code assigned to their whiteboard.
Users can chat while drawing on NoteBookCast whiteboards.
NOTE: Users can create an account on NoteBookCast but, it is not a requirement for using the service.
Users can create a whiteboard by simply clicking "create a whiteboard" then entering a nickname for themself to use on the whiteboard.
A big plus, if users do create a NoteBookCast account, is they can save their whiteboards and create whiteboard templates to re-use.

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Futureme - Write a letter to the future

Futureme - Write a letter to the future | technologies |
Letters to the Future
John Dalziel's insight:

With the Futureme website, learners (and other users) are able to write an email to themselves and send it in the future on a date they wish to receive it.
The created email can be private or public.
In the world of education, it provides an opportunity, at various stages, for learners to write to themselves about their...
► current skills,
► interests,
► aspitations
► educational targets etc.
Depending on how far in the future the email is received, I'm sure most will have forgotten what they wrote but, it provides the opportunity for them to then reflect on...
► how that period of time actually went;
► what targets they reached, if any;
► what new skills they have aquired;
► what they need to do to get back and/or keep on track;
...and more.

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MathsAid - Maths in everyday situations

MathsAid - Maths in everyday situations | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Maths Aid is a website developed in Norway to help parents use maths in everyday situations.
It has 3 sections...
♥ Work and everyday life,
♥ Lifestyle and
♥ Into the world
...with topics including
♥ working hours,
♥ hire purchase,
♥ postage,
♥ recipes,
♥ online shopping,
♥ DIY,
♥ estimates,
♥ percentages,
♥ time,
♥ health issues and
♥ travel.
Developed by Vox, the Norwegian Institute for Adult Learning.

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Polarr On-line Photo Editor 3

Polarr On-line Photo Editor 3 | technologies |
Lighting-fast professional online photo editor running in your web browsers. No downloads, 100% free.
John Dalziel's insight:

Polarr is the ideal photo editor for...
● bloggers,
● students, and
● photo professionals
Polarr lets users...
● batch export their photos,
● add a watermark, and
● work with keyboard shortcuts.
There is also a Polarr Photo Editor available on the Chrome Store, which lets users edit their photos while on the Chrome browser as long as they enable WebGL 2D acceleration on their Chrome. Ideal for ChromeBooks.

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Fotor - Photo Editor

Fotor - Photo Editor | technologies |
Fotor Photo Editor is a free online designer and editing tool catering to all your photographic and image creation needs! Add filters, frames, text, stickers and effects; create a photo collage, card, facebook cover, twitter cover, youtube channel art or design graphics with Fotor free online photo editor. Edit photos with Fotor now!
John Dalziel's insight:

Fotor is a tool to edit your photos and provides basic editing features...
● crop,
● rotate,
● adjust color,
...and more, on top of the ability to add effects such as lomo and vintage to enhance photographs.
Users can also...
● create collages with various templates
● pick a layout in the right size (e.g. Facebook covers) for use on social media.

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Sakai - open source Learning Management System software

Sakai - open source Learning Management System software | technologies |

Latest maintenance release is Sakai 10.6 Sakai 10 highlights include: Scalability and performance Improvements, including distributed cacheing, providing support for JCache/JSR-107 Updated Security Improvements [...]...

John Dalziel's insight:

Sakai is open source Learning Management System software. Free to download. Free to modify. Free to use. Free to share.

Sakai is developed and maintained by people who either work in, or serve the Education sector. The community around Sakai works to make the environment more effective and better suited to the needs of their organisations. Community is central to the sustainability of Sakai.

The Sakai code is freely available for anyone to download. It carries a license that grants users the right to deploy, modify and distribute the software at no cost and for any purpose.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

This website lets users shorten their URLs so they’re easier to share on social media — or easier to type. TinyURL, from the vast number of similar sites, is least likely to be blocked by Internet filters.

Just go to and enter the long URL you want to share, and TinyURL will make it short enough for students/learners to type. You can even customize it. 

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Zotero - Grab your research with a single click

Zotero - Grab your research with a single click | technologies |
Zotero is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that
helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources and then
share the results of your research.
John Dalziel's insight:

Zotero provides means to collect all users research in a single, searchable interface. They can add...
► PDFs,
► images,
► audio and video files,
► snapshots of web pages,
...and more.
Zotero automatically indexes the full-text content of the resulting library, enabling users to find exactly what they're looking for with just a few keystrokes.
Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help users...
► collect,
► organize,
► cite, and
► share
...their research sources.

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Type to Design (non commercial use only): Text, in Instagram Photos

Type to Design (non commercial use only): Text, in Instagram Photos | technologies |
An Instagram generated font
John Dalziel's insight:

Framed photos of letters alongside each other, together spelling a name or word, is a growing trend offline. If practitioners and/or learners want to make something similar online, Type To Design is the site they’re looking for.
Using the Instagram photos from #36daysoftype, this easy to use web site will turn anything users type into a series of photos.
By just start typing they will see their collage, instantly.
NOTE: If they don’t like any of the letters they see, they just need to click it and it will change.
If they’re wondering where any particular letter came from, hover over it; a link to the original image on Instagram will pop up on the right.
Once users are happy with everything, they can download the image for sharing on social networks or anywhere else as long as it's a non commercial use.

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Fake Handwriting: Type Anything; See It Written by Hand

Fake Handwriting: Type Anything; See It Written by Hand | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Fake Handwriting is a fascinating project that uses machine learning algorithms to actually replicate handwriting in messy ways, making the sorts of mistakes that we humans make.
It’s fascinating to play with.
Has many uses e.g. Enables users to capture more relaistic images, to use within eLearning scenarios; i.e. samples of customer communications

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Free Puzzlemaker - 10 to choose from

Free Puzzlemaker - 10 to choose from | technologies |
Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker provides teachers, students, and parents, the tools necessary to create crossword, puzzles, word search puzzles, mazes and more online!
John Dalziel's insight:

Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for practitioners, learners and others.
Users can create and print customized
► word search,
► criss-cross,
► math puzzles,
...and more-using their own word lists.
To start they need to choose a type of puzzle from the list provided and then follow the instructions provided.

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HSTRY - Create free interactive timelines

HSTRY - Create free interactive timelines | technologies |
Create free interactive timelines. HSTRY is a free digital learning tool which promotes collaboration and engagement in the classroom.
John Dalziel's insight:

HSTRY is a web tool for creating multimedia timelines. The process is very simple and easy...
► Sign up either as a teacher or a student,
► choose the timeline you want to work on and
► start adding events.
Users can add...
► images,
► videos, and
► audio.
Practitioners are able to create a 'classroom' and invite learners to join it.
Within this virtual classroom, they will be able to...
► share timelines with their learners and
► view the timelines their learners create.

They can also make their timelines interactive by adding questions for learners to answer.

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