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The Ultimate Word Search Maker

Make amazing interactive word search puzzles that you can put right on your website for your learners to play and enjoy.

John Dalziel's insight:

WordSearch Maker is a great free tool to create wordsearches for learners.

This could be to help with spelling words or it could be for curriculum specific words based around a particular topic.

Once finished, simply share the URL of the wordsearch with them or use the embed tool to embed it into a website or blog.

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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
Curated by John Dalziel
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Educational Apps | Facebook

Educational Apps | Facebook | technologies |

Educational Apps. FiTES (Find Try Evaluate & Share) - You are the experts in your field of work

John Dalziel's insight:
Sharing posts about apps and extensions I've found, tried and evaluated for the world of Education.
For learners, practitioners, and other stakeholders...
Take a look.
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OECD iLibrary: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OECD iLibrary: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development | technologies |
The new OECD cross-searchable online library containing over 5000 e-books, 5000 MS Excel™ tables, 400 statistical datasets and 2500 working papers.
John Dalziel's insight:
  - ready-made tables to interactive databases, 
  - "at a glance publications" to full reports, 
...the OECD iLibrary offers wide ranging research and knowledge to a variety of audiences. 
All book and journal content is available to all users to read on-line by clicking the READ icon. 
Read editions are optimised for browser-enabled mobile devices and can be read on-line wherever there is an internet connection - desktop computer, tablets or smart phones. 
They are also shareable and embeddable. 
The OECD iLibrary also features content for all users to access and download such as the OECD Factbook, OECD Working Papers, Indicators, and more. 
NOTE: Subscribers benefit from full access to all content in all the 7 available formats. PDF, Read, ePUB, Web, CSV, XLS and Data. 
Visitors to the OECD iLibrary can browse by... 
  - Theme, 
  - Country, 
  - Theme & Country 
  - Catalogue and/or 
  - Statistics 
NOTE: The Themes in the OECD iLibrary include... 
  - Agriculture and Food 
  - Employment 
  - Governance 
  - Social Issues/ Migration / Health 
  - Urban, Rural and Regional Development 
  - Development 
  - Energy 
  - Industry and Services 
  - Taxation 
  - Economics 
  - Environment 
  - Nuclear Energy 
  - Trade 
  - Education 
  - Finance and Investment 
  - Science and Technology and 
  - Transport. 
An iLibrary well worth a closer look!
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MindMup 2 - Free on-line mind mapping

MindMup 2 - Free on-line mind mapping | technologies |
Free online mind mapping. The most productive online mind map canvas on the Web. Supports Freemind mindmap import/export. Easy mindmapping software.
John Dalziel's insight:
Another Free on-line mind mapping web site is MindMup 2
NOTE: Users have the option to upgrade to other accounts where... 
  - there is a charge (monthly or yearly, depending on the upgrade) 
  - more users have access for collaboration 
  - larger maps can be saved and 
  - a dedicated eMail help and support is provided. 
MindMup 2's Free Users Account provides... 
  - Unlimited number of maps 
  - No account/login required 
  - Save maps up to 100 KB to MindMup storage, for up to six months. 
  - Save larger maps to Google Drive. 
  - Export maps up to 100 KB. 
  - Publish maps for up to six months. 
  - Community chat help and support. 
MindMup 2 is available everywhere: 
  - users can access their maps with a browser or a mobile device, and cloud storage ensures they have access to their data where ever they are, and the application works nicely with both desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. 
Worth taking a closer look!
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Google Street View – Oceans - Explore natural wonders and world landmarks

Google Street View – Oceans - Explore natural wonders and world landmarks | technologies |
Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, parks and transport hubs.
John Dalziel's insight:
Exploring the deep underwater confines of the world's oceans was a place reserved for the elite few. 
Google Underwater Street View opens up a new world of possibilities for learners and education practitioners alike. 
Simply visit Google Underwater Street View to go on a virtual dive of some of the most famous underwater places and life forms on earth. 
Google Underwater Street View provides users with the opportunity to explore... 
  - reefs, 
  - life forms, 
  - wreckage sites, and 
  - the impact of climate change 
NOTE: This is just a taste of whats available within Google Street View - ;
An interactive resource not to be missed!
GwynethJones's curator insight, July 21, 9:59 AM

I saw this on Coral Hunters, a documentary on NETFLIX -  just gorgeous but also really sad! We need to do more to save our oceans! Share this with your Science team! 

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Internet Poetry - poems from over 100 poets

Internet Poetry - poems from over 100 poets | technologies |
Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Internet Poetry.
John Dalziel's insight:
Internet Poetry provides excellent resources and inspiration from the greatest poets 
Internet Poetry offers poems from over 100 poets. 
Once installed, users just... 
  - open it, 
  - select the name of a poet to review a list of their works (100+ poets to choose from), then... 
  - click on a poem to read it in full and/or share it. 
NOTE: Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile is required.
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Unsplash | Beautiful Free Photo Community

Unsplash | Beautiful Free Photo Community | technologies |
Do-whatever-you-want free HD photos. Gifted by the world's most generous community of photographers.
John Dalziel's insight:
Yes there are many websites with royalty free photos, but few are curated and closely-monitored like Unsplash
Unsplash is curated by Crew, a marketing agency, so that all photos that appear on the site are handpicked. 
Why is this is important? 
Well two reasons, users can be confident that... 
  1: they’re getting high-quality photos, and might even find it difficult to narrow down their choices. 
  2: the photos are completely free to use. 
While other websites provide also Creative Commons photos, the fact that users upload the content directly to those websites means there’s no quality control and users can’t be fully confident in the licensing. 
However the images on Unsplash come with a generous license: they can be used for personal or commercial projects with no attribution necessary. 
At the time of posting this... 
  - Unsplash has a collection of over 200,000 images; 
  - new images added on a daily basis; 
  - photos are contributed by over 40,000 photographers, and 
  - creating a free account allows users to follow photographers and create a collection of their favourite photos. 
Looking for inspiration? 
Just take a look at their curated collections. 
So if you’re looking for free-to-use, headache free photos that you can share with the confidence that you won’t be hit with a copyright violation — head over to Unsplash.
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Free stock videos – Pexels Videos

Free stock videos – Pexels Videos | technologies |
Pexels Videos makes it easy to find free stock footage for your website, promo video or anything else. All videos are free for personal and commercial use.
John Dalziel's insight:
Pexels offers completely free videos. 
All videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. 
That means learners, and/or practitioners, can edit or change the videos and use them free for personal and even for commercial projects. 
All without asking for permission or setting a link to the source. Visitors to Pexels can search for videos using keywords or browse the most popular videos. 
Most clips range from 10 seconds to just over one minute. 
There is a lot of out-door footage in city streets and in nature. Visitors will also find indoor activities, including mixing cocktails, writing notes and many other videos. 
Well worth a closer look. 
P.S. Pexels free stock photos - - are worth a visit as well!
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Wikipedia "Tools and Resources" for instructors

Wikipedia "Tools and Resources" for instructors | technologies |
If you’re interested in adding a Wikipedia assignment to your course, we can help. Our staff has been supporting the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada since 2010. In…
John Dalziel's insight:
There's a high probability that readers of this post use Wikipedia but, if they are Education Practitioners, will tell their Learners not to! 
That's the reason for this post! 
Wikipedia has long been the bane of most educators – resulting in the... 
"don’t believe everything you read on the internet because anyone can publish anything" movement. 
While Wikipedia provides subject matter for teaching... 
  - credibility, 
  - authority, 
  - source citations, 
...and more 
The idea of actually using Wikipedia to explicitly teach research is less common. This is where Wikipedia "Tools and Resources" for instructors comes in. 
Over the last 7 years, the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada, have collected user experiences and feedback to put together some guidelines and training for practitioners and their learners. 
Guidelines include... 
  - Resources for instructors 
  - Getting students ready 
  - Subject-specific handouts 
  - Classroom handouts and 
  - Designing assignments 
This is just a taste of what's on offer. 
Find out more on the WikiEdu home page at
GwynethJones's curator insight, July 11, 10:18 PM

As I've been saying for 6 years, Wikipedia Is Not Wicked!

LOVE this!

Scooped by John Dalziel!

Name Picker Ninja | Random Name Selector

Name Picker Ninja | Random Name Selector | technologies |
Pick a random name from a list with the help of the Name Picker Ninja! The Name Picker Ninja randomly picks a name out of a list of names.
John Dalziel's insight:
Name Picker Ninja is free tool for quickly randomly selecting a name from a list. 
Using Name Picker Ninja is a simple matter of... 
  - pasting or typing a list of names into the "add names" field and then 
  - clicking "go!" 
...the names in your list will scroll and stop on a randomly selected name. 
Once a name has been selected users can... 
  - remove it from the list or 
  - keep it in the rotation. 
It's worth taking a look at Richard Byrne's demonstration video at ;
Name Picker Ninja is useful for choosing learners for all kinds of classroom activities and is therefore well worth a closer look! 
P.S. It engages Learners as they are never sure when they will be selected to answer a question, deliver their presentation, the list goes on...
GwynethJones's curator insight, July 9, 11:57 AM

Always love a good RANDOM name picker!

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Audacity® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.

Audacity® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. | technologies |
Empty description
John Dalziel's insight:
If Education Practitioners are looking to edit audio files, then Audacity should be at the top of their toolbox list. 
Audacity can record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitise recordings from other media. 
With some sound cards, and on any recent version of Windows, Audacity can also capture streaming audio. 
Audacity is the easiest tool available to... 
  - cut, 
  - copy, 
  - splice and mix audio, 
  - record live files, 
  - change the speed and pitch of a recording, and 
  - import/export some obscure file formats. 
Note - Audacity Portable - - is worth a closer look as it is the popular Audacity audio editor packaged as a portable app; practitioners and their learners can take their audio files along with everything they need to edit and record on the go. 
Users can place it on a USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind. 
What's not to like? Go on, give it a go!
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Unio | Interactive lesson delivery & real-time assessment platform

Unio | Interactive lesson delivery & real-time assessment platform | technologies |
Gain an instant insight into your students' understanding with our award-winning interactive lesson delivery and real-time assessment platform!
John Dalziel's insight:
Although it's not yet ready to be a remote instructional tool, because there isn't a voice broadcasting option, Unio is a free virtual whiteboard system that education practitioners can use to broadcast illustrations and demonstrations to their learners' laptops. 
To get started with Unio users... 
  - create a subject heading, then... 
  - create a 'lesson'. 
Unio's lesson creation tool is basically a simple slide-deck editor. Users can... 
  - draw, 
  - type, 
  - insert images and 
  - add videos each slide in their lesson. 
Note: Lesson slides can also include quizzes that users build within the Unio platform. It's important to create such quizzes before broadcasting to learners. 
Once a lesson is created users can broadcast it to their learners. Learners receive the lesson on their laptops when they go to and enter the pin number assigned to the practitioner's lesson. 
Note: every lesson's pin is different so users won't be able to get learners in the habit of using the same pin for every activity. 
With lessons appearing on the learners' screens, practitioners can have them annotate what they see and answer any quiz questions. 
Learners can work at their own pace. 
Users can select a learner's screen to see what he or she has done and then give them some quick feedback in the form of an emoji. 
Unio could be useful in any setting in which practitioners want to share a lesson for the day and let learners work through it at their own pace with a little periodic guidance and feedback from them. 
Unio has the potential to become a great remote instructional tool if it adds a voice broadcasting option and is optimised for use on mobile phones as well as laptops. 
Unio has many uses, in its current format and is still worth taking a closer look.
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PDF Markup Cloud - Annotate PDFs and Web Pages

PDF Markup Cloud - Annotate PDFs and Web Pages | technologies |
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about PDF Markup Cloud - Annotate PDFs and Web Pages. Download PDF Markup Cloud - Annotate PDFs and Web Pages and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
John Dalziel's insight:
PDFs are one of the major document formats we deal with in our daily work as teachers and educators. 
Besides their readability and user friendliness, PDFs, compared to other document formats, have several strengths...
  - they are print friendly and are accepted by major printers, 
  - they can be locked so that others can only read and not alter its content, 
  - they are ideal for archiving and storage as they can be easily compressed, 
  - they can be combined and merged together, and 
  - they are also ideal for document exchange between multiple users.  
PDF Markup Cloud is an expert of PDF viewing, editing, and organising. 
Similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader, that many people are used to, PDF Markup Cloud allows users to... 
  - add PDF annotations, 
  - sign or write on documents, 
  - highlight web pages, and 
  - back up files with all the popular cloud storage services 
...all directly from a users iPhone or iPad. 
Another app that must be worth a closer look!
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Scrible - Productivity Tool for Research

Scrible - Productivity Tool for Research | technologies |
Modern research platform for school and work
John Dalziel's insight:
Scrible is a very good productivity tool every learner, engaged in research, should have. 
Scrible provides users with various tools and features that enable them to... 
  - curate on-line content, 
  - bookmark websites, 
  - store files, 
  - annotate and share webpages and PDFs. 
Users can use Scrible to annotate content on a webpage or PDF. They can add comments, highlight passages and share their annotated content with others through email or social media websites. 
Everything users curate and annotate is saved to their library in Scrible. 
Users can organise their library with tags so they can easily find their saved content. 
Scrible also provides an excellent PDF viewer and annotator which works in a users browser. 
Learners can use Scrible to load or upload PDF documents to work on. 
They can then... 
  - use Scrible’s annotation tools to highlight and add comments and share PDF documents with each other and be able to... 
  - see who is viewing the shared PDF, 
  - reply to comments and 
  - see annotations in real-time. 
Watch the video at to learn more about Scrible PDF Viewer/Annotator. 
Scrible provides free upgrade to learners and educators. 
Check it out to learn more...
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GeoGebra | Powerful, Free Online Graphing Calculator and Interactive Geometry

GeoGebra | Powerful, Free Online Graphing Calculator and Interactive Geometry | technologies |
Discover math on, the home of our free online graphing calculator, geometry calculator, 3D calculator, spreadsheet, CAS, probability calculator and classroom activities
John Dalziel's insight:
GeoGebra - free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. Interactive learning, teaching and evaluation resources created with GeoGebra can be shared and used by everyone 
GeoGebra is available as an app for... 
Has to be worth a closer look!
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Speak to Go: Explore the world with your voice

Speak to Go: Explore the world with your voice | technologies |
A WebVR Experiment made for mobile
John Dalziel's insight:
Explore the World, using Street View Imagery, with your voice! 
There are many ways that Google Maps, Street View, Google Earth, and virtual reality can be used in learning environments. 
One that many Education practitioners may not be aware of is Speak To Go With Google. 
Speak to Go is a Google WebVR (Web Virtual Reality) experiment. 
Users will enjoy the best experience on their mobile phone with a VR headset, however I enjoyed the experience without the headset on my laptop. 
  - visit this link
  - allow the use of your microphone and turn microphone on NOTE: Speak to Go will detect if you are using your mobile with a VR Headset. if like me you'reusing a PC or laptop... 
  - click the "Try it without a headset" hyperlink 
  - tap the space bar on your keyboard and 
  - say where you wish to visit 
NOTE: You can try an address, postcode, city, landmark or country. 
Speak To Go opens the destination in Street View for users to explore. 
To visit another place... 
  - click the cross at the top left to start again. 
Richard Byrne has provided a video clip overview that's well worth a look at ;
To sum up... 
  - Speak into Speak to Go and you'll be shown Street View imagery of that place. 
  - Users can use Speak to Go in a VR viewer or they can use it in the Chrome browser on their Chromebook, MacBook, or Windows laptop. 
What's not to like! 
Go on give it a try!
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Mindomo - Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping

Mindomo - Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping | technologies |
Real-time collaboration on mind maps, concept maps and outlines. Works with Google Drive.
John Dalziel's insight:
Mindomo allows users to visually outline complex concepts, tasks, ideas, and other related information in a structured form. 
Some of its features include: 
  - Real-time collaboration 
  - Embedded video and audio files 
  - Presentation Mode 
  - Multiple layouts (mind map, concept map, org chart, tree org chart) 
  - Great variety of Import/Export formats 
  - Map customisation by adding icons, colours, styles and map themes 
  - Full map history, undo and redo functions 
  - Password protected mind maps 
  - Comments and voting enabled on topics  
  - Multilevel numbering 
Desktop version - - is also available, that enables users to work offline 
Has to be worth a closer look...
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JoeZoo Express - Google Docs add-on

JoeZoo Express - Google Docs add-on | technologies |
Fastest way to make rubrics, give feedback and grade in Google Apps.
John Dalziel's insight:
JoeZoo Express is a Google Documents Add-on that can save practitioners a lot of time when they are grading or editing their learners' writing in Google Documents. 
The way that JoeZoo Express saves them time is by providing them with the ability to store comments that can be insert directly into learners' work. 
Users can... 
  - use the standard comments provided by JoeZoo Express or 
  - create, store, and use their own comments. 
Additionally, JoeZoo Express offers an option to include links to tutorials and help pages within their comments. 
  1: You can find out more at and 
  2: In June 2017 JoeZoo Express published a new set of tutorials for practitioners and learners which can be watched at or
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Mathigon | technologies |
Discover Mathigon, a groundbreaking new education platform that adapts to every individual student. Mathematics has never been so colourful.
John Dalziel's insight:
Mathigon is a "still developing" maths website that brings maths textbooks to life. 
I'm not sure that textbook is the right word, because this is something quite innovative. 
A chat bot tutor makes Mathigon like having an additional team of teachers in the learning environment, ready to answer questions and support learners in real time. 
Real life application and narrative is is a major part of what's available. It's not just about learning the “rules” of maths; learners are invited to engage the concepts, play with them, explore them in context, and find out what other concepts they are linked to. 
There are several places to start including... 
  - exploring the applications of math in every day life, 
  - links between maths and origami, 
  - Eureka Magazine (published by Cambridge University), 
  - problems and puzzles, 
  - fractal fiction, and/or 
  - courses for grades 6-college. 
For an overview, take a look at the video at ;
Mathigon truly supports an inquiry approach to learning maths and should, at least, be looked at closely by Maths Practitioners.
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TextingStory - Write chat stories & save as video on the App Store

TextingStory - Write chat stories & save as video on the App Store | technologies |
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about TextingStory - Write chat stories & save as video. Download TextingStory - Write chat stories & save as video and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
John Dalziel's insight:
Looking to "Make Your 'Lessons' Memorable" and engage your learners? 
You may like to try out TextingStory to write Texting/chat stories & save them as a video. 
You can view an example, Famous Americans Video Story at ;
TextingStory is so easy to use and very intuitive. 
Users can even upload pictures for each character as well as send images and emojis in the texts. 
Under Settings users can... 
  - add two names, 
  - select their text colour, 
  - add a profile image well as choose some other options. 
Note: It documents a users every move. If they type a word/phrase and then delete to add something different, it will show up. 
The Clear Story button under Edit Story needs to be pressed if users want to start all over again. 
I'm sure Learners would have a ball using this tool in the learning environment and it could truly make 'lessons' memorable. 
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Scooped by John Dalziel! - video & audio assets for both personal and commercial projects for free - video & audio assets for both personal and commercial projects for free | technologies |
Free audio and video assets to download for your projects.
John Dalziel's insight:
Finding high-quality video clips that can used in Teaching and Learning, for free, can be a challenge. 
After all... 
“You get what you pay for” a cliche for a reason. 
However, within the Creative Commons world, there are some sites striving to provide free content, even for use in commercial projects. has both video and audio assets that practitioners can use for both personal and commercial projects for free, and they don’t require attribution at all. 
NOTE: The selection is somewhat small but is extremely high quality. 
Users can download video and audio reflecting all sorts of indoor and outdoor situations... 
  - in a forest (Forest), 
  - by the beach (Waves), 
  - under a tree (Leaves), 
  - at a coffee shop (Coffee), 
  - out on a breezy day (Clouds), 
  - sailing (Ocean), 
  - sitting near a fire (Flame), 
  - out in the cold (Winter), 
  - sheltering from rain (Rainfall), 
  - in an office setting (Work), 
  - next to a stream (Water), 
  - in the moonlight (Night), 
  - near a waterfall (Niagara), 
  - near a barbecue (Smoke) and 
  - more gentle wind (Chimes) 
Some of the available sets above, have bundled video and audio, while others are just video files that users can use with their own audio tracks. 
These resources are well worth downloading.
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ExploreLearning Gizmos: Math and Science Simulations That Power Inquiry and Understanding

Hundreds of online simulations with lesson materials, supporting research-based strategies to build deep conceptual understanding in math and science.
John Dalziel's insight:
ExploreLearning's Gizmos provides over 400 STEM on-line simulations that power inquiry and understanding. 
It has a free Gizmos account, available for science and math educators, with a curated collection of Gizmos that change every January/July. 
Each Gizmo comes with practitioner guides and customisable lesson materials to help practitioners and learners delve deeper into the resources. 
Some of the major features of Gizmos include... 
  - interactive design which allows for extensive manipulation of variables and ‘what-if’ experimentation; 
  - visualisations and graphing tools help capture and compare results from experiments; 
  - in-depth activities creating moments to explore, discover and apply new concepts. 
To learn more about Gizmos, watch the "Introduction to Gizmos" video on the home page. 
Must be a "Should Look" for all STEM Practitioners!
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Portable Apps - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives

Portable Apps - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:
After my last post, I was reminded of the frustrations I experienced, in the World of Education, when I couldn't use the software appropriate for many tasks. 
Portable apps came to my rescue. 
Portable apps are a “lite” version of a software, which can run without being installed on the host computer. 
It also doesn’t modify the computer’s configuration information. In other words, users of a Portable app can run it, use it, and no-one will ever know they were there. 
Apart from offering me more flexibility and security when I was working on public computers, another good use for portable apps is to keep the number of installed apps, on my laptop, to an absolute minimum. 
Installed programs take up space and can cause a computer/laptop etc., to run slower; so the less you have installed the better. 
I tend not to install something if there is a portable version available. 
Take a closer look the Portable app Directory, that includes apps for... 
  - Accessibility 
  - Development 
  - Education 
  - Games 
  - Graphics & Pictures 
  - Internet 
  - Music & Video 
  - Office 
  - Security and 
  - Utilities 
...there's currently 300+ apps available.
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DraftMap - Proofread Your Text

DraftMap - Proofread Your Text | technologies |
Proofread your text. Catch style issues and common errors with a quick copy and paste.
John Dalziel's insight:
DraftMap checks a user's style and word repetition on-line. Plus, the Chrome extension adds a satisfying and intuitive experience of real-time suggestions. 
DraftMap uses different colours to highlight different style suggestions. It will point out... 
  - repetitive words, 
  - passive voice, 
  - adverbs, and 
  - cliches, 
...and even advise users on an email’s readability and style. 
The Chrome Extension does all of this from right inside a users Gmail composition window. 
NOTE: There's no need to worry, DraftMap doesn’t change any words and, in case you still have highlighted colours and send the email, the recipient won’t see those colours. The colours are just for the user. 
This has to be worth trying out, initially on the on-line website; just... delete the current text and type or paste in any text you wish to "check".
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College Open Textbooks - digital textbooks covering various subject areas

College Open Textbooks - digital textbooks covering various subject areas | technologies |
CollegeOpenTextbooks provides a comprehensive listing of English language open and/or affordable textbooks suitable for advanced high school, two-year college and lower division four-year college textbooks.
John Dalziel's insight:
College Open textbooks embeds a wide variety of digital textbooks covering various subject areas. 
These include... 
  - Anthropology and Archeology, 
  - Biology & Genetics, 
  - Business, 
  - Chemistry, 
  - Computer Science, 
  - Economics, 
  - Education, 
  - Engineering & Electronics, 
  - English & Composition, 
  - Fine Arts, 
  - Health & Nursing, 
  - History, 
  - Languages and Communications, 
  - Law, 
  - Literature, 
  - Mathematics, 
  - Philosophy, 
  - Physics, 
  - Political Science, 
  - Psychology, 
  - Science, 
  - Sociology and 
  - Statistics & Probability 
Most of these digital textbooks are under Creative Commons (CC) open licenses or GNU-Free Document License. 
Others are U.S. government documents in the public domain (PD). 
Many of the other digital textbooks are free to view on-line but are NOT OPEN for reuse and customisation. 
Must be worth "Checking them out!"
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No Excuse List

No Excuse List | technologies |
No Excuse List is the best place on the web to learn anything, free. We have curated the best resources on the web to teach you anything that you want. Click a link and get started!
John Dalziel's insight:
NoExcuseList is a portal that provides visitors with a selection of some useful resources to help them develop new skills and expand their knowledge. 
These resources are arranged into 9 categories... 
  - Academics, 
  - Art, 
  - Computer programming, 
  - Cooking, 
  - eBooks, 
  - Music, 
  - Languages, 
  - HowTo+DIY and 
  - Other. 
Users just browse through the collection to check the resources they like. 
Most of these resources are free, the few paid ones are marked with a yellow button. 
Clicking on any of the links provided in NoExcuselist will direct users to the corresponding website. 
A useful portal for everyone.
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Stage Pro: Interactive Whiteboard/Document Camera on the App Store

Stage Pro: Interactive Whiteboard/Document Camera on the App Store | technologies |
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John Dalziel's insight:
Stage Pro is a very good interactive whiteboard and document camera app. 
As an education practitioner you can use this app to create interactive tutorials and demo videos using both the convenience of your camera and the strength of an interactive whiteboard. 
Users can... 
  - record video and audio, 
  - annotate and mark-up picture and documents, 
  - create multi-page presentations, and 
  - easily capture and share lessons. 
Stage Pro includes collaborative features that allows users to use live video and interactive tools to ‘ showcase real-time problem solving, demos, and experimentation. 
Paired with Airplay, Stage makes wireless sharing quick and easy.
With the added flexibility to move around the room, educators can truly engage and involve learners. 
Other interesting features provided by Stage Pro include... 
  - Easily switch backgrounds from live front/rear camera feed, 
  - whiteboard/blackboard canvas, 
  - any picture from your photo library, or royalty-free academic images; 
  - import PDFs from Dropbox, Google Drive, or “Open in…” iOS feature; 
  - lock/unlock camera auto-focus to produce perfect, blur-free tutorials; 
  - dynamically present in real-time, wirelessly using Airplay or via a wired projector connection; 
  - save everything directly to your iPhone or iPad photo library for anywhere, anytime access; 
simple, accessible, and effective - No app login or internet connection required 
…you should give it a try and see if you like it.
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