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Craft recipe book

A useful resource, for Family Learning Practitioners & ITT, compiled by Kate Ahern, M.S.Ed


Craft recipes to use with kids...

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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Note Anywhere

Note Anywhere | technologies |
with this ext, you can make notes on any web page, any position. when you open that page again, the notes get loaded automaticly.
John Dalziel's insight:

Note Anywhere is a great note taking tool to use on your Chrome browser.
This Note Anywhere Chrome app has some interesting distinctive features.
It allows users to easily make notes anywhere on a webpage. And even when you close the webpage and come back to it the notes load automatically. This is definitely a great tool for annotating content users curate on-line.
All notes can be easily moved by a simple drag and drop and changes are saved in real time.
Users can also customize their notes the way they desire: change the...
     ► background colour,
     ► text colour,
     ► text size and
     ► font.
Another feature from Note Anywhere is the ‘Notes Summary’ which displays a short overview of all the notes users have made so far. NOTE: To delete any note, hover the mouse over it and click the ‘delete’ button.

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Typing Club - Free Touch Typing Lessons

Typing Club - Free Touch Typing Lessons | technologies |
Master touch typing using this free game / training program.
John Dalziel's insight:

Typing Club offers free on-line touch typing lessons for learners of all ages.
Whether you use...
     ► the Typing Club website or
     ► the free Chrome Web App
...the lessons work the same way.
Typing Club provides 100 free activities that begin with the basics and progress in difficulty until you can touch type on your entire keyboard including the use of lesser-used keys like "<" and "{."
As users type during each lesson they are given instant real-time feedback about their accuracy and speed.
NOTE: Unlike other typing lessons that make users wait until an activity is completed to determine their accuracy or speed, Typing Club recalculates that information with each keystroke.

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Countryside Classroom

Countryside Classroom | technologies |
Supporting teachers and practitioners in using the 'outdoor classroom' as a resource across the curriculum for pupils of all ages.
John Dalziel's insight:

Countryside Classroom is a well presented and informative website.
It aims to educate younger learners about...
     ► food,
     ► farming and
     ► the environment.
there are a huge collection of...
     ► activity packs,
     ► information sheets and
     ► lesson plans
...all of which can be downloaded for free.
Practitioners can search the database of...
     ► farms,
     ► green spaces and
     ► other places to visit
...which they can filter by...
     ► age,
     ► theme and
     ► curriculum subject.

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To-do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist

To-do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist | technologies |
Trusted by millions, Todoist is the best online task management app and to-do list. For Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Outlook and many more!
John Dalziel's insight:

Research is a time-intensive activity, which means learners will benefit if they have a tool to organize both their professional and personal life.
Todoist is one option worth a closer look.
Todoist enables learners to manage all of their projects and access them from any platform they own, including their...
     → desktop computer,
     → laptop, and/or
     → portable devices.
They can also share their tasks and collaborate with other people.

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VocApp Flashcards - Optimize Learning

VocApp Flashcards - Optimize Learning | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

VocApp is a free service for creating and studying multimedia flashcards.

Learners can use VocApp in their web browser or in their free iPad and/or Android apps.

It's ideal to help learners learn a new language.
Once they're signed-in they can click "create flashcards" and...
     ► begin writing out a list of words;
     ► choose the language that they want to learn
...and VocApp will automatically translate words from English to the language they've selected.
Also on the flashcard creation screen they can add an image to represent the words they're entering into their flashcards.
NOTE: In the case of common words, VocApp will automatically add images to flashcards.
To help learners pronounce words, VocApp offers audio support.
Although VocApp does offer some pre-made flashcard sets for sale, learners don't have to purchase anything in order to use the service to create and study their own flashcards. There is also a large gallery of public flashcards created by other users and made available for free.

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Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary

Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

For many learners one of the obstacles to understanding how to solve a mathematics problem is understanding the vocabulary used in the problem.
Once they understand the meaning of terms they have an easier time understanding and solving the problems.
Having a glossary of terms often helps learners get to the heart of a mathematics problem.
Math is Fun is a free website that offers...
     ► math games,
     ► puzzles, and
     ► tutorials.
This tutorial resources, the Math is Fun dictionary, offers more than 700 definitions of mathematics terms.
     ► All of the definitions include an illustration.
     ► Nearly 200 of the definitions include an animation.
     ► Some of the animations are interactive tutorials.

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Quizalize - engage & deliver instant assessments on any computer, tablet or smartphone

Quizalize - engage & deliver instant assessments on any computer, tablet or smartphone | technologies |

Quizalize lets you engage your class and deliver instant assessments for personalised learning on any computer, tablet or smartphone. It helps you quickly identify the strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps of individual students and intervene in real-time to give one-on-one help in the classroom.

John Dalziel's insight:

Quizalize is a quiz game platform that reminds me of Kahoot. Like Kahoot, learners play quiz games, created by you, on their laptops or tablets by going to the Quizalize website then entering their names and a class/course code.
Learners are...
     ► awarded points for correctly answering questions quickly.
     ► given feedback instantly on every quiz question that they answer. A total score is presented to learners at the end of every quiz.
Creating quizzes on Quizalize is a simple process. To get started just...
     ► name your quiz and
     ► tag it with a subject label.
As you write each quiz question you can include...
     ► a picture and
     ► up to four answer choices.
You can also specify a time limit of 5 to 120 seconds for each question.
One of the big plusses of Quizalize is found in the results page that you see as a practitioner.
     ► The scores for each learner appear on your screen in one place.
     ► On the results page practitioners can quickly identify the questions that gave learners the most difficulty in terms of correct answers as well as time needed to answer each question.
Quizalize also offers a marketplace in which you can find quizzes created by other users.
NOTE: Some of the quizzes are free and others are sold for a small fee.
TO BE CLEAR... creating and playing your own quizzes is completely FREE.
You may want to look at an overview of Quizalize at

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Listen Current - Current Events, Listening Comprehension and Featured Lesson Plans

Listen Current - Current Events, Listening Comprehension and Featured Lesson Plans | technologies |
Teach your students to listen with the power of public radio! Free lessons and engaging real world stories for your classroom.
John Dalziel's insight:

"Listen Current" provides a wide range of good listening comprehension resources.
"Listen Current" offers a variety of audio recordings for...
   ► English,
   ► Science,
   ► Social Studies and
   ► current event recordings
There's a free account for practitioners, as well as a premium account.
The free account provides access to all the lessons, but is limited in the additional resources that are available.

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Digital Vaults - USA National Archives Experience

Digital Vaults - USA National Archives Experience | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

The Digital Vaults is a project of United States’ National Archives and Records Administration and provides a vast portal to historical digital artefacts recording both major and minor events.
Practitioners and/or learners can browse the digital records for educational fun and/or browse seriously for research.
The Pathway Challenge is worth visiting if visitors fancy themselves as a historical detectives.
Learners could use the Digital Vaults to create a History Poster or create a Movie with any assets they collect from the "Digital Vault".

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Zing! Free access to thousands of eBooks.

Zing! Free access to thousands of eBooks. | technologies |

FREE EBOOKS FOR TEACHERS AND LEARNERS! Unlimited free access to thousands of incredible eBooks for practitioners and their learners. 

John Dalziel's insight:

On Zing users can browse for books by...
   ● topic,
   ● language, or
   ● reading level.
They can read the books in their web browser on a laptop or tablet. However, Zing is more than just a repository of free eBooks.
In the Zing reader learners will find a built-in dictionary and tools for taking notes while they read. is well worth looking at to see some of the features of Zing

Heather Harriso's curator insight, October 23, 10:19 PM

E-books are not going away and here to stay.  Many student hate e-books for academic purposes and can be difficult to maneuver.  I always tell my students to become more familiar with them because they will continue to be faced with e-books.  A site like Zing! is a great resource in learning more about e-books and become more familiar with the format.  For students being forced to use e-books, I recommend to buy a second monitor to view the e-book on one monitor and complete homework on the other. It's the best of both worlds. 

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FotoJet - Free Online Collage Maker | Photo Card Editor and Poster Creator

FotoJet - Free Online Collage Maker | Photo Card Editor and Poster Creator | technologies |
FotoJet helps you to create collage, poster and photo card online with the easiest way. Try it now.
John Dalziel's insight:

FotoJet is a free on-line collage maker that helps users create...
● collages,
● photo cards,
● posters,
● social media works,
...and more, without the hassles of downloading and registering.
It has a very clean and straightforward interface. Using it is as easy as moving and dragging your mouse.
FotoJet offers some professionally designed templates. There are categories users can choose from like...
● 3-D templates,
● Art,
● Classic,
● Creative and
● Modern,
There are also categories offered for..
● Fun Photo,
● Photo Card,
● Social Media,
...and more.
Many editing tools for the images used are available including...
● Flip,
● Rotate, and
● Zoom.
Further more, text can be edited with double-click and be customized with different font, colour, and size.
Users may like to check the various samples to see what they could develop with FotoJet.

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Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Sharing

Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Sharing | technologies |
Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution offers the best video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across Zoom Rooms, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and H.323/SIP room systems.
John Dalziel's insight: provides a service for hosting and recording video conferences in high definition and/or could also be a good platform for hosting remote tutoring sessions and/or creating short instructional videos. allows practitioners to record their video in a side-by-side format to equally feature both people in the recording or switch between featuring one person more than another in the video. When users record through Zoom they're given an HD video file to save locally as well as a separate HD voice recording.
Zoom isn't limited to just webcam views as users can also share their screen through the service.
Zoom's free plan allows users to record for up to forty minutes in each video.
The number of videos that users can create isn't limited.
Zoom does however require that users install a desktop client in order to call, receive calls, and to record.

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Vibby | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Vibby is a video platform that allows practitioners to create interactive video learning experiences.
Vibby enables practitioners to design interactive video content geared towards...
   ● engaging learners and
   ● enhancing communication.
Vibby also enables to...
   ● highlight,
   ● share and
   ● discuss of any online video.
Practitioners can utilize this video platform to engage learners through discussions held around the content of the video.
Learners can add their comments and exchange their thoughts about specific points in the video.
Vibby allows users to re-use existing videos to engage their learners around the video content they've created or curated for them.
They can also select any YouTube video and make it interactive by seamlessly highlighting the exact moments they want to draw their learners attention to.
Comments can be added right on the video creating synchronous interaction among learners.

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Touch Typing Study - Online Lessons

Touch Typing Study - Online Lessons | technologies |
Free online touch typing lessons and courses. Interactive learning, games and speed tests.
John Dalziel's insight:

Touch Typing Study is a free, user-friendly learning website that is designed to help users learn, practice and improve their typing speed and accuracy.
Once learners can touch type they will not need to look at the keyboard to find the letters they want to type and they will also be able to type at a much faster speed!
This significantly improves their computer productivity; it increases data entry speed and, makes them more employable.
Touch Typing Study contains...
     ► 15 lessons,
     ► a speed test and
     ► games from which users can learn to type step-by-step, monitor their own progress and have fun!

NOTE: It's available in more than 65 languages with more than 70 keyboard layouts!

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AlfaTyping - Free typing lessons, lots of typing games and typing test

AlfaTyping - Free typing lessons, lots of typing games and typing test | technologies |
Free Typing Lessons - typing classes for teachers with lots of typing games and typing test.
John Dalziel's insight:

Learners can sign-up and use AlfaTyping, a free service that provides on-line typing lessons, and/or practitioners can create and manage accounts for their learners.
One of the nice things about AlfaTyping is that practitioners are able to create their own lessons using text that relates to topics learners are already studying.
That means when learners are reading the text on the screen and typing it, they are getting increased exposure to key vocabulary terms from other topics they're studying.
If practitioners don't have time to create their own lessons, they can use the pre-made lessons offered by AlfaTyping.
Regardless of whether they create their own lessons or use the pre-made lessons, they can track their learners' progress in AlfaTyping.

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Mapme - Build Smart and Beautiful Maps

Mapme - Build Smart and Beautiful Maps | technologies |
Build smart and beautiful maps for free and without any coding required
John Dalziel's insight:

Mapme is an interesting web tool that allows users, learners and/or practitioners, to create interactive maps to share with others.
Mapme is ideal for showcasing mapped content in an interactive format.
Other features provided by Mapme include the ability to...
     ► organize layered content using tags and categories,
     ► customize the look and feel of your maps by adding a custom logo, icons and colours.
     ► use data imported from an Excel file right into a map.
     ► promote your map, by using the embed code to share it anywhere on the web.
The feed feature also allows visitors to see the latest activity on their map.
NOTE: to start using Mapme, users need to sign up using a valid email address.
You may want to check out the Maps gallery to see some examples of maps created by Mapme at

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Citizen Maths | Free online Level 2 mathematics course for adults

Citizen Maths | Free online Level 2 mathematics course for adults | technologies |
Free online Level 2 mathematics course for adults
John Dalziel's insight:

Citizen Maths is for learners who want to improve their grasp of maths, and become more confident in using maths at work and in life.
The FREE course is...
at 'Level 2' — the level that a 16-year-old school leaver is expected to achieve in maths;
based on solving the kinds of problems that come up at work and in life;
All learners need is access to a computer, the internet and a basic grasp of maths.

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Instructional Design

Instructional Design | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight: provides information about instructional design principles and how they relate to teaching and learning. Instructional design (or instructional systems design), is the analysis of learning needs and systematic develoment of instruction.
An ideal resource for those on Initial Teacher Training, as well as those engaged in instructional design.

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Engage - Engaging Science

Engage - Engaging Science | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

ENGAGE is part of the EU Science in society agenda to promote more Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI)
ENGAGE focuses on a more inquiry-based methodology,
which gives learners opportunity for self-expression and responsibility for coming to informed decisions.
ENGAGE builds on a range of:
     ► research-informed pedagogies
     ► guided inquiry
     ► explicit skills teaching

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audioBoom | technologies |
Share audio content online and completely free of charge with audioBoom. Post it here and to other social networks. Sign up now or download the free app.
John Dalziel's insight:

AudioBoom is an easy Podcast feeder, which means users can setup a free account and then subscribe to any number of Podcasts they like.
   ► sports,
   ► Music
   ► News and current Affairs
   ► Business
   ► Culture
...much more.
An added benefit of AudioBoom is that as educators, practitioners can setup a free Education Account and then podcast for their learners.
If any of you are a flipped classroom adopters, this is a great tool.
Also there are various Learning Providers that are putting out podcasts as part of their curriculum.
Worth a look!

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SHOW ME - browse Games, Events, Exhibitions & More

SHOW ME - browse Games, Events, Exhibitions & More | technologies |
Browse all of Show Me's featured games, collections, videos, stories, homework help and family days out information from museums, galleries and archives.
John Dalziel's insight:

The UK creators of "Show Me" know that browsing through all museum galleries and archives can take a few lifetimes. The site is a shortcut through the historical bylanes and the dusty corners, providing...
     ● games,
     ● videos,
     ● stories, and
     ● course assignment support.
Visitors to the website, can sort through the collections by topic or tag and find out where they are being displayed.
Show Me is an educational tool for both practitioners and learners. The short descriptions provided can spark more searches, or encourage visitors to visit the exhibitions if they are nearby.

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Histography - Timeline of History

Histography - Timeline of History | technologies |
Histography is an interactive timeline that spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2015
John Dalziel's insight:

Histography provides sounds, animations, and visuals on an interactive timeline that spans across 14 billion years of history, from the Big Bang to 2015.
The historical information comes from Wikipedia, and the timeline self-updates as new events are recorded.
Users can...
     ● move their mouse across the timeline to speed through history.

     ● focus on one historical event to know more about it and/or
     ● use the categories on the left bar to dive into related events
The timeline helps users understand the cascading impact of related events on the world.

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Microsoft Educator Community - Microsoft in Education

Microsoft Educator Community - Microsoft in Education | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Microsoft Educator Community has been created specifically to help teachers and educators collaborate with each other, grow professionally and make a better use of technology in their teaching. Some of the things provided by Microsoft Educator Community include:
   ● a wide variety of lesson plans created by educators and experts from all around the world,
   ● connecting with other educators and learning environments all around the world and
   ● sharing expertise by...

          ♦ becoming a guest speaker,

          ♦ hosting virtual field trips,

          ♦ creating lessons,

          ♦ becoming a trainer,

          ♦ starting and/or joining discussions and/or even become a Microsoft Innovative Educator.
NOTE: you'll need to sign up to start using the Microsoft Educator Community but Membership is completely free.
A website to help practitioners with their Professional Development.

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Free online voice recorder - SpeakPipe

Free online voice recorder - SpeakPipe | technologies |
SpeakPipe allows your customers, podcast listeners, blog readers and fans to send you voice messages (voicemail) right from a browser without any phone calls.
John Dalziel's insight:

SpeakPipe's Voice Recorder is a free tool for users to quickly creating an MP3 voice recording in their web browser on a laptop, Chromebook, Android device, or iOS device.
To create a recording simply...
   ● go to the website,
   ● click "start recording," and start talking.
Users can record for up to five minutes on the SpeakPipe Voice Recorder.
When they've finished their recording they will be given...
   ● an embed code that they can use to place it in any web-presence.
   ● a link to share their recording.
NOTE #1: If they Click the link to share their recording they will be taken to a page to download the recording as an MP3 file.
#2: SpeakPipe's Voice Recorder does not require users to register in order to create and download their audio recordings. The lack of a registration requirement makes it a good choice for learners who don't have email addresses or for anyone else who simply doesn't want to have to keep track of yet another username and password.
Learners could use SpeakPipe's Voice Recorder to record short audio interviews and/or to record short audio blog entries.
Practitioners could use SpeakPipe's Voice Recorder to record instructions for learners and/or many more things...

HerdMeh's curator insight, October 23, 6:53 PM

Very cool product.

Scooped by John Dalziel!

MashUp Math - YouTube

MashUp Math - YouTube | technologies |
MASHUPmath is our creative solution to ineffective traditional teaching methods, which often fail to meet the unique needs of visual learners. We believe tha...
John Dalziel's insight:

MashUp Math is a YouTube channel for teaching maths to visual learners.
Studies show that 65% of the population has a visual learning preference. Those who learn visually rely on imagery in order to process information. Such imagery is often absent in maths instruction and replaced with written notes and equations on a white board. One of the results of this absence of visual maths instruction is a growing population of disinterested learners who embrace the false idea that they are not “maths people.”
Anthony Persico, a high school maths and special education practitioner (and the founder of MashUp Math), is a visual learner himself, and began to make animated lessons and sharing them with his learners on YouTube.
The animated maths lessons translate information in a way that can...
   ● motivate learners,
   ● trigger learner emotions, and
   ● make learning maths a fun experience
His lessons are branded under the name MashUp Math and are on a YouTube channel with an ever-growing library of animated maths lessons.
The lessons are extremely popular with flipped classroom educators and learners seeking visual representations of difficult mathematics concepts.
The clips teach maths using animations that help learners to visualize concepts and organize and guide their thinking through colour coordination and movement.
NOTE: new lessons are added each week.

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