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Juice Labs - Chart Chooser

Want to improve Excel and PowerPoint with HTML5 goodness?


Trying to showcase trends?

Compare the composition of sets?

Show distributions and trends together?


Users, by selecting what they’re trying to highlight, automatically narrows the pool of chart types, available in Chart Chooser, to show which chart would effectively achieve their end.


Users can then download templates, Excel or PowerPoint, and insert their data.


Follow the link to take Chart Chooser for a spin and if nothing else grab some free templates.

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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Tweet Jukebox

Tweet Jukebox | technologies |
Tweet Jukebox - Thinking Inside the Box
John Dalziel's insight:

Tweet Jukebox is a free scheduling tool that allows practitioners to...
● load a “jukebox” with content,
● schedule when they want tweets to go out and then
● sit back and let it do the job for you.
Practitioners can create more than one jukebox, load them with thousands of tweets and then send out as many as 100 tweets per day (I doubt they would want to do that but, it's possible!).
Accounts come preloaded with two jukeboxes, one with photo content and one with quotes, to get users started.
Users have the option to tweet jukebox content once, regularly or until a specific date.
The scheduling engine is very flexible e.g. users can set a time for each tweet to go out, depending on user engagement.
NOTE: Although Tweet Jukebox allows users to set schedules for different times on different days of the week. When it runs out of content, it automatically starts tweeting again from the beginning.
Tweet Jukebox also lets users track who has mentioned them. This can be visualized by the tweets themselves, or shown in a graph format.
It's possible to choose from mentions in the last 7 days, 30 days, month or previous month.
Another feature is the ability to thank up to 50 users every Friday.

One to consider for Learner Engagement with On-Line and/or other courses.

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Splashtop Classroom

Splashtop Classroom | technologies |
Now view and control the teachers PC/Mac directly on your Chromebook or using your Chrome Browser
John Dalziel's insight:

Splashtop Classroom is a tool that allows practitioners to control and share lessons and presentations on their desktop with all learners in face-to-face environments.
Learners will be able to see and follow everything practitioners do on their desktop.
Practitioners and learners can use whiteboard tools to add annotations and drawings to lesson content right from their own devices.
Practitioners can...
● launch Splashtop Classroom on their mobile device and turn it into an interactive whiteboard.
● use the toolbar to draw, highlight or write over any content.
● draw over flipchart backgrounds – or include their own worksheets.
● use the spotlight and screen shade tools to keep learners focused.’
● move around the learning environment while still controlling and interacting with learners feedback on the lesson.
● pass control to learners, letting them express their ideas by annotating and using the whiteboard features.
Take a look at to see how you can use Splashtop Classroom with learners

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Astonishing Engineering - Engineering and Technologies

Astonishing Engineering - Engineering and Technologies | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Astonishing Engineering was launched in May 2015 to promote engineering education among younger learners through creating educational articles, sharing hidden engineering history facts and new findings.
Astonishing Engineering provides resources for students (and/or practitioners) looking to learn more about various engineering industries, including but limited to...

   ● Gas and Chemical industry,
   ● Architecture and Construction,
   ● Mechanical Engineering,
   ● Geology and mining
   ● Metallurgy
   ● Electrical Engineering
   ● Transport
   ● Power engineering,

Astonishing Engineering...
   ● offers specific engineering tips and tools to help learners solve challenges within learning environments and in everyday life;
   ● contains the large collection of in-depth engineering and technology articles

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What Employers Want - NIACE

What Employers Want - NIACE | technologies |
Information, advice and activities to support young people to get a job and progress at work. All the material is based on feedback from employers about what they look for when recruiting a young person.
John Dalziel's insight:

This website provides information, advice and activities to support young people to get a job and progress at work.

All the material is based on feedback from employers about what they look for when recruiting a young person.  

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Measure Yourself - Functional Maths

Measure Yourself - Functional Maths | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Measure Yourself, a fun, educational activity featured on the Lawrence Hall of Science website, could be a fun way to support Functional Skills (Maths) learners with measurement using the metric system.
The activity provides learners with some familiar animals by which to gauge metric measurements.
Learners are asked to measure the size of their...
● ears,
● feet, and
● overall height centimeters
They're then are shown a list of animals that have similar dimensions.
Well worth trying it out yourself; also a good resource for younger learners.

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The British Library’s albums | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The British Library’s albums | Flickr - Photo Sharing! | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Over 1,000,000 images that practitioners and/or their learners can use for assignments, presentations, etc!
Well worth a closer look at this great resource!

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AddText — Captions for your photos, quick and easy

AddText — Captions for your photos, quick and easy | technologies |
Easy-to-use tool for adding text and captions to your photos. Create memes, posters, photo captions and much more!
John Dalziel's insight:

AddText is easy to use and works as well on smartphones as it does on a computer.
Learners, and/or Practitioners can use it to...
● add captions to their photos,
● create their own memes,
● create great looking posters, and/or
...anything else they can imagine!

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Edusight - Notes

Edusight - Notes | technologies |

Edusight Notes is a mobile app that helps practitioners capture evidence of student learning as it happens throughout the year.

John Dalziel's insight:

Although developed for younger learners, EduSight Notes provides a means, for practitioners/assessors etc., to quickly capture anecdotal evidence about student learning, of all ages, in their learning environments.
EduSight Notes enables them to...
   ● take note of important behavior or character development for all their learners, and
   ● store examples of learner work to guide their assessment practice.
All notes and observations are organized by learner in a handy timeline view.
All this provides the means to reflect on learners’ progress by reviewing evidence of their learning, and application of skills etc.

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Riddle | technologies |
Riddle makes creating awesome interactive content easy. Quickly make beautiful posts that grab your friends’ and fans’ attention - from quizzes and lists, to polls and more - then use our beautiful intuitive dashboard to learn what they loved most. Riddle = Create. Post. Learn. (Repeat)
John Dalziel's insight:

Riddle is currently a free web tool for practitioners.
It allows them to create their own...
   ● quizzes,
   ● lists,
   ● polls,
...and more, often in under a minute.
Riddle makes creating interactive content simple, so practitioners can concentrate on the content instead of worrying about the tools.


NOTE: To remove the "Riddle Branding" there is a cost, based on the number of "logo free" Riddles needed at any one time.

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PICFONT - Add text to picture

PICFONT - Add text to picture | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

With Picfont learners, and/or practitioners can easily...
   • Add text to a picture : uploaded from their (Computer, Url, Ipad...).
   • Make a poster (Meme for example) with the uploaded picture then insert text
   • Create a picture just by choosing width and height (in pixels) and a background colour, then they'll be able to add text.
Well worth trying out!

Ressources pour les cours d'anglais's curator insight, June 28, 3:07 PM

Un service à tester pour créer des posters.

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JellyBean Writer and JellyBean Scoop

JellyBean Writer and JellyBean Scoop | technologies |
JellyBeanScoop Autopub description
John Dalziel's insight:

Jellybean Writer and Jellybean Scoop could be good resources for ESOL/ESL/EFL functional skills etc. Learners could read (four reading levels) fun and interesting news stories on Jellybean Scoop then write their own stories about the topics covered in the articles they've read.
When writing, learners can...
   ▪ import pictures from their computers and
   ▪ write captions for each image.
A variety of layout templates, background colours, and fonts are available for them to use.
The resulting stories can be...

   ▪ saved online or

   ▪ downloaded and printed.
If practitioners feel that picture books are too simple for their learners, they can skip using pictures and select one of the text only templates for the pages in their books.
NOTE: 1: Users have to create an account to access the reading questions and writing tools on Jellybean Scoop. 2: Practitioners who create accounts for themselves can also create and manage accounts for their learners.

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Scribble Maps - draw on maps and/or make them.

Scribble Maps - draw on maps and/or make them. | technologies |
Easily Create and Share Maps. Share with friends, embed maps on websites, and create images or pdf.
John Dalziel's insight:

Scribble Maps lets users create and customize their maps the way they want.
When using Scribble Maps users will be able to...
   · embed images,
   · add text and markers,
   · create custom widgets and
   · share their final product with their peers and/or Assessor/tutor/practitioner etc.
NOTE: - The Pro version of Scribble Maps has the added features of publishing maps with no adverts.

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ZeeMaps - An on-line Map creator

ZeeMaps - An on-line Map creator | technologies |
Create a map from location list, crowd source, spreadsheets, etc. Publish, share interactive maps. Mapping of radius, administrative, and other regions. Map images.
John Dalziel's insight:

   · is a great tool for creating interactive maps.
   · provides unlimited markers per map and
   · has 3 level access control for each map: viewer, member and admin.
   · allows users to add video, photo or audio with their markers.
There are many other features provided by this tool.
Well worth a closer look!

Ressources pour les cours d'anglais's curator insight, June 28, 4:17 AM
Pour créer des cartes interactives. On peut ajouter de l'audio, de la vidéo, des photos.


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JotForm · Form Builder

JotForm · Form Builder | technologies |
JotForm's form builder helps you create & publish online forms anywhere, anytime without writing a single line of code. Free without ads!
John Dalziel's insight:

JotForm provides a good alternative to Google Forms, allowing users to easily create forms that they can share with others or embed in websites and/or or blogs and/or other web presences.
JotForm also provides over 10 themes and over 2000 ready-made templates to utilize when building forms and if users want to add their personal touch to the forms, JotForm is customizable.
Using JotForm's drag and drop form builder users can create their forms in minutes.
When someone completes a form, JotForm emails the responses to the owner instantly.
An additional plus is that JotForm integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and Dropbox.
NOTE: The free version of JotForm provides some pretty decent features (e.g 100 monthly submissions, 100 MB space, unlimited forms, reports and fields per form).

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Cazoom Maths - Effective Maths Worksheets and Teaching Resources

Cazoom Maths - Effective Maths Worksheets and Teaching Resources | technologies |
Your gateway to differentiated maths worksheets and visual maths teaching resources. Each worksheet is visual and engaging. Huge and expanding library.
John Dalziel's insight:

Cazoom Maths provides visually dynamic content i.e. the content is always changing, it gets progressively more difficult as the learner engages with it.
Worksheets can involve...
   ● investigations,
   ● word problems,
   ● puzzles and searches
...and need not be a traditional 1 to 20 question activity.
Cazoom Maths also incorporates technology and paper worksheets together.
Learners and practitioners can log in and access the worksheets anywhere, on mobile devices or on desktop computers.

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Clarisketch | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

The Clarisketch application...
● is Free and
● works on Android OS version 2.3.6 Gingerbread or higher.
Users just...
● take a picture, then
● record a themself speaking and drawing on the picture and then
● Send to, and/or share it with others (They don't need the app).
To find out more take a look at the tutorial at

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Strikingly - Make/build Your Own Website

Strikingly - Make/build Your Own Website | technologies |
Strikingly is the best website builder for anyone to build a gorgeous, mobile-friendly website easily. Quick, simple and stylish. Get started today.
John Dalziel's insight: is a service that can be used to create one page websites; these could be a good way for learners to showcase examples of their best images and/or videos.
Learners could also use pages to feature examples of their best 'writings'. provides a variety of templates for digital portfolios and digital flyers.
Each template can be customized by users hovering their mouse on any element of the template and selecting the edit button.
Note: - 1: Free pages are assigned subdomains and
2: Premium accounts can have custom domains.

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PurposeGames | technologies |
The best trivia games and quizzes on the internet!
John Dalziel's insight:

PurposeGames already hosts over 70,000 public games but, more importantly, it allows practitioners, and/or learners, to create their own games and participate in tournaments created by others.
Practitioners can use PurposeGames to create a variety of game-based quizzes including...
● Image Quizzes - image-based quizzes using their own images. Upload the image and place blue dots for questions.
● Multiple Choice Quizzes
● Image Shape Quizzes - similar to image-based quiz but uses shapes instead of dots.
Other features provided by the PurposeGames site include...
● the creation of groups where practitioners can let their learners practice, get assignments and take tests and
● Playlists for creating 'study lists'.

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Whiteboard (beta)

Whiteboard (beta) | technologies |
Draw on any webpage (pretty much) or on a background color of your choosing.
John Dalziel's insight:

This Chrome app enables users to draw on top of webpages using things such as a
● stylus,
● trackpad,
● mouse…etc.
It's particularly useful for annotating and illustrating content on a webpage.
NOTE: Whiteboard, at the time of posting this, is still in beta phase and as such several useful features are still in development stages. These include the ability to save your work in image file, add different shapes and lines to your annotations etc.
Currently, users can
● change the background settings of a webpage,
● change its colour and
● customize its opacity,
● add lines and
● draw using different colours,
● add and customize layers.
To start using Whiteboard...
● install the app onto Chrome,
● click on the icon of the app on the menu bar and select ‘Do it’.
A menu will be displayed on the leftside of the page that enable users to work on the background, line and layer settings.
To delete anything already drawn, on the webpage, just click erase or better click on the Whiteboard icon on the menu bar and select ‘Quit it’.
Well worth giveing it a try to see what you think of it.
Ideal for live on-line courses. MOOCs etc.

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NowComment | technologies |

Turning Documents into Conversations®

John Dalziel's insight:

NowComment makes it easy to have rich, engaging discussions about online documents no matter how large (or small) the course or collaboration group happens to be.
NOTE: Public Documents can be seen and commented on by everyone (most NowComment documents are private, invitation-only).
How participants Comment...
● Click the speach bubble icons on the left to see existing comments.
● Double-click any text or image to start a new conversation (paragraph# for a video).
● Click "Reply" on a comment to join the conversation.
How Practitioners, and/or Learners, Share Documents
● "Upload" a new document.
● "Invite" others to it (or make it public)

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - an on-line Speech Bubble / Photo Editor - an on-line Speech Bubble / Photo Editor | technologies |
Put speech bubbles on your photos and create your own comic strips within minutes! Great looking results, no sign-up needed, 100% free. is probably the best speech bubble photo editor on the web.
John Dalziel's insight: is a web tool that allows learners and/or practitioners to edit and customize their images by adding speech bubbles and different image effects. Learners could use this service to create...
● picture stories, and/or
● picture evidence for assessments, and/or
● pictures for presentations etc.
...and share them with others.

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Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck | technologies |
Speaker Deck is the best way to share presentations online. Simply upload your slides as a PDF, and we’ll turn them into a beautiful online experience. View them on, or share them on any website with an embed code.
John Dalziel's insight:

Users simply upload their slides as PDF and Speaker Deck turns them into a beautiful online experience.
Users can then share their generated presentation with others using different options including...
   • a unique URL link,
   • social media websites such a Facebook and/or Twitter, or
   • use the embed code to embed presentations in their webpresence.

   1: Speaker Deck only supports PDF files and allows up to 50 uploads per day and a total of 500 all time.
   2: The PDF that users upload cannot be larger than 50 Megabytes


To upload a presentation to Speaker Deck users...
   • Sign into their Speaker Deck account and click "Upload" at the top of the page. They will be presented with a form to upload a PDF.
   • Click the "Select a PDF to Upload" button and a file browser will open. Select the PDF you want to upload and then click Ok.
   • When the PDF has finished uploading they will see a "Save the Details" button. Optionally enter a name and description and select a category for the presentation and then click "Save the Details"


It's as easy as that.

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Plickers - Clickers, simplified

Plickers - Clickers, simplified | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Plickers is inclusive in that only the practitioner needs access to a smartphone to use Plickers.
Plickers stands for “paper clickers.”
To use Plickers with their learners, Practitioners simply...
   ● download the Plickers App to their Smart device and
   ●print out QR code cards for learners to use to answer multiple choice questions.
Practitioners then...
   ● project questions and answer choices on the board from the Live View tab of the website,
   ● give learners a designated thinking time to problem-solve, and then...
   ● countdown to a "show cards!" moment.
Learners position their cards according to their answer, while the practitioner scans the room with their mobile device.
Live View will update with learner results in real-time, indicating which learners' responses have been captured with a checkmark next to their names.
Practitioners can also choose to reveal which answer(s) were correct with the "Show Answer" button and even review class data from the "Graph" tab.
Plickers is well worth a closer look.

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Celly - Instant Group Text and Polls | Mobile Learning | Text to Screen

Celly - Instant Group Text and Polls | Mobile Learning | Text to Screen | technologies |
Celly lets you instantly group people and topics into cells. Cells function as chatrooms where people communicate instantly via text-based messaging. Cells can include messages from the web or other social networks to capture your interests.
John Dalziel's insight:

Celly is a platform for communication between practitioners, learners and other education stakeholders.
It's easy!
Users can...
   ▪ set up groups for their organisation or course or team etc. and others join for private, instant messaging.
   ▪ send messages, reminders and alerts instantly; Use polls to gather information and/or real-time responses.
   ▪ connect related groups and topics for easy collaboration across teams and learning environments.
In their words...Users will...
     "have instant, private, secure classroom communication without the "over-sharing of social networks."
Apps are available via App Store and/or Google play.

Well worth a closer look.

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Click2Map - On-line Map Creator

Click2Map - On-line Map Creator | technologies |
Click2Map is a mapping software that allows you to make maps quickly and easily.
John Dalziel's insight:

Click2Map is a web application that enables users to easily create maps and add points of interest to any geographic location of their choosing.
Click2Map allows users to...
   · import data,
   · geocode multiple addresses,
   · perform batch updates,
   · display directions,
   · customize their own database.
When their map is complete, they can download and use it on their own website and/or blog and/or other web presences.

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