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British Council Film Collection

British Council Film Collection | technologies |

“Over 120 films were produced as ‘cultural propaganda’ to counteract anything the Nazis might throw out and to refute the idea that ours was a country stuck in the past.


The British wartime school of thought was to fight propaganda, with propaganda.


This part of the British Council Film Collection contains films that were designed to showcase Britain to the rest of the world, at a time when Britain itself was under attack.


This newly opened internet archive, of over 120 such pieces of cultural propaganda, is free for the viewing.


These productions “provide us with a unique insight,” says the Council today, “not necessarily into how Britain actually was, but more into how Britain once wanted to be perceived by the rest of the world.”

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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser and all views are his own
Curated by John Dalziel
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Scooped by John Dalziel!

ACLjohn's eMagazine - 2014: Issue 14 August

ACLjohn's eMagazine - 2014: Issue 14 August | technologies |

Published 30th July 2014; my 1st eMagazine since retiring.

John Dalziel's insight:

The first publication for August 2014 - Please feel free to share with anyone. 

Please Note: this is the first eMagazines created since retirement. It contain views that are my own and some previous elements have been removed and others added.

Catriona Moore's curator insight, February 11, 10:34 AM

Always a handy point of reference to find out what's new out there in the world of e-learning

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emaze - Online Presentation Software

emaze - Online Presentation Software | technologies |
You must see this amazing new presentation maker! Amazing!
John Dalziel's insight:

Emaze is a stunning presentation tool that allows practitioners and/or learners to create 3D , zooming and panning presentations.
It's extremely intuitive and leaves users with slick and memorable presentations.
Users can embed pictures and video URLs into Emaze to make them immediately viewable, and there are a number of layouts to help them present data and graphs.
The FREE for Life option has 3D effects and Users can Add...
   - YouTube videos
   - music & sound
   - Import PowerPoints
   - Share on-line
...but they're limited to 200MB storage

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WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker

WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker | technologies |
WeVideo makes video editing easy for everyone and accessible from anywhere.
John Dalziel's insight:

WeVideo allows practitioners, learners and other stakeholders to easily create and share videos and short animations.
Using the WeVideo app with Google Drive will enable users to create videos right from their Drive.
Not tried it yet but should work on a Chromebook.

Watch the overview of WeVideo for Google Drive™ at...

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BBC Big Band

BBC Big Band | technologies |
The BBC Big Band performs regularly at most of the UK’s major music festivals including the BBC Proms, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Harrogate, Brecon and as an Associate Ensemble at Town Hall Birmingham.
John Dalziel's insight:

This website provides the history of the BBC's Jazz Orchestra and a list of their forthcoming shows.
It also lets learners toe tap to the playlists of concerts and live sessions.

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Pexels provides a useful source of Creative Commons pictures

Pexels  provides a useful source of Creative Commons pictures | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Pexels – is a website which provides a useful source of Creative Commons pictures, that practitioners, and/or learners, can use everywhere for any purpose.
With Creative Commons, they have the freedom to use an image without payment to the maker of the image.
Pexels has high quality photos in various categories.

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Fifty Things To Do before you're 11¾

Fifty Things To Do  before you're 11¾ | technologies |
National Trust project for children to achieve badges for completing 50 tasks
John Dalziel's insight:

50 Things to do Before You’re 11¾ is an inspiring project to help youngsters become more active during the summer holidays - and the website is well-designed and fun to use (with parental support).
One for Family Learning I feel.

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✿ Copy Paste Character - Our favourite set

✿ Copy Paste Character - Our favourite set | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Copy Paste Character is a very easy website to use. It's designed for as an application to use on Chromebooks, the web and iPhone/smartphones.
It provides a way to copy the ‘hidden’ characters, that come with desktop computer’s typefaces, which can then be pasted into emails, tweets, text documents, forums and whatever else you or your learners might need to "spice up" with an extra ♔, ฿ or, ❒.
   - Just click to copy a character.
Several sets are available, note the drop down menu located in the centre of the screen below the horizontal line.
It is also possible to save your favourites from the sets available by creating an account.

I created two sets that you can see here... ;

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Maths-resources - Free Maths Resources, Worksheets & Games

Maths-resources - Free Maths Resources, Worksheets & Games | technologies |
Free Maths Resources. Worksheets, Games, Graphs, Calculators.
John Dalziel's insight:

Free maths teaching resources!
In fact an Aladdins Den of Maths teaching resources available for free.

Take time to go through the site and download resources...
   - Maths games and puzzles,
   - worksheet generators,
   - graphing tools,
   - UKMT questions and a whole load more
...that you require or use the online tools.

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Plickers - Transforming Student Assessment and Data Collection

Plickers - Transforming Student Assessment and Data Collection | technologies |
Affordable clickers for classrooms. Plickers transforms how teachers assess their students and collect data
John Dalziel's insight:

Plickers is a Student Response System for Learning Environmentss that aren't 1:1
Plickers uses a practitioner's iPad or Android tablet in conjunction with a series of QR codes to create a learner response system.
   - Learners are given a set of QR codes on large index cards.
   - The codes are assigned to learners.
   - Each code card can be turned in four orientations.
   - Each orientation provides a different answer.
   - When the practitioner is ready to collect data, he or she uses the Plickers mobile app to scan the cards to see a bar graph of responses.
Plickers could be a good Learner response system to use in learning environments in which learners don't have laptops or tablets to use.
Using Plickers to poll learners instead of asking them to raise hands to indicate if they "get it" or not allows learners to reply anonymously by holding up their cards.

Have all learners hold up their cards at the same time, scan them, and see the results.

Students won't know who said they "got it" or not because each code is unique to each student.

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ThingLink - Make Your Videos Interactive

ThingLink - Make Your Videos Interactive | technologies |
ThingLink for Video
John Dalziel's insight:

As I hope you already know, ThingLink is a popular tool for
collaboratively creating interactive images.
But now, practitioners and learners can use ThingLink to
create interactive videos too.
ThingLink Video allows users to select any public video on
YouTube and add interactive pinmarks to it.
Each pinmark can contain...
   - embeds of other videos,
   - maps,
   - text, and
   - links to other pages of information.
ThingLink Video could be a great tool for learners to use
to add additional information to videos, that they publish
on YouTube, enhancing their video projects.

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81DASH - a communication Platform for educators.

81DASH - a communication Platform for educators. | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

81 Dash provides a place for practitioners to create chat rooms to use with learners to host conversations and share files.
Once registered practitioners can begin creating rooms where messages and files can be exchanged.
As the owner of a room practitioners can delete messages written by their learners; this resolves the complaint many practitioners have about many other backchannel tools.
What's the complaint?
Not having a way to delete messages or delete a room if learners write inappropriate things in the backchannel.
Learners join an 81 Dash room by going to the URL that is assigned to their room.
When they arrive in the room for the first time they will be asked to register.
There are two registration options; registering as a "guest user" does not require learners to enter email addresses.
A big plus for a backchannel is it allows "shy" learners to ask questions and share comments.
To be fair it also provides a good outlet for more outspoken learners who want to comment on everything.

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ACLjohn's latest podcast (June's 4th) via - PodSnack

ACLjohn's latest podcast (June's 4th) via - PodSnack | technologies |

Podcasts from John Dalziel -
"Retirement Calls"

Find out more by listening to this podcast! 

John Dalziel's insight:

Latest Podcast- Retirement Calls...;- published 26th June 2014 will probably be the last linked to John's work; he is retiring at the end of July 2014

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Create your original resume online for free. | Kickresume

Create your original resume online for free. | Kickresume | technologies |
Create your original resume online in minutes! Simply fill in your details and download beautiful resume in PDF for FREE.
John Dalziel's insight:

Kickresume will help learners, and/or practitioners, create a CV in the simplest way in no time.
It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up a resume.

   - choose a design you like,
   - fill in the information about yourself, or
   - import data from your LinkedIn profile, then
   - Save it
...and you’re good to go.

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Office Mix - PowerPoint add-in

Office Mix - PowerPoint add-in | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Office Mix is a new offering for practitioners, from Microsoft, which turns their PowerPoints into interactive presentations.

NOTE: Mix works with the 2013 version of PowerPoint by adding a tab with a number of tools to the interface.
Using Mix, a microphone and webcam, users can record themself narrating the slides and have this play along with their presentation.
They can also record screencasts and embed them into their slideshow.
Users can include interactive quizzes and polls, and they can receive feedback on how each of their learners performed on these.
Office Mix is very intuitive to use.
Mixes can be shared online and viewed on multiple devices.
It’s a great tool for blended learning activities.

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Presentain - Present. Engage. Grow.

Presentain - Present. Engage. Grow. | technologies |
Presentain helps speakers engage and grow their audiences. You use smartphone as a clicker and audience can connect to your presentation using their devices. They can ask you questions, participate in polls, send you follow-up requests, share your slides and more. While you present Presentain records your voice so when the presentation is over you can publish the slidecast (presentation slides with voice-over) and start growing your online audience.
John Dalziel's insight:

The most exciting part of Presentain is its interactivity.
Viewers are given a pin to log in to the presentation on their device allowing them to interact.
They can view the slides on their device as you present them, and share any they like on their social networks.
They can also submit questions which users will see as a notification on their smartphone.
Users, practitioners or learners can create polls and multiple choice questions, viewing the responses in real time.
They can use their smart phone as a clicker, record the live presentation and share it later, and their audience can use Presentain to request a follow up action, such as to request a copy of the slides.
Drawbacks? Users currently can’t show embedded video in the presentations, and they can’t include animations or transitions. Presentation is compatible with either Google Slides or other slides converted to PDFs.

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Flight Risk

Flight Risk | technologies |
This infographic allows you to investigate every commercial passenger plane incident in the last 20 years by cause
John Dalziel's insight:

An interactive visualisation of every major commercial passenger plane crash of the last 20 years.
Could be a useful resource for Mathematics & Statistics in particular.

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Flipboard | technologies |
Your Social Magazine. Available for iPad, iPhone & Android.
John Dalziel's insight:

A single place to discover, collect and share the content that curriculum practitioners care about.  


social networks,


blogs and more

...keeping colleagues, learners and other stakeholders connected.

Flipboard has so much potential for Curriculum Curations, Collaborative Publications and many more uses for Practitioners and Learners.

Note:Links to the resulting magazine(s) can be embedded on web presences including VLEs.
Well worth a closer look.

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Intellinote, A Team Productivity Platform

Intellinote, A Team Productivity Platform | technologies |
Intellinote is a powerful Team Productivity Platform for teams of all sizes who can capture information, collaborate & complete work from anywhere, anytime.
John Dalziel's insight:

21st Century teams will already know full-well, the right software behind projects, groups or an organization can make all the difference.
Intellinote is another such platform for...
   - managing,
   - collaborating and
   - communicating with teams.
Intellinote blends...
   - project management features,
   - collaborative note-taking and
   - discussion
...with a unique workspace approach that makes managing teams of people a simple affair.
Better still, it’s completely free for teams of up to five people, which offers plenty of opportunity to try/trial before purchasing.

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scoopmap | technologies |
View the latest world news on a map. Discover hot spots and articles written by high quality newspapers. Stay up to date on
John Dalziel's insight:

An interactive map, designed by the UK Guardian newspaper, which shows news events happening all around the world, as they happen in real-time.

If users click on a marker, they will get a pop-up describing the news event.

On the right of the screen are the biggest stories of the day.

All news stories are linked to the main article on the Guardian website.

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Animagraffs - Animated infographics by Jacob O'Neal

Animagraffs - Animated infographics by Jacob O'Neal | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Have you searched websites for resources, to show learners how something works?
Are you looking for resources that allows users to dismantle something just to look inside and see all the moving parts?
If so, you will like Animagraffs.
It's a website that shows visitors how something works, by going inside the object.
It includes how a car engine works, and Inside a Jet Engine.

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Dulux - Inspiration, advice and information about decorating with Dulux paints and creating colour schemes

Dulux - Inspiration, advice and information about decorating with Dulux paints and creating colour schemes | technologies |
Find the perfect colour scheme for your home. Get inspiration, colour scheming help and decorating advice from Dulux.
John Dalziel's insight:

The ‘Dulux Visualizer’ app – helps users see any room in any colour, LIVE!

Using unique augmented reality technology, users/clients can see realistic Dulux paint colours appear on walls with just a tap of the screen.

Experiment with bolder colours or narrow down colour choices with confidence.

A must for Painting & Decorating Courses or similar.

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Smarty Pins: Trivia & Google Maps

Smarty Pins: Trivia & Google Maps | technologies |
Smarty Pins is a Google Maps based geography and trivia game.
John Dalziel's insight:

Google has released this new game called Smarty Pins which uses Google Maps for its layout.
It's a game that tests players geography and trivia skills. It could be ideal for use with learners.
Players in Smarty Pins are asked a wide variety of geography-based questions to which they have to provide answers by dragging and dropping a pin in Maps. 
Scores are converted into miles and players are given 1000 miles at the start of the play .
With each incorrect answer a number of miles are subtracted from the players' score.
The trick is to answer questions as quickly as possible before the number of miles reaches zero.
First select a category. The categories available are...
   - Arts and Culture,
   - Science and Geography,
   - Sports and Games,
   - Entertainment,
   - History and Current Event.
Players will then be provided with a question.
If they find the question too hard to answer they can get help by using the "take a hint" button.
To answer the question players need to drop the pin on the correct location.
The final score you reach can be shared with others using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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WudaTime – Free Time Tracking & Project Management app

WudaTime – Free Time Tracking & Project Management app | technologies |
WudaTime is a free Time Management web based software. Time tracking, Project Management and To-do Lists, all in one app. Nice & Simple."
John Dalziel's insight:

WudaTime – is a free web based basic project management tool which allows groups to easily keep track of their dedication.

It is a simple time management application perfect for curriculum teams, course projects and collaborative tasks.
The progress bars give visual information on project and task status.
Use the to-do lists to keep track of progress.

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Engage: Engaging Science

Engage: Engaging Science | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

ENGAGE is a new project from the science upd8 team, bringing up-to-date science into learning environments across Europe.
At the time of writing this, they offered two new activities to get learners talking and thinking:
   - Car Wars: It's 2020, and these fun activities get learners comparing pros and cons of different fuels to choose a new car
   - Grow your own body: help learners apply knowledge of cells and organs and get-up-to-speed with the exciting technology of lab-grown organs

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Eskeletons | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

eSkeletons, produced by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, features interactive models of mammal skeletons.

It providers learners with an option to compare bones across models
   - Select a model from the menu on the home page
   - click on any bone in the model to view it in detail.
After select a bone to view users can choose from a menu of viewing angles.

In many cases eSkeletons offers a short video display of the bone you've selected from the menu.
   - Select two or more animals from the menu
   - select a bone and a small gallery of comparative images will be generated.
eSkeletons also offers a glossary of terms and a legend to help learners understand what they are viewing.
Even without the models, the glossary is a good resource for anatomy learners.

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Zaption - Interact With Video

Zaption - Interact With Video | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Zaption is a tool for creating video-based quizzes.
Zaption allows practitioners to display questions for learners to answer as they watch a video.
To create a quiz on Zaption users start by creating a "tour" in their account.
A tour is a combination of videos, images, and text arranged into a sequence.
After choosing a video, just start watching it then pause it when you want to add a question.
You can add questions in the form of...
   - multiple choice,
   - open response, or
   - check box response.
When learners watch the video they will see your questions appear in the context in which you set them.
As I've said, Zaption tours can include images and passages of text along with your video.
Users can add questions over images and or between images and text.
Just take a look at the Zaption showcase for some great examples of Zaption tours that incorporate video, images, and text.
Zaption could be a great tool for creating flipped lessons to share with learners.
NOTE: learners do not have to have Zaption accounts in order to use the tours that you create; the free version of the service allows users to include one video per tour (they can have unlimited tours).

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